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[Gem ㅊㅊ] Dark Pokemon set? Monster Taming Game 5 Line

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In 1996, the first Pokémon game was released through Nintendo Game Boy. It attracted many people with a story about the classic black and white dot sensitivity, a distinctive monster, and a journey that became a Pokemon master. Since then, many of the so-called monster taming games, which capture or cultivate monsters in the wild and discover new types of monsters, have begun to appear. At one time, it was called a counter game, but more games were added to each game. In this [Gem ㅊㅊ], I would like to introduce you to the Monster Taming game with its original charm.

One. Nexomon: Excession

The first game I’m going to introduce is Nexomon: Excellent. PCs, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch have been released on several platforms. Although the combat method is similar to the Pokémon series, it attracted attention with a low price of 20,000 won and a reincarnation that resurrects Nexomon in the afterlife.

In addition, it provides a multi-turn play, but it is also a positive element that the game is not easy in the second half because it is impossible to solve the battle by level up. The mobile-style UI and design, which had been dislike in the previous work, Nexomon, which was released on mobile and PCs, was also improved in line with PCs, and Korean is also officially supported.

2. Coromone

The next game I’m going to introduce is ‘Coromone’, which tames an adventure by taming wild animals called Corom1. With the launch, it was attracting attention by entering the world’s best sales rankings. The factors that complicate growth and combat, such as population and effort, are summarized, and we have fun with more than 120 Coromone, department stores, and ice caves, such as department stores, and glacier caves.

In addition, the user can adjust the difficulty directly and introduces the Randers Mazer, which is randomly reflected in a specific figure, and there is a factor that only digs after the story. However, there is a disagreement that the monsters that appear are really close to monsters rather than cute, and the completion of Korean localization is a pity, such as translation that seems to have been turned into a translator.

3. World of Final Fantasy

In addition to adding variations to turn-based monster taming, there are also games with monster taming elements to popular game IP. ‘World of Final Fantasy’ is such a game. The twin brothers and sisters, Ren and Ran, draw a journey of finding a lost memory by using a monster in the final fantasy series called Miraju. In the process, you can see the monsters and characters in the Final Fantasy series in a cute figure.

In addition to the monsters, you can also join a variety of heroes and colleagues in the existing series. Fans such as Light Warriors and Garlands, Cecil Harvey, Cloud, Tipa, Shantoto, and Yashuto, who have opened the series, have a name. If only the thin gags that protrude during the story can be overcome, it is a good game for final fantasy fans who enjoy taming games.

4. Monster Harvest


Monster Harvest is a mix of farm simulation similar to Stadu Valley in a turn-based monster taming represented by Pokémon. If the existing monster taming game was the mainstream of capturing wild monsters, the Monster Harvest was to foster a variety of mutations crops by adding slime to mutate in the seeds.

There are three different seasons, like a game with a system where plants and cultivation are the main systems, and you can also meet the unusual mutation depending on the environment. It is also acclaimed to exquisitely match the balance between battles and farm simulations. It’s a bit unfortunate that there’s a short play time and slow bug modifications.

5. Temem

Lastly, the game to be introduced is the MMORPG Title Tem item. You can enjoy Daejeon, cooperation and living contents by taking adventures in the floating route with various environments. Although multiple users are MMORPGs on the field, they are well optimized for playing on laptops.

The big framework of the battle is a turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based, but unlike Pokemon with PP for each skill, it is necessary to manage the ‘energy gauge’, which is a single resource, and use various skills, and if the energy gauge is done, it consumes health to use the skills. Infinite strategy play is required. There are still unfortunate things such as lack of combat speed, but I am looking forward to seeing that it will be more reinforced after the official launch in September.