Manchester United is servicing the responsibility of Ajax

In the coming days, quality could be over Antony’s future that United would need to move 60 million euros to Amsterdam.

The English are positive that they are comprehended by the 22-year-old’s obligation-not just due to the fact that they already keep excellent partnerships with Ajax, but due to the fact that Antony would certainly additionally follow his sponsor Erik Ten HAG.

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Of the 60 million euros transfer, around 15 million euros would most likely to Antony’s home club FC Sao Paulo, who had the ability to secure a share of resale in the transfer to Ajax 2020.

Manchester United is making progress in the efforts of offensive player Antony by Ajax Amsterdam. According to info from Antony future and also goal, the Brazilians’ professionals are currently in Europe to have discussions with the Red Devils and possibly even complete the transfer promptly.

The Dutch trainer has actually left Ajax after four and also a half years and is known to be the brand-new trainer in Manchester in the coming period.

Antony has actually created into among one of the most desired gamers in Europe at Ajax in the previous two years. In enhancement to United, FC Liverpool and FC Barcelona are said to have registered rate of interest in the Brazilian global.


Tennis – Document prize money in Wimbledon: It has to do with ₤ 40 million

Each round of rounders obtains 50,000 British extra pounds. The event begins on June 27th, as safeguarding champion Novak Djokovic (Serbia) contends. In 2014’s victor Ashleigh Barty (Australia) finished her job in March.

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The prize money at the classic lawn in Wimbledon reaches the following record high. In 2022, a total of ₤ 40.35 million will certainly be paid out to tennis specialists and therefore even more than ever before, which represents a rise of 11.1 percent contrasted to the previous year. The winner and the winner of the individual competitions receive 2 million extra pounds each (around 2.3 million euros).


Because of the Corona restrictions, the complete amount of history had actually dropped to ₤ 35.0 million in 2015 at the earliest Conquest competition in the background. The previous document (38.0) days from 2019, when the most recently played under regular problems. The highlight on Church Roadway was canceled in 2020.


Valorant wishes to be the largest shooter in the E 2023

Valorant shows large plans in the new roadmap for 2023.

What regarding Valorant?

  • In June 2020, Valorant was launched as a brand-new strategy shooter, which is supposed to resolve fans of Counter-Strike particularly. Followers were currently certain in 2020: this would be 10 times better than Overwatch.
  • Valorant has actually established over the years, Riot provided it with brand-new web content as well as heroes. In 2022, Valorant is still one of the very best multiplayer shooters.
  • Now, on April 28, Valorant exposes exactly how it should take place in 2023 – quickly after the discussion of the brand-new heroine Fade.

E-Sport as an objective and also everybody need to have the ability to take part

This is the roadmap: In the update for the coming year, Valorant maker Riot speaks mainly of strategies to reinforce e-sports. That is the large goal of the coming year. There are various quits on the roadmap:

Riot is already trying to find sponsors and also partners to fund as well as sustain the brand-new leagues. The goal should be that there is no recording or engagement cost for selected companies in order to make e-sports a lot more obtainable.

RANKING The TOP 10 Teams IN THE WORLD! - Valorant Pro Analysis
What is in it for gamers? Valorant obtains a new, competitive video game setting. This complements the existing leaderboard as well as is meant to assist teams acknowledge young talents as well as to be able to tape as well as educate early.

  • 3 new global organizations in which teams from America, Europe and Asia contend against each various other.
  • The best teams get approved for the Masters as well as the “Valorant Champions” in which the globe champs are selected.
  • New nationwide leagues are intended to allow young abilities to climb up the fantastic specialist organizations.

Riot additionally wishes to supply yearly scholarships for. Just how big the economic advantages can be as well as who can qualify is not yet known. Whalen Rozelle, the Head of Esports Workflow at Riot, claims:

With Valorant, along with an interesting e-sport, we would certainly additionally such as to construct enthusiastic, successfully managed teams that can function as a model for the market. Many thanks to our design with lasting partnerships, teams can likewise advance their business in parallel with the general growth of Valorant’s e-sports.

There must be the possibility for followers to reveal their loyalty to their teams. Additionally, web content needs to come. More information is likewise missing out on below, however it is imaginable that unique skins will certainly come for the heroes, similar to the Overwatch Organization.

LOL ought to help to become a “prominent Egoshooter-E-Sport”

This is the objective: According to the press launch, Valorant desires to become the largest egoshooter in e-sports. This indicates that at the very least four heavyweights have actually to be surpassed, which according to the data web page Esports Profits present them correctly:

Although these are made up prize money for several years, even individual tournaments are sometimes endowed with over $ 15 million. Typically, it is typically between $ 2 and also $ 4 million. So the competition is correctly offered.

  • Counter-Strike: Global offensive with over $ 132 million in prize money until now
  • Fortnite with over $ 112 million in prize money until now
  • Overwatch with over $ 33 million in prize money up until now
  • Rainbow Six victory with over $ 23 million in prize money so far

Just how is that expected to function? According to Riot, the experience of the previous ten years with Organization of Legends assists to develop valorant as an e-sport. LOL had better combined with teams in order to develop collaborations as well as a genuine “ecosystem”.

Riot desires to score for the players through fair repayment for the players, in addition to with a “much more robust assistance system”. It shows whether every one of this will work for Valorant 2023.

Fortnite is not a “vanity” shooter, yet must still drop into Valorant’s competitors, similar to COD: Warzone as well as PUBG. “Fight Royale” games are a various classification than classic shooters. However, Riot says that they can score here with experience.

The competitors is currently at the beginning with a brand-new title. At Blizzard, Overwatch 2 remains in development, possibly likewise in 2023. We could already play it:

Overwatch 2 seems like an entire new video game, although almost whatever has actually continued to be the very same

Valorant shows large plans in the brand-new roadmap for 2023. This is the roadmap: In the update for the coming year, Valorant manufacturer Riot talks mainly of strategies to strengthen e-sports. Valorant obtains a brand-new, competitive video game mode. Fortnite is not a “vanity” shooter, but must still fall into Valorant’s competitors, similar to COD: Warzone and also PUBG. ** According to Riot, the experience of the past 10 years with League of Legends aids to establish valorant as an e-sport.

Diablo 3

Blizzard Diablo 2: Leisure 500 million sales … Only 7 months

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The Remaster version ‘Diablo 2: Leisure’ was released in 7 months, up to 500 million sales in the world.

According to reports that quoted Breijad announcement on the 22nd, Diablo 2: Reservoir was found to have secured more than 5 million paid players after the launch of September last year. In the case of the original ‘Diablo 2’, it is a more faster thanks to the period of time, considering that it takes a year until the selling of 400 million employees worldwide. However, it was grasped that it has shown a slow sales record rather than ‘Diablo 3’ sold for the first week of release only 630 million.

If there was no initial connection failure, the sales volume would have increased further. Diablo 2: Leisure has been inherited by server access disorders immediately after release.

Amazon Leveling Guide: Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder
A number of users in Korea and the disruption of smooth games was made. At that time, Blizzard has announced that the server database has been issued due to this problem due to this problem. Since then, the company has made a small effort to improve the server environment and is now stable.

The Diablo 2 reserves developed by Bleejard’s Vacriers Vision, is a remaster game that improves graphics of PC game Diablo 2 in 2000 as a 4K resolution. The 2D character models that appear in the original work are implemented as 3D models and supported 7.1 Dolby Surround audio, which has been implemented for a full remast. The remaster means the release of the past released and improves the resolution to suit the latest technology.

Users can choose from a total of seven characters from the Amazon, Yakari Province, Code of War, Porghum, Elementary School, and Duid, and to complete seven characters from the Duild, and to complete the set of various equipment and create weapons through the rune. It may be.

Blizzard has also been 2.4 patches that have a large change in Diablo 2: Leisure of Diablo 2: Leisure. The new recovery of the game in the game, the new Route addition, improvement of the mercenary fee, and the new manufacturing method of “Herdration”, and set item bonus changes, including various updates and bug fixes. On the 29th, Diablo 2: The first ladder season of reservoirs begins.


FIFA 22 The video game beats all sales records since its launch

The EA Sports license is a Mastodon of the video game world, with more than 17,000 athletes represented in more than 700 teams, as well as 100 stages disseminated through 30 world leagues.



\ – 7.6 Million Ultimate Team Squads Created

\ – 460 Million Matches Playedhttps: //

  • Daniel Ahmad (@zhugex) October 7, 2021

In a statement released one week after its official launch, the leader in the football video game displays record numbers, with a total of 9.1 million players, 7.6 million teams created in Ultimate Team and 460 Million. courses on all platforms.

everywhere in the top 5 sales of the week

This FIFA 22 domination is also physically reflected, with a top 5 sales of the week totally dominated by football simulation, in mind on each platform, as evidenced by the publication on Twitter of the union of publishers Recreation software (Sell).

The top 5 best sellers of JeuxVideo in France in S39 is available! Discover it here: gsd

  • Sell (@sell jeuxvideo) October 11, 2021

FIFA 22 is at the top of the sales this week on the Sony consoles, namely the PS4 and the PS5, as well as those of Microsoft, with the Xbox One and Xbox Series. On Nintendo Switch, it s also the best video game for the last week.

EA Sports is currently considering the opportunity to rename his game to do without the FIFA appellation, which has also strongly reacted the big community of video game.