Games With Gold: Free Games for Xbox in April 2022

The Games With Gold for April 2022 are fixed: Microsoft has published the list of Xbox games , which can be downloaded in the new month “free”. Subscribers of a gold membership thus gain access to a selection of “free” games in April, which you can play as often as you like within active membership. Let’s start on April 1, then Another Sight is available for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One download. In the fantasy adventure you go to the Victorian London, which bloomed in 1899 industrially. The “free” downloads are possible until 30 April.

Inclusive games in April: These Xbox games are there

Between April 16 and May 15, again Hue is included in the Games With Gold . In the platform puzzler you use the power of colors to revive the world and explore a dangerous, gray country looking for your disappeared mother. For Xbox 360 – and thus also to Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One playable – is available in April Outpost Kaloki X – from 1 to 15 April. This is followed by the racing game MX VS ATV ALIVE : You secure the title between the 16th and 30th of April.

Xbox - April 2022 Games with Gold

To get access to the “free” games, you need active gold membership at Xbox Live. The annual subscription costs about 60 euros. Alternatively, the gold subscription is also included in the Game Pass Ultimate. The subscription is available for 12.99 euros per month. Current game deals can be found in our daily updated bargain guide. Also a look at our price comparison.

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New World

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Great World

The Microsoft Flight Simulator has received the next big patch : The World Update 8 is available for download. In a current blog entry, the Asobo Studio developers share the patch Notes – and thus details of the changes and innovations. In the foreground of the New World Patches are Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. With the update, the developers play high-resolution graphics for the regions, including new height data, photogrammetry updates and ambient details.

Microsoft Flight Simulator | World Update 8 | New Aircraft & More!

World Update 8: That’s in the patch

With the World Update 8, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 also gives four new hand-made airports: La Seu d’Urgell Airport, Pico, Faro and A Coruna. In addition, there are updated data for 100 already existing airports, as shown by the patch Notes. Among the highlights of the update are also 99 sights , including the Camp Nou football stadium, the concert hall in Tenerife and the Catedral de Murcia. There are also new bush trips and four new discovering flights.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Large SIM Update 8 for download – What changes now

The developers of Asobo Studio release the Great SIM Update 8 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator as a download. That’s in the patch. PC XBO 0

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Appointment for SIM Update 8, First Sightseeing Flights in Beta Test

The developers of Asobo Studio give a roadmap update for the Microsoft Flight Simulator in a current blog entry.

Which update follows?

Your skills as a pilot also proves you for new landscapers. All other details, including the bugfixes and optimizations from the world update 8, can be found on the website of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The patch is available for free on PC and Xbox Series X / S as a download. Just a few weeks ago, the makers had already published the SIM update 8. In the near future, a world update for Italy and Malta is at the nearby. The developers promise the largest world update so far with 18 photogramme areas, including twelve graphically upgraded cities. The publication is scheduled for May.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator adds new improvements in the Iberian Peninsula

Microsoft has published the World Update VIII of Microsoft Flight Simulator , an update that includes new content for the Iberian Peninsula. It includes improvements and added for a better representation Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra, and has high resolution geographical improvements, lifting data and photogrammetry.

Although it is focused on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic, it also includes some news inside. Include the representation of the Alcázar de Segovia, Andorra La Vella, the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar in Zaragoza, and El Escorial the four skyscrapers or the monument to Alfonso XII in Madrid; In addition to some added in the interior of Catalonia. Outside the peninsula itself, in fact, more detail has also been added in the Canary Islands, with an emphasis on Tenerife.

Going to the coastal, the Peñón de Gibraltar has been improved and special attention has been made in Andalusia: in the video of above we have seen more of Malaga, the Plaza de España in Seville and the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. They have also added details in the city of Murcia, the city of the Arts and Sciences of Valencia or the Sagrada Familia de Barcelona, ​​with a small plane to the future Spotify Camp Nou.

For the Atlantic they have taught a little about the cities of Santander or Bilbao or the Hermitage of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in the Basque Country. Focusing on Galicia, we have also seen the tower of Hercules Coruña or the beach of the cathedrals.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Andorra World Update Trailer

In Portugal, among other things, there are new details at the AROUCA 516 of Aveiro (the largest pedestrian bridge in the world), the city of Coimbra, the Don Luis I Bridge of Porto and several additions in Lisbon, as the Palace says Pena.

The update has four handmade airports (El by A Coruña, El by Faro, the one of Peak and the one of the Seu d’Urgell), 99 points of interest, four travelers without aid, four new flights of discovery and five new Landing challenges.

Recall that, in addition to xbox series x and s and pc , now you can also play through the cloud in xbox one with Game Pass Ultimate, service where it is included in all Your platforms.


Buy Xbox Series X: Console available at Media Market

If you are looking for a Xbox Series X , you should stop by in the online shop of Media Market. There, the console from Microsoft can be ordered again. The delivery is also directly. This would be the package at the latest on January 24, 2022, with you – if you can get a copy today.

Xbox Series X buy at Media Market

At the moment, the Xbox Series X is available at Media Market for 499.99 euros. It is therefore not a bundle, as it happens more often more frequently. Even if the console should be sold out, it is worth taking a look at the product page again and again. Sometimes there are still individual units. Here it goes directly to the Xbox Series X at Media Market .

Xbox Series X buy on other online shops

Regularly more traders receive new replenishment of Xbox Series X consoles. These include providers such as Amazon, Saturn, Alternate or Eugenics. Only a few days ago there was several bundles of the Microsoft console in the OTTO online shop. Here, too, the offer was out of stock within a short time.


Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

For headlines this week the takeover by Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. This gives the Xbox team for the future more exclusive titles. Also, the Xbox Game Pass benefits from this acquisition.


Check your email because Microsoft is sending gift cards up to 100 dollars randomly

Merry Xmas Everybody (Initial Spelling: Merry Xmas Everybody) is a song of the British rock band Slave, which was released in 1973 as a non-album solitary. The track was created by Diva Noddy Holder and also Bassist Jim Lea and also produced by Has Chandler. It was the sixth as well as last top single of the band in the United Kingdom. The song got to the very first location in December 1973 the top place of the UK Christmas graphs as well as held I Wish It Could be Christmas Daily by Wizard, who reached fourth area. He remained in the graphs nine weeks — up until February 1974 — in the graphs. On the emphasis of the popularity of the band released, Merry Xmas Everybody offered himself at his initial release over a million times at his first launch and is therefore the most attractive single by Slave. She has actually been launched once again in every year since 1973 as well as was covered by numerous artists. The solitary was granted the BPI with UK Platinum in December 1980. Considering that 2007 as well as the introduction of downloads counting for the British Single charts, it is when again stood for every December. Till December 2019, the song in the United Kingdom has actually offered 1.32 million times. In a British television special on ITV in December 2012, Merry Xmas Everybody was on the third area (behind Fairy tale of New York and I Dream Maybe Christmas Every day) of one of the most popular Christmas title chosen. In 2009, the British healing firm PRS for Songs approximated that up to 42 percent of the globe s population could have listened to the track.

Cash Out Gift Cards with no Fee
It looks like a scam, but Microsoft is screaming Merry Christmas! A good handful of users. Since, although the company has not announced anything about it, some players have been encountered with a gift card in their email, which will encourage the Christmas season of more than one person. So, in addition to reinforcing the Xbox Stock Christmas stock, Microsoft continues distributing gifts to everyone.

Gift cards range from 10 dollars and up to 100 We have been able to know this thanks to the Wario64 user, known on Twitter for sharing Offers and discounts Of all kinds. In addition, this news has been confirmed by users who proudly teach their gift cards, which go from 10 dollars and up to 100. In other words, a figure that allows you to buy many hours of entertainment with Xbox video games.

However, not all emails have a prize, as there are some users who have received Microsoft email without any reward inside. In this sense, it seems that the company has distributed gifts and Christmas cards, so a Microsoft email is not synonymous with 100 dollars.

As always, we strongly recommend that you review the sender of all your messages, as gift cards are sent from the official Microsoft account. If you have not been lucky, you can always consult the games that renew the selection of the Xbox Free Play Days and give you a luxury during the weekend. In addition, Microsoft is already preparing a gift for All PC users, since the next update of the Xbox app will open a little more the platform.


HP Reverb G2 Great saving

This is a sourced index of business, indie as well as freeware area flight simulation video games. The list is classified right into four areas: room flight simulators, area flight simulators with an included component of fight, room battle simulators with an added element of trading, as well as unreleased room flight simulators.
An area flight simulator game is software program that allows the operator to experience spacecraft room flight in outer room with the added elements of gameplay. There are several types of simulators. These simulators range in objective from pure simulation to large entertainment. Space flight takes place past the Earth s environment, and also area flight simulators include the capacity to roll, pitch, and yaw. Space flight simulators use flight characteristics in a complimentary environment; this complimentary environment allows the spacecraft move within the three-dimensional coordinate system or the x, y, and also z (applicate) axis.

See Lists of video clip games for related listings.

Together with Microsoft and Valve, the HP Reverb G2 was developed. The upper class virtual reality headset represents an impressive resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 pixels per eye and thus generates a field of view of 114 degrees. Currently, the HP REVERB G2 can be purchased in the Spar Bundle. At MediaMarkt, there is the VR headset and two Motion Controllers and the Grandiosen Microsoft Flight Simulator for only 599.99 euros. The combination of virtual reality headset and flight simulator is much cheaper than a real ticket, but hardly less realistic.

What distinguishes the VR headset HP Reverb G2?

FOV INCREASE in Reverb G2 Impressions // Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

The media market in the Spar Bundle with the Microsoft Flight Simulator Virtual Reality Headset HP Reverb G2 offers a tremendous volume of 2,160 x 2,160 pixels per eye. Thus, the VR headset generates a field of view of 114 degrees. The image repeat frequency of the two panels is 90Hz. By means of inside-out tracking, the user of the HP Reverb G2 is scored by four cameras. The VR headset can be used both within Steam and Windows Mixed Reality. The PC requires at least one NVIDIA GTX 1080 or a comparable Radeon graphics card so that HP s VR headset can be used. As a CPU and memory, at least one Intel Core i7 and 16 Gibyte RAM should be installed. The HP REVERB G2 supports the Microsoft Flight Simulator and is to buy together with two Motion Controllers at Mediamarkt in bundle for only 599.99 euros \ – a saving of around 70 euros compared to the EIA.

Spar Bundle: HP Reverb G2 + 2 Motion Controller + Microsof Flight Simulator at Mediamarkt for 599,99 €

What makes Microsoft Flight Simulator so special?

The Flight Simulator from Microsoft, published in 2020, is a truly impressive, groundbreaking piece of software. In the flight simulation it is possible for the first time to avoid our blue planet wonderfully triveably and with configurable weather. Whether a trip to the old home or in distant countries, the game looks like a fantastic – a correspondingly strong PC assumed. In the Microsoft Flight Simulator you will find 37,000 airports, two million places, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, realistic traffic and of course a lot of aircraft, from light up to traffic aircraft. Anyone who wants to experience the already impressive Microsoft Flight Simulator in unparalleled virtual reality, can buy the flight simulation together with the VR-headset HP Reverb G2 together with two Motion Controllers at Mediamarkt in the Spar Bundle for only 599.99 euros.

HP Reverb G2 in the Spar Bundle with MS Flight Simulator at Mediamarkt

HP Reverb G2 VR Headest + 2 Motion Controller + Microsoft Flight Simulator for 599,99 €

Spar Bundle: HP Reverb G2 + 2 Motion Controller + Microsof Flight Simulator at Mediamarkt for 599,99 €

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition free as an update for owners of the game

On November 18, 2021, a new Game of the Year Edition of the Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC and Xbox Series X / S, which expands the game by many more content. If you already have the flight simulator, you can look forward to a free update that brings all the novelties of the Goty Edition in your version of the title. Before the release, the makers already divided an overview of airports and aircraft, which will soon be available in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. A total of eight detailed airports from Germany, Switzerland and the United States bring the developers into the game with the Game of the Year Edition.

New Airports – Microsoft Flight Simulator Goty Edition

Leipzig / Halle Airport (EDDP)
Allgäu Airport Memmingen (Edja)

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Announcing the Game of the Year Edition
Kassel Airport (EDVK)
Lugano Airport (LSZA)
Zurich Airport (LSZH)

Lucerne-Beromünster Airport (LSZO)
Patrick Space Force Base (KCOF)
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (KNKX)

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Update is DA – Patch Notes to Germany update

Asobo Studio releases the World Update 6 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as download. Now the patch is notes. PCXBO0

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Great World Update 6 Today – All information about Germany patch

The developers of Asobo Studio today publish World Update 6 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. That awaits you. PCXBO0

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Mod brings Mario Kart to the game

A new mod lets the worlds of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Mario Kart merge together.

In addition, information from more than 545 hitherto missing airports in the United States will be added. In addition, the Goty Edition also brings five new aircraft into the simulation. Among them is also the first military jet of Boeing.

New airplanes – Microsoft Flight Simulator Goty Edition

Boeing F / A-18 Super Hornet
Pilatus PC-6 Porter
Cubcrafters NX Cub
Aviat Pitts Special S1S

Flight Simulator: The Game of the Year Edition trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator

from 55,99 €

The GOTY update is of course also available to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass available. Support for DirectX 12, additional tutorials and an improved weather system are also part of the new edition. Finally, the developers are also more cities using photogrammetry in detail in the Microsoft Flight Simulator brought. They include Freiburg, Brighton, Helsinki, Derby, Eastbourne, Newcastle, Nottingham and Utrecht.

Source: Microsoft

Advertisement: Order Microsoft Flight Simulator now at Amazon

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition puts date to the free update with a new trailer

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is the third installment of the well-known series of videogames of Rol The Elder Scrolls. The videogame was published in North America and Europe for PC and Xbox between May 1 and November 22, 2002, [1] [2] and has been developed by Bethesda Game Studios and distributed by Bethesda Softworks (from Zenimax Media) and Ubisoft. The game has sold more than 4 million copies around the world. [3] The game has been launched in English, but it has an official translation into Spanish. It has two expansions, the first is The Elder Scrolls III: Court, which was launched in November 2002, and the second is The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon, launched in June 2003. There is also a package with the original video game and its Two expansions, called Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition, in commemoration by the award that was awarded to the game, [4] and that went on the market on October 31, 2003. [5]

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Announcing the Game of the Year Edition
It has already passed almost a year Since we were able to surf the heavens with Microsoft Flight Simulator, and his realism has captivated the fans of digital aviation and players not as regular to gender. A delivery that in its first year harvested record figures and that aims to celebrate the success of the last twelve months with a free update for all users called Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition , which will be Available from November 18 .

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition will premiere on November 18 This has been shared by Microsoft through a new trailer in which it brings the chest of the graphics achieved in the game. However, the update will not focus on visual quality, although it has been confirmed its compatibility with DirectX 12 , since it premieres new content for the most passionate of aviation simulators, which will see extended its Experience in different ways.

In this regard, Microsoft confirms that the free update will come together with 5 new aircraft and 8 hand-made airports . And the thing does not end here, since the game will include new missions, tutorials, detailed cities, various features and, as it could not be otherwise, it will also contain all the updates released from the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator by 2020.

Therefore, the fans of this class of simulations are congratulations, since Microsoft provides new excuses to invest time in plane travel totally realistic . A free update that prepares players for everything what is to come in the delivery: a first expansion of payment and the promise that they will include helicopters in the future. And, for people who have been seen attracted by aviation thanks to the movie of Top Gun , the developer is already preparing the release of the next update dedicated to the film with the top gun premiere: Maverick in 2022.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Announces Reno Air Races Launch Day

North American Aviation, Inc. was a leading US aircraft manufacturer, constituted in the 1930s and merged with Rockwell Standard Corporation in 1967. The company was responsible for a good part of historical aircraft such as the tireless coach T-6 Texan, the Escort hunt P-51 Mustang, the Bombarder B-25 Mitchell, the fighter hunting F-86 Saber or the X-15 rocket plane that established a speed record. He also participated in the Apollo program in the command and service module as well as in the second phase of the Saturn Rocket V.
Clement Keys founded North American on December 6, 1928 but as a renting company that bought and sold interest to several airlines and companies related to aviation. In 1934 the Air Mail Act forced many companies to leave this practice. At that time North American became a manufacturer of aircraft, directed by James Kindelberger who had previously been working for the Douglas Aircraft Company.
Kindelberger moved the company s base to Southern California, and was allowed to fly almost a year in which he decided to focus on coach aircraft, since in theory it was easier to compete in that sector than in others where there were very solid companies established His first airplanes were the observation GA-15 and the coach GA-16, followed by O-47 and BT-9. The BC-1 of 1937 was North American s first combat aircraft.
Like many other builders, North American began to grow and earn money around 1940 by the Second World War, opening plants in Texas and Kansas.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Announcing the Game of the Year Edition
The next coach to follow the BT-9 was the T-6 Texan from which 17,000 units making him, the coach most widely used. The bombarder Bimotor B-25 Mitchell came to fame with the Doolittle incursion and was used in all the theaters of war. Finally, the P-51 Mustang, subsequently endowed with a Rolls-Royce Merlin 61 engine, manufactured under license as Packard V-1650, is considered the best US warfare.
North American was forced to dismiss many employees, falling from 91,000 workers to 5000 in 1946. In any case, he continued to design and build aircraft as the Bomber Savage Based by aircraft carrier, the strange P-82 Twin Mustang, the Bombarder B-45 Tornado or fighter FJ-1 Fury.
The F-86 Saber started as a redesign of the Fury and was the first plane that reached the supersonic speed of Mach 1 in normal horizontal flight. He reached fame in Korean war destroying enemy migs. More than 9000 units of this type were manufactured, their successor, the F-100 Super Saber also became a hole with the Vietnam War.
Although the Rocket Motor Division was separated into a company called Rocketdyne in 1955, the company could manufacture the experimental rocket X-15.
The cancellation of the F-107 and F-108 programs at the end of the 1950s was a Varapalo for the company that was never recovered. In 1960 the new Chief Executive (CEO) Lee Atwood decided that the company focused on the space program and became the head of contractors of the control and service module for the Apollo program, as well as the second phase of the Saturn V program. . From the fire of 1967 in Apollo 1 was partially blamed and motivated its merger with Rockwell International in March of that same year.
In December 1996 the divisions of space and defense of Rockwell International (including Rocketdyne who had recovered in 1984 were absorbed by Boeing).

Experience the Fastest Motorsport worldwide on November 18! .

It s a good time to be a component of the Microsoft Flight Simulator neighborhood! We announced as well as teased at gamescom that Reno Air Races, the world s fastest motorsport, would be concerning Microsoft Flight Simulator soon. We are excited to introduce today that the Reno Air Races: Growth Pack and Reno Air Races: Complete Collection will be offered for purchase in the Microsoft Flight Simulator industry beginning on November 18.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator group worked very closely with the Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) as well as loads of pilots as well as proprietors to develop highly authentic recreations of most of the globe s most well-known auto racing airplane.

The Reno Air Races: Complete Collection supplies 40 formally accredited aircraft, including 10 North American P-51 Mustangs, 10 North American T-6 Texans, 10 Aero L-39 Albatros , and 10 Aviat Pitts Unique S1S. Amongst them are several popular Gold champions like Beauty queen, Strega, Voodoo, Baron s Revenge, Radial Rate, Six-Cat, American Spirit, and also Pipsqueak, as well as a number of the other leading racers. All these amazing aircraft as well as the complete on-line auto racing experience are consisted of, all for $59.99.

For those who simply intend to obtain their feet damp as well as race with their good friends, the Reno Air Races: Development Load is a terrific entrance point. It includes the exciting on-line multiplayer auto racing experience together with four very detailed starter aircraft: a North American T-6 Texan, a North American P-51 Mustang, an Aero L-39 Albatros, as well as an Aviat Pitts Special S1S, all for $19.99.

We can t wait for you and also your buddies to experience this thrilling air racing experience on November 18. The sky is calling!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available on Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Video Game Pass, Windows 10 with Xbox Game Masquerade Computer, as well as Heavy steam. For the current details on Microsoft Flight Simulator , remain tuned to @MSFSOfficial on Twitter.


Microsoft is not ready for a long time Spencer does not exclude buying new studios

Xbox Game Studios, created in 1994 Under the name Microsoft Game Studios (also known as Microsoft Games and Microsoft Studios), is a company owned by Microsoft that develops and publishes video games for Microsoft Windows stamped platforms or Xbox, Xbox consoles 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Microsoft wants to continue buying developers studios. In the Tech Live des Wall Street Journals, Xbox Chef Phil Spencer announced that they are still not done for a long time . You want to purchase studios in the future. He continues and says that there is no fixed schedule for this.

We are not finished for a long time. There is no quota or schedule in which I have to acquire new studios within a period of time, but if we find a studio that suits us well … why not! , Spencer expressed himself according to Tom Warren.

The Xbox boss did not give any indications that concrete studios he has in mind. According to rumors, Microsoft could be interested in a Japanese Gamestudio. The last major purchase of Microsoft was the Studio Zenimax / Bethesda, which moved to Microsoft s 7.5 billion US dollars. In addition to Bethesda, Microsoft also has taken the Mojang, known for Minecraft. Overall, Tech-Giant now has 24 developer studios spread over the entire world.

Which game developers belong to Microsoft?

343 Industries
Compulsion Games
Double Fine Productions
Inxile entertainment
Mojang Studios
Ninja Theory
Obsidian Entertainment

The Coalition
The initiative
Turn 10 studios
Undead labs
World s Edge
Xbox Game Studios Publishing
Alpha Dog Games
Arcane studios
Bethesda Game Studios

Xbox Game Studios | World Tour
Bethesda Softworks
ID software
Roundhouse Studios
Tango Gameworks
Zenimax Online Studios

But the competition does not sleep. Just this year Sony bought four new studios. On the shopping list, Bluepoint, Firesprite, Nixxes and Housemarque were.

While Microsoft plays front cards at the Developer s Front, you will be covered with the Xbox GamePass subscriptions. Rumors about the possible achievement of 30 million subscribers does not confirm Spencer. He remains at the original number of 18 million from January. You may keep the number back until the release of the quarterly figures on October 26.

However, Microsoft is not only known as games developers, but also as an inventor of the Windows operating system. On the 5th of October with Windows 11, the latest generation has come to the market. As you come to the new version and whether she s a bit good we tested for you in detail.

Sources: WSJ, Gamespot

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