Nintendo finally recognizes same -sex marriage

Although Japan is a country that still has a long way to go when we talk about laws in favor of the LGBTQ+community, it was recently announced that Nintendo has taken a step in favor of this group. Through an update to the Corporate Social Responsibility Information Document, It has been revealed that the Great N supports same-sex marriage.

Although this update to its legal document appeared last year, it was not until a few days ago that this modification was announced. Notoriously, Japan is a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage . Instead, each of the nation’s prefectures have their own laws in this regard.

Not long ago, Tokyo became the ninth prefecture to adopt legislation that recognizes same-sex couples, although that does not offer the same rights and protections as a legal marriage. Here is where Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility information comes into play, since does everything possible to work in the limits of this legislation , and support the most that can be the same-sex couples. This is what is said about it:

In Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we want to create a work environment that supports and enables each and every one of our unique employees.

We present the association system in March 2021 as an initiative based on this philosophy. Although currently same-sex marriages are not recognized by Japanese law, this system guarantees that employees who form a de facto couple with a same-sex couple have the same benefits as employees in a marriage between people of the opposite sex. We have also established that the marriage of fact between pairs will be observed in the same way as legal marriage.

In addition to introducing the association system, we review our internal norms on harassment to clearly prohibit discriminatory comments based on sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as reveal someone’s private sexual orientation against her will.

Together with the introduction of the association system in Japan, we notify our employees on the issue of gender diversity with a message from our president as a way of raising awareness about what diversity means. In this message, the president asked all employees to adopt a renewed understanding that even discourse and actions, which do not intend to damage, can cause significant emotional pain, asking for understanding and support to create an environment in the that everyone can work comfortably.


By improving our company’s systems and training, we will continue our work to create an environment in which each of our various employees can fully develop their talents.

In this way, although the government of Japan does not recognize it, same-sex marriages in Nintendo will receive the pampering that any other couple has. Transgender people must also be sterilized surgically according to Japanese law if they want the legal recognition of their gender identity, but Nintendo’s message, on the other hand, promotes gender diversity.

Without a doubt, A great point in favor of the LGBTQ+community, which we hope is replicated in more places throughout Japan . In related issues, Nintendo buys an audiovisual production study.

Editor’s note:

These are very good news. Although it is true that there are several sections within Nintendo and the community of Japan that can be controversial, it is good to see that the LGBTQ+ community already has a better representation and care by the Great N.