Ibai and Jordi Wild stand up to Eurovision on YouTube; These are the 10 most seen videos in 2022

We already know what the most seen videos on YouTube have been for 2022, among which IAI could not miss with his famous video in which he gave 300 euros to the first person who managed to make him laugh.

However, the great winner is Jordi Wild, who h been able to place himself at the top of the list, surpsing both the Eurovision Festival, and IAI Llanos himself.
Specifically, we talk about the video The Wild Project #139 FT LOJBAN |
His relationship with Ms, the importance of his family, 2. Timing, a space that w attended by Iillojuan, another of the Spanish streamers that have grown the most in recent years, among the most popular of the moment.
The Wild Project, who h already won the Island award organized by There, h had guests such Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Gerard Piqué this year and even a member of this house like Salva Fernández.

The most watched on YouTube in 2022

Next we leave you the clsification of content with more reproductions on YouTube for 2022.


  1. The Wild Project #139 FT LOJBAN |
    His relationship with Ms, the importance of his family, Timing-The Wild Project
  2. Eurovision Song Contest 2022-Final-Full Show-Live Stream-Turin-Eurovision Song Contest
  3. I give €300 to the one that makes me laugh the most |
    If you laugh you lose 13-Ibai
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  6. Oscar 2022 |
    Will Smith hit Chris Rock |
    The country-country
  7. 100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hugh With A Grs Roof and A Swimming Pool-MR. Heang Update
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  10. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent Full Pepsi Sb Lvi Halftime Show-NFL