Valorant: The Closer Qualifier of the North begins with Victoria de Xolos and Infinity

After several weeks after the Valorant Masters and the Open now is time to give way to the tournament that will define the representatives of the northern region to find the quota in the next international phase, the Teams looking for glory to make clear who are the best in the north.

The Xolos were more cruel

The first series began with the premiere of a team inside the tournament that comes from winning in the Open Tournament, Team Cruelty that faces the current E-Xolos Lazer champion, starting on a map of Haven that turned very home Where Darker did an interesting job with OMEN to leave the most favorable situation for the cruelty team, however, the first half of the map would end 6-6, to the change of sides Santiago ”Daveeys” Galvis with a chamber Very precise would do a cleaning job on the attacker getting casualties that would give the advantage of rounds to the xolos to take the map 13-6.

In the second map of bind we repeated a very similar story but the brim used by Michael “Bandicoot” Mancipe who would make the Xolos take the advantage with a 7-5 that would help them a lot but the team of Cruelty would not keep the arms crossed since it would be able to support his team to send the game where they would end up winning the map with a 14-12 managing to tie the series.

For the tiebreaker we will move to Ascent where we would see that cruelty’s style would work with Baez as the protagonist using Jett but the tie would not arrive in the first part due to That the Xolos would put the 7-5, in the second half of the map the aggressive defense proposed by the Tijuana team would be led by the K/I of Santiago “Feniz” Galvis who would do a very clean job leaving badly stopped the players of the players of the Cruel team and that would help close the series with a 13-8 to take the victory.

The infinity takes the reins

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Starting the second series we saw the Infinity team against Border Monsters to see which team accompanies Xolos at the tip of the table, the first map would be Ascent where the monsters would work the first half led by Nolan “Nolan” Martinez with a jett that tormented the infinity to leave 7-5 Javier “Rainmaker” Cruz arrows to get information and the advantage of the rounds that would let them go around to finish the map 13-9 in their favor.

In the second scenario of have we began to see a clear advantage of the infinity team that dominated the early rounds but the reactions of the border monster team would make things match leaving the 6-6 in the first instance, to the change of roles Daniel “Theory” Albadan together with Rainmaker would make the infinity team take the advantage within the map and with the execution of precise rounds would get the victory with a 13-9 ** that would give them the series.

Thus ends the first day of competition in the north showing a great level of all teams hoping to advance to the international.


CALL OF DUTY: Warzone reveals the details of the season 2 recharged

Later this week, _ duty: war zone_ Players will have the opportunity to see Season 2 Reloaded, who will see a series of exciting changes. Activision says that Rebirth Island reinforced will result in the map obtains the “greater update from the original launch”. When Reloaded falls, the strength and patio of the map prison will be modified and there will be a new point of interest: the docks. In addition to changes on the map, players can expect new and recurrent modes, features and rewards. In general, it looks quite exciting and everything is ready to appear in the game as of March 23.

This season, players can wait for the following ways:

Renaissance resurgence alone – A variant of Rebirth Resurgence, players will have their rebirth meter activated at the beginning. The meter can be recharged over time.

Renaissance payload – A team-based mode in which players must escort or stop trucks on one of the three pre-established routes.

Renaissance Blood Money – A Variant of Plunder where players receive a great payment by eliminating other players, regardless of how much money they have.

In the launch, players can also participate in the Rebirth Reinforced event, which is an experience based on the community that will have an impact on the general map. By completing the challenges, players also get new cosmetics and a lot of XP. The first task will focus on that the community reaches a certain number of deaths. Once this number has been reached, the players who participated will receive 25,000 XP and will be unlocked the weapon stations of the island. By completing all the tasks of the event, the participants will obtain the legendary plane LMG «Toxic Heavy». More events will be carried out in the coming weeks, unlocking additional functions on the island.

WARZONE: The SEASON 2 RELOADED UPDATE Was FULLY REVEALED... (Rebirth Map Update, Big Changes & More)
_ Duty area: War zone is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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