FC Köln: Interview with the former coach of the Bundesliga club.

Christoph Drum was the head coach at 1. FC Cologne on the sidelines for an overall of 7 years.
The connection to the club from the basilica city is still excellent.
In an interview, the 69-year-old has actually now commented on the growth of the Bundesliga club.
Christoph Drum at 1. FC Cologne has actually had 2 terms.
Between 1986 and 1990 and also from 2006 to 2009, the coaching legend was in charge of the Rhinelander group.
His greatest success with the goats was the step into the semi-finals of the 1989/90 UEFA Mug, where they left Juventus Turin.
Colognes are currently far from magical nights on the European phase.
The Bundesliga club failed in the group stage of the Conference League and endangers to slide right into the transfer fight of the Bundesliga after 5 games straight.


Drum is enthusiastic about the development that the team took under coach Steffen Rampart.
What Steffen Rampart moves with his top speed football is mind-blowing. He has wonderful success. The game is extremely running and also calls for maximum focus, the 69-year-old informed the ing activity Build.


FC Cologne: Christoph Drum criticizes club bosses
The former professional of Union Berlin as well as Hans Rostock did not provide any kind of shame on the current torment of FC.
A rethinking at the monitoring level of the Ronstadt leadership needs to occur a lot more.
The gentlemen in the administration boards need to comprehend: no group has actually improved via sales. And Steffen can not catch whatever in the lengthy run, slammed the 425-time Bundesliga coach, that also swung the scepter at Eintracht Frankfurt and VfB Stuttgart.
He doesn’t worry regarding his heart’s club.
Rampart makes this impressive. The FC will certainly capture itself again and afterwards have a different balance within the group, Drum believes that the advancement of the association will certainly struggle with the reality that the FC is not on roses as well as that none is
can commit completed players.