The best One Piece movie will come to Netflix

Little by little, Netflix is ​​becoming the new home of _ One Piece _. Not only the LIVE ACTION adaptation will be exclusive to this platform, but one of the best films of this anime will be within reach of all users in just a couple of weeks.

Recently, it has been revealed that from next April 15 , all Netflix users will have the opportunity to enjoy _One Piece Film Z, _ the tenth film of this anime, which is considered by many as The best feature film of Eiichirō Oda. This is your description:

“When the straw hat pirates rescue a man who is drowning, they have no idea what kind of evil they just received on board! The mysterious strange turns out to be the former Marine, Admiral Zephyr: a madman with a mortal right arm called Battle Smasher. This omen of fatality crazed by pain is committed to destroying the new world, and all the pirates that are in it! “

One Piece Film Z came to the cinemas of Japan in 2012, and on this occasion Oda was strongly involved in production. To this day, the community has pointed out that this is the best movie of One Piece, mainly thanks to the action scenes . At the moment it is only talked about its arrival in Netflix in the United States, although it is very likely that this is also the case in multiple regions.

On related topics, here you can meet the new designs of One Piece: Red. Similarly, One Piece manga has reached a new milestone in sales.

Editor’s note:

One Piece Film Z is one of the best anime films. It is extremely entertaining, full of action, and the feeling of being only filled is not so present. The tape should be seen by all the fans of the series.


The Halo series will not be Canon

Halo franchise is not strange to different productions that expand your stories. From the video games that load with the main task, passing by books that offer additional details, up to another type of means that only the most passionate fans know. However, recently announced that the Paramount + Live Action series will not be Canon.

The Halo TV Show is NON-CANON and It Looks...Fine
According to Kiki Wolf kill, Executive Producer of this production, This is a beneficial decision for the two universes. This was what she commented:

We refer to this as Halo Silver Timeline as a way to differentiate it from the Central Canon. Both in the protection of the central Canon and in the protection of television history, and with that I mean I could give us the opportunity to evolve and so that both are what they need to be for their mediums without colliding with each other.

The Halo series will be an adaptation of the canon content that we can find in games, books and other official products. However, This production will not be essential to understand the story that is currently being developed.

Although at the moment there is no specific premiere date, it is expected that the Halo series reaches Paramount + at some point of 2022. On related topics, here you can see the first trailer of this show. Similarly, a bug is corrupting the games of Halo Infinite.

Editor’s note:

This is the right decision. The Canon de Halo has become quite complicated in recent years, and adding a series only had worsened things. This address allows more people to have the opportunity to enjoy this world without having to played something previously.