Nagelsmann about Lewandowski: knows how his thoughts are

The likelihood that Robert Lewandowski will continue to wear FC Bayern’s jersey in the coming season has decreased in the past few days. The Polish top scorer does not want to extend his contract in 2023 and prefer to switch to FC Barcelona immediately, where a three -year contract he waves to him in Munich – Lewandowski will not be preserved in August 34.

When asked about this, Julian Nagelsmann kept himself covered at the press conference on Friday, but did not emit any Dementi. “He trained very committed, also scored a few good goals,” said the one year older and grinning: “So he will be in the starting eleven tomorrow.” At the final game of the season in Wolfsburg (3:30 p.m., live! At Nagelsmann Nagelsmann), where Lewandowski can accept his seventh Nagelsmann Nagelsmann goalkeeper cannon.

I never talk about things that I discuss with players under four eyes. You have to ask Robert.

Julian Nagelsmann

I've said it for a LONG TIME, Robert Lewandowski is NOT happy - Jan Aage Fjortoft | ESPN FC

Nagelsmann’s attitude is known, at least publicly the master coach always speaks for an extension of Lewandowski, according to his own statement he is planning the coming season “quite normal” with the FIFA world footballer. “I do not give any information about all other topics that take place in discussions. I never talk about things that I discuss with players under four eyes. You have to ask Robert.”

Nagelsmann added “more often” to Lewandowski anyway. “But not more than usual because of the situation. I have a good exchange with him and know how his thoughts are. I know how my attitude and my thoughts are.”

no change veto from Nagelsmann: “Never take more important than you are”

He does not want to take a change veto: “There is a very important credo of my coaching: never take too important and never take yourself more important than you are. I am the wrong man for something. It’s always An interplay between ‘Brazzo’, me and Oliver Kahn to decide such things. I will never publicly pronounce myself for or against what it should be.. “


FC Bayern: Robert Lewandowski apparently wants to FC Barcelona

So far, FC Bayern and Robert Lewandowski have not yet agreed on an extension of the 2023 expiring contract. Therefore, even more speculates about an outlet of the scorer. Allegedly, FC Barcelona can calculate good opportunities for a commitment of Poland.

Does Robert Lewandowski end leave FC Bayern in summer? As the Spanish “Lewandowski” reports, the 33-year-old wants to change to FC Barcelona.

Robert Lewandowski wants to join Barcelona | Lewandowski to Barcelona is Close !
As a result, the attacker wants to start a new challenge after eight years of FC Bayern and twelve years in the Bundesliga.

At the Catalans, Lewandowski apparently want to draw more international attention and increase his chances of winning the balloon d’Or. So far, the Bayern star could not clearly clear the prestigious award. Over the past two years, the Polish national player was named the FIFA World Footballer.

According to “Lewandowski”, the FC Barcelona is also not averse to cooperation. Lewandowski’s consultant Pini Zahivi and Barca President Joan Laporta should have a close relationship.

Falling talks with FC Bayern

However, FC Bayern continues to see no reason why Torgarant should leave the club in summer. Lewandowski is under contract for the dealers until 2023. This season, the Routinian returns world-class services with previously 45 competitive players.

Nevertheless, FC Bayern was up to date on a possible extension to date, which caused Lewandowski for amazement.

But Chief Executive Board Oliver Kahn would like to make apparently bring movement to the bolting affair. According to “Lewandowski Picture”, the Rummenigge Successor makes the contractuals with Lewandowski, Manuel new and Thomas Müller at FC Bayern for the chief. Whether Lewandowski can be convinced by a whereabouts will show the coming weeks.


Football Coach Lewandowski does not want FM

It is not the first excursion of the Polish star-up door in the virtual area, in 2016, the Bayern professional had dared to try Lewandowski Football Star for iOS and Android. Football Coach: The Game is used as a project, however, more extensive and ambitious, Lewandowski and developer RL9Sport Games would like to order so far sparsely awarded ground.

In the latest press release, it becomes unequivocally clear that Football Coach: The Game does not want to join the classic Football Manager of Sports Interactive in direct competition. The focus of the Lewandowski title is on the online multiplayer aspect: players from all over the world should be challenged at any time to a ranking match, even clan lots should play a big role.

Players against players, not against computer

Football connects the entire world. Thats why I want Football Coach: The Game based on a worldwide competition. Players against players, not players against computer, Lewandowski is quoted. The second important pillar is the RPG character of the upcoming offshoot, just the individual characterization of the respective coach the reality should be formed original.

Ive got to know many coaches and knows how different their personalities can be and how great their influence can be not only in the cabin, but throughout the club, says Lewandowski. Various coach classes are available, as well as earning experience points, the levels in the skill tree and collecting artifacts are in the foreground.

A hat full of formats and elements

Lewandowski and RL9Sport Games cars thus a balancing act, which in the Football scene still the few developers were able to implement all too successful — many elements should be brought under a hat. Because not only the sporting matters of the coach life are illuminated and mapped, even the private life or the interactions with the followers are planned as their place.

As a premise for any progress and drive, the voice of the community serves, RL9Sport Games wants to drive the production in line with the fans. We listen to the players. Some options like the development of the manager come from them. We are open to suggestions. We now want to start the community to form Football Coach: The Game, says CEO Rafael Cameraman.

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