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LJL 2022 SUMMER SPLIT all schedule announcement of 100 games -opening will start at 18:00 on June 24

Riat Games has announced the schedule of the 2022 summer league LJL 2022 SUMMER SPLIT in the e-sports domestic professional league League of Legends JAPAN LEAGUE (LJL) in League of Legends. 。

In the summer season, which will open at 18:00 on June 24 (Fri), a regular season by all eight teams will be held from June 24 (Fri) to August 17 (Wed). The battle format will be BO1 (the team wins in one game) and triple roundrobin (three rounds of all teams).

After that, a playoffs were performed by the top six teams in the regular season from Wednesday, August 24, and the finals were held on September 4 (Sun). The winning team will be the LJL representative will be given the right to participate in the Worlds Championship and 10 million yen in prize money.

Following last season, the talk program LJL AFTERSHOW will be broadcast on all schedules. It seems that it will be distributed to LOL and more players, such as commentary commentary by casters and questions for guest players.

The game and talk program will be distributed on the RiotgamesJptwitch channel.

The participating teams are as follows (from the press release)

HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[Burning Core]
HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[Detonation focusme]
HP: http: //
Twitter: https: //

[FUKUOKA SoftBank Hawks Gaming]
HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[Rascal Jester]
HP: http: //
Twitter: https: //

[Sengoku Gaming]
HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[V3 Esports]
HP: http: //
Twitter: https: //

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The most anticipated MMORPG 2022! Preduction is open!

On May 12, the light will see MMORPG with 4K graphics – Fox Legends.
Espritgames is published by the game, and the creator of TinH Kiem 3D developed, whose games are one after another become hits in the West.

The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine and the graphics here look incredible! The developers paid special attention to the study of characters and creatures – details at the highest level, and the customization of the characters allows you to configure the appearance of their hero to the smallest details.

Every NEW MMORPG Coming in 2022 | What MMO Should You Play?
The player will become a master of spirits and go into exciting adventures to learn at the Academy of Medium and stop the impending darkness.

It is officially confirmed that Fox Legends enters Google Play, App Gallery, App Store and PC. Preduction is opened now and all registered ones will receive a gift by mail during the release. Hurry up to the new world!

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League of Legends, version 12.8, update notes: few nerves and lots of buffs!

Improvements ? Nerves? Here is the time of the League of Legends patch 12.8, which, even if it does not seem to upset the meta, brings some interesting changes. We explain all this to you in our League of Legends guide!


A new patch arrives on League of Legends! He changes several champions, notably Swain who will be more convincing on a solo lane! It should be noted that this patch is not the one that contains the rework of Olaf on the PBE, so it’s not yet time for the Viking to recover its letters of nobility… but in the meantime, you can always follow this very simple advice from a certain faker to stay alive…

buff, nerve and adjustments

It is a rather complete patch that Riot Games shared yesterday on its official website. It should be noted that it is the latter who will be used during the Mid-Season Invitational 2022 which begins on May 10. The purpose of this patch is to prepare the world scene. And it also contains an update which was eagerly awaited for players for Swain . Let’s see some changes together, and for the rest, you can read update notes 12.8 directly on the official website

Swain receives an adjustment of all his skills

According to Riot Games, even if Swain was rather effective on the bottom track, it is however also supposed to inspire terror on a solo lane. The objective, therefore, of this average update for him is to improve it so that it is not only placed in an botlane.

Swain therefore recovers Mana buffs from all his skills, but also some notable changes on crowd control capacities. For example, his e can no longer attract enemies subject to the crowd controls of his allies, but he now allows him to attract all those he immobilizes . Which, still according to Riot, makes him just as terrifying in the bottlenecks and narrow corridors.

Kai’sa is adjusted

Still according to Riot, these times, Kai’sa played in the AP mainly pounded his enemies from afar using his Z repeatedly. They therefore seek to keep it away from this type of gameplay, and to make it rather depend on the sporadic triggers of its passive competence, which distinguishes it from the Kai’sa Ad, which generally rest on the attack speed and the trigger * repeated * of its passive competence.

This is therefore why its passive skill goes from 15% + 2.5% every 100 power points to 15% + 5% every 100 power points . And for the Z, the damage is the same, but the power ratio taken into account for the calculation of the damage goes from 70% to 45%.

Finally, its R keeps the same attack damage ratios, however, it will take more than 100% and not 75% as before your power, which will improve its survivability a little.

FULL Patch 12.8 CHANGES: BIG BUFFS + More - League of Legends Season 12
For the entire notes patch, simply follow this link to display it on the official website

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MX vs. ATV Legends: Publication postponed, Collectors Edition revealed

Publisher ThQ Nordic and developer Rainbow Studios today confirm that MX VS ATV Legends will be released on June 28, 2022. There are further details in the Development Diary by Rainbow Studios CEO Leonore Gilbert “The Legends Path”.

The following was announced in the article: “We are back for another issue of The Legends Path. This time we have CEO Lenore Gilbert, who can tell us where we are with the development of the game and why we decided to publish the date of publication on June 28th. to move. “

“The development of Legends was an exciting and challenging experience for our team at Rainbow Studios and Thqnordic. The attempt to expand the boundaries of an off-road racing game and at the same time keep what our player community brought to the MX VS ATV series is not an easy task. The previous result is exactly that: something new that offers more gameplay than all previous MX VS ATV games, but at the same time feels like a classic game in the series. ”

“Game delays are neither pleasant for the developers nor for the players. In our case, we had to choose between speed and quality, and the decision was easy. We want to ensure that MX VS ATV Legends, when it comes out, has the highest level of quality that Rainbow Studios can offer. Our art team ensures that the image rate is high and stable by taking tons of runs in all environments. We publish trailers and then listen to the feedback so that we can make sure that physics is exactly correctly set. The designers work across departments to ensure that we offer a gaming experience that will inspire you every time you turn on your console. The engineers test our new dedicated servers for stability so that the online experience is seamless for every1. And of course the quality assurance is working on the elimination of all bugs. “

“All of these moving parts have to fit together correctly so that a game is created that is stress -free, is fun, a challenge and rewarded the players. We now have the last little time we need to make sure that you all get the game that you deserve, and we are very excited about what legends have for you. See you on June 28th! Lenore Gilbert, managing director, Rainbow Studios. “

At the same time, the MX VS ATV Legends Collector’s Edition was unveiled. So far no price has been mentioned.

There is a trailer to see here:

The MX VS ATV Legends Collector’s Edition contains the following:

  • Detailed MX VS ATV figure of a 2021 Yamaha YZ450F on a ramp and two removable flags (total height 20 cm)
  • Metal chain wheel as a key rang with MX VS ATV branding
  • 5 postcards
  • Bonus DLC
  • The game MX VS ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends Delayed to June 28 - Collector's Edition Revealed

MX VS ATV Legends appears for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and can be pre -ordered in Microsoft and PlayStation Store and set on the wish list on Steam.

  • MX VS ATV Legends – 39.99 euros
  • MX VS ATV Legends Leader Pack – 59.99 euros
  • MX VS ATV Legends Icon Pack – 79.99 euros
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PS-Plus disappointment: Players rain for free

Actually, the new PS-Plus free games for subscribers of Sony’s online service are always a reason to joy, but this time many players complain about the yield of the current month. Above all, a game is in focus of criticism.

PS-Plus players complain about Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Since April 5, 2022, PlayStation-Plus players may enjoy three new free games: a SpongeBob Remake, Slay The Spire and Hood: Outlaws and Legends. But especially the latter seems to have saux in many fans, showing a look into a current reddit post:

Many players are very disturbing that Sony gives them a multiplayer game, but barely active players on the PlayStation has and is quasi dead. While it is easy for the player numbers to rise again by the PS-Plus free action, but at the latest next month, many players Hood: Outlaws and Legends will probably return their back again.

PS Plus and Xbox Live Should Be Free | Paying for Multiplayer is Anticonsumer
_In Hood: Outlaws and Legends is your task to steal treasures from well-guarded facilities together with your team before they do the opponents: _

Even the SpongeBob remake skin does not skin many subscribers from the stool, only Slay the Spire manages to smooth the waves.

Is PS Plus always worse?

In the reddit thread, many voices are also loud, which questions, why they even pay for Sony’s subscription service for the PlayStation. The offer of free games is always worse in your opinion in recent months .

A player also mentions that in recent months he did not even bother to turn on his console and secure the free games in the PlayStation Store (Source: Reddit). Many only subscribe to the service, So that they do not lose access to their complete collection of free games , which they have sacked over the last few years.

_ In the search for new games food? These games should be on the screen in April: _

Only recently Sony announced that in June you will revise PlayStation Plus and merge with PS now. Whether from this point on the range of free games is improved again, remains to be seen. For sure, however, the majority of the gaming is more than dissatisfied with the current selection and expects Sony into the following months a large shoep.

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LOL: The 9 champions with the longest stuns and ccs in League of Legends

Mass or CC control (crowd control in English) A feature of some skills present in League of Legends. Through them it is possible to stun, silence, root the opponents, among several other things that will disturb the lives of your enemies to the fullest. In this list we show you what the champions are with the longest group controls in LOL.


Counting only with the standard measures of each Leona skill that can be applied to other champions, we have 3 seconds of mass control: 1 S of Q – Sunrise shield, 0.5 S E – Cenit Sheet and 1.5 S of the R – Solar Flare.

Taking into account that the Qam de la Champion has only 5 seconds of cooling, and that by decreasing this time through objects can reach up to 3 or 4 seconds, we can consider that you could reuse your q, totaling up to 4 seconds of time of reuse


Morgana is also a great champion for those who like to play based on mass control. The q-dark spell of it can immobilize for up to 3 seconds, while the r-shackles of it stun for 1.5 s for a total of 4.5 seconds of cc.


9 MOST OP Champions of ALL ROLES in PATCH 12.5B - LoL Tier List Guide
The passive nautilus is applied up to 1.5 s rooting, while Q – dredging line grants up to 1 seconds and r – depth loading is applied up to 4 s to the main objective for a total of 6.5 seconds.

If we take into account the effect of slowdown e – sprue waters, 1.5 s, the total time goes up to 8 s.


The E – Skyline of Events of Veigago lasts 3 seconds and makes the enemies punished. In addition, anyone who tries to cross it is stunned for 2.5 seconds.


The E – Roots by Zyra applies rooting for a maximum of 2 seconds, while R – nutrcespines lifts enemies for 1 S for a total of 3 seconds of mass control.


If Alistar , the minotaur, pushes your opponent first and then lifts it, you can apply up to 3.25 seconds of cc. The q-spray of it applies 1 second stunning and aerial lift simultaneously, while W-header applies 0.5 lifting and 0.75 stunning, ending with e-trample at 1 additional second.


Lissandra has its w – frost ring, which gives you 1.5 seconds to rip, and r – icy tomb, which stuns for another 1.5 seconds, for a total of 3. If we take into account the slowdown applied by the champion, this figure amounts to 5.5 seconds.


If you can hit more than one enemy with your e – tangle tangle, Neeko can apply rooting for 3 seconds, which along with its 1,25S stunning of your r – Surprise sprout, a total of 4.25 seconds ago of CC.


Skarner , which will be reworked along 2022, also applies up to 3 seconds of multitudes control. With the e-fracture of it, he applies stunning for 1.25 s, and with his R-Empalan, applies suppression for 1.75 s, for a total of 3 seconds. If we take into account their slowdown in 2.5s, this time reaches 5.5 seconds.


Arceus Tips – How To Candy Diaga / Palkia, Giratina and Darkrai

Diaga and Palkia from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl appear in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and are actually two legendary capturing during main history. However, there is a hook. They are essentially the last bosses (at least in terms of history) and are encountered in the temple of Sinnoh. You will receive a mission to find the red chain and then have to connect either the Clan Adaman or the Clan Irida. These are the diamond and pearl games of once – if you connect the former, you can conquer dialga. Join the latter and Palkia belongs to them.

Once you have made your choice, head to the Temple of Sinnoh. You will face your chosen Pokémon in a regular struggle and capture it. The second legendary then appears in its original form. To defeat it, you need to avoid attacks (which are about the same for both). You must pay attention to Draco Meteor, which has a large radius, shock waves and fire rings that can stay in the arena.

How to Get BOTH Dialga & Palkia in Pokemon Legends Arceus
Stay in the fight in motion and make sure you vote your roles with the first two attacks. The third is to be aware of the placement of the fire and can not be caught when running. Throw balms and finally the source of origin to capture him. Again, the original form of the legendary questionable – to conquer its non-original form, the other clan must be selected.

How to catch giratina

This is part of the request “in the footsteps of Giratina”, which is available in the aftermath. First, you must complete the mission “Search for the remaining plates”. After you have caught UXIE, MESPRIT, AZELF, HEATRAN, SHAFIGAS and CESSELIA, you fight Volo in the temple of Sinnoh.

Defeat him and go to Jubilife Village, where Professor Laventon will give you the request “in the footsteps of Giratina”. Dare on the Spring Path to the Cobalt Grassland. Climb the mountain and on the summit you will find an entrance to the Turnback Cave, where Giratina is waiting for you in your original form. It is Level 70 with attacks such as Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Earth Power and Shadow Force.

Wear many ultra calves together with Pokémon, which are strong against Pokémon of the type of spirit / dragon. If you’ve caught Giratina, you will receive the Griseous core if you change between its regular shape and form of origin.

How to catch Darkrai

Darkrai can actually not be recorded unless you have backup data from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. If you do this, go to the Survey HQ and look for the “The Darksome Nightmare” on the board. You have to go to the Clamberclaw Cliffs at night. Darkrai will avoided you… but then run away. Do not try to hunt or throw pokeballs – they will just disappear and emerge elsewhere.

Instead, take it with the surrounding rocks behind it and throw a Pokémon on it. As soon as it is stunned, you should be able to fight and capture it. Alternatively, as soon as it appears again, you can throw a Pokémon as soon as it starts screaming. This should also introduce the fight.

Darkrai is Level 70 with attacks such as Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Psychic and Dark Void. Since it is a dark guy, Fairy Pokémon are very useful for this fight.


Shigeru Miyamoto Confidence hate Navi

All those who have played The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time We can agree on Navy, the little fairy that serves as the main companion on Link’s trip, is very annoying. The constant interventions of it are nothing more than a small guide that ends up frustrating the players at the end of the day. Well, the hatred for this character is not unique of all those who grew up with the classic of N64, but the same Shiner Miyamoto, creator of this series, was not happy with Navy.

Recently, an interview was brought to Miyamoto for Fujitsu magazine in 1999. This section, which worked as a guide for the moment, had remained away from the West for years. However, thanks to the efforts of Simulations, there is finally a translation of this conversation. In this way, has been discovered that Zelda’s father was not happy with the implementation of Navy , and even wanted to eliminate her functions as an assistant to her. This was what he commented:

I think the whole system with Navy giving you advice is the largest weak point of Ocarina of Time. The truth is that he wanted to eliminate the entire system, but that would have been even more unpleasant for the players. You may think that Navy is there for players who stop playing for a month or so, who then resume the game and want to remember what they were supposed to do.

Along with this, Miyamoto mentioned that Navy’s help was limited, since a more complex system that adjusted to the situation in which the player was, required more time and resources . However, if this had been the case, the world would have been lost from one of the most annoying assistants we have seen in this medium.


On related topics, this would see Ocarina of Time in Unreal Engine 5. Similarly, Remake of Oracles of Ages and seasons could reach the switch.

Editor’s note:

In fact, I never understood the hatred that is given to Navy. Yes, at some moment it becomes annoying the intervention of it, but it is never frustrating, and if you pay attention immediately, she stops bothering for a long time. The game is so well-designed, that the mere function of Navy does not make much sense.

League of Legends

LOL: The dangerous casino-shaped skin with which Riot could ruin his reputation

The sale of Skins and other cosmetics has always been the operating motor of League of Legends . Riot Games was able to create an interesting system that did not squeeze the players or tried to blackmail them with increases of power in exchange for money. However, the latest decision of developers with one of TFT minilegenda has put the entire community defensively. It is Jinx Chibi Artificiera , only available through a LOOT box system and whose obtaining can cost hundreds of euros.

The most expensive and dangerous skin of League of Legends

Under the intention of being one of the most exclusive cosmetics of the game, Riot Games has included the aforementioned Jinx Chibi article only as obtainable through the hextech craft system in some chests called firecrackers. Bought separately, each of them has a cost of 490 RP and a possibility of 2% to include the minileende. In this way, there are some high probabilities that we do not obtain cosmetic by buying the most expensive pack (12740 rp) . Speaking in euros, this is translated into which 100 € might not be enough.

This is not the first time Riot Games uses a Loot Box System for Exclusive Cosmetics, but one of the few occasions in which a predatory system has introduced in League of Legends . Even the most exclusive hextech craft skins can be achieved with some patience enjoying the events or free drops, being the only marketing trick the feeling of players to need it as soon as possible. However, this time we are facing an alternative that we have already seen in other titles and that attentive against the consumer.

The community of League of Legends has criticized this added manager by the company. Riot Games maintained one of the most friendly systems with the players who maintained it as a reference of what should be d1. However, at this point the players have understood that Inaction to an initial movement is the passport to repetition by developers . A situation that everyone wants to avoid at all costs to preserve the safety of the game.


Grid Legends Mechanic Pass What makes Mechanic Pass

Sports and racing games are known for their tempting pre-order bonuses, deluxe editions and in-game boosts aiming to bring the players to separate from something additional money. And Grid Legends, Code master, Next Racing Game, is no different with a Mechanic passport for those who buy the deluxe edition of the game.

Most games have closed themselves to record performance increases and upgrades in the deluxe editions of their games, but as with other racing titles, Grid Legends offers it with its higher-priced edition as one of the most important additional content.

So, what is it? Grid Legends Mechanic Pass ? How can regular players receive the Mechanic Pass? And what exactly does it, and how big is the bonus you receive? Continue reading to learn more about the offer of the digital deluxe edition of the game.

Grid Legends Mechanic Pass

In Grid Legends The mechanic pass gives you a thrust while upgrading vehicles, so you can upgrade your vehicles faster.

Before publishing the game in February we do not know how big this boost will be; So it could be small or significant.

The mechanic pass in Grid Legends is only available if you buy the Deluxe Edition of the game. For owners of the standard edition of the racing game, there is no way to get the boost into the hands.

The Mechanic Pass is only available as part of the deluxe edition of the game, which is only digitally available. If you want to pre-order, you can pre-order the Grid Legends Deluxe Edition on steam and PlayStation. The pre-order for the Microsoft Store can be found below:

Grid Legends Deluxe Edition Grid Legends Deluxe Edition Microsoft $79.99 Buy Now Network N receives commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

DELUXE Edition and Pre-Order CONTENT | Grid Legends | News Update [2021]
Stay up to date for more information about the game before the release date of Grid Legends.