Pantheon – a game that for four years can not start with alpha tests

is the beginning of 2018.

During Pax East, Visionary Realms announces with pride that this year (2018) Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will start with full alpha tests.

Four years have passed, and we are still in the same place. Literally in the same. The latest Developer Update ( here ) contains virtually identical words that have been spoken in 2018.


First in 2022, we intend to continue our striving to release Alpha.

It is also exciting that this year we intend to increase the awareness of the game. Of course, we did it all the time, but it will be a key goal when we approach the Alpha, and the game will become more refined, from which the wider audience will be able to use. More specifically, we try to invite more streamers and influential people and tell our story on a larger number of websites than in the last few years. Alpha is an exciting perspective, and it will soon come to share a game with a larger number of people around the world.

The worst thing, however, that Pantheon is not a Next-Gen. This old-school production was directed to the larger number veterans. Without outstanding graphics, with checked and schematic systems.

May Pantheon not over like Crow fall who went to us so long that everyone forgot about him and no one wanted to play him.