Launched in 2023, KONA II: BRUME

Koch Media’s LabenScourt announced plans to launch 2023 of Kona II: Brume, the successor to Kona, a first-person narrative-adventure game developed by Parabole.

The previous and sequel developments of the developer of Quebec, Canada, and the intense story-oriented mystery investigation format and unique omniscient point of view, which were well received by Kona (KONA), continued to continue with more interesting stories and events in Kona II: Brume It will be.


Kona II: BRUME means fog in Brume, reflecting the cold and cold reality of the era in the background of a secluded rural snow in northern Canada in the 1970s. The player must become a detective Carl Faubert and narrow the investigation to find the truth hidden in the dark eyes and release the mystery.

The teaser trailer, which was released together, shows the atmosphere of Kona II: BRUME in the 1970s Northern Canadian snow.

Kona II: With the announcement of BRUME, Paravley and Ravens Court actually played Kona II: BRUME in advance at the indie booth arena of the game convention ‘Gamescom’ in Cologne, Germany from August 24 to August 29. He said he plans to run an experience booth that can be done.

Kona II: Brume will be officially Korean in 2023 and will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC platform.