Relaxing rotary puzzle THE SHAPE OF THINGS announced. A relaxing time to return to the shape of the thing that has become apart

Publisher Maple Whispering announced The Shape of Things on July 22. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to the store page, it is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023 and supports Japanese display.

The Shape of Things is a puzzle game. Various objects that have been divided into different parts are returned to the original shape while operating the parts. Parts can be rotated like a Rubic Cube, and it seems that it can be operated such as enlargement and reduction. Each puzzle is discharged with a gachapon machine in the game. If you return it to the shape of the object and clear it, you will get a coin to draw the next gachapon.


There are no time limit or penalty during the game, so you can play calmly at your own pace. The weather and time in the game can be set by the player. In addition, it is said that a pleasant sound effect and BGM are prepared, so it seems to be characterized by a spacious game play. In addition, it is said that the operation can be performed only with one hand. He wants you to enjoy warm drinks with empty hands.

Hyper Three Studio is based in Barcelona, Spain. In the past, he has developed a diorama mistake search game Tiny Lands. There is no time limit or penalty in the same work, and it has a relaxed element, such as comfortable BGM and environmental sound. In the Steam User Review, 94 % of the 521 cases have won the very popular status. The game play that can be played while relaxing seems to be well received by users. On the other hand, it is also evaluated that searching for mistakes, which is a puzzle element, has a good response. In this work THE SHAPE OF THINGS, such essence will be inherited.

The Shape of Things will be released for PC (Steam) in the first quarter of 2023.


SC Freiburg: Several lots according to Streich a balancing act

It has to do with emotional control. And about existing. We’ll see if we can do it. This is a harmonizing act. The Breisgauer had received the Europa League as fifth in the table. Due to the fact that of the additional competition, Streich has not yet made plans for a feasible turning. I’m going to involve myself now. And also I can speak to the young boys, stated the 57-year-old.

At the beginning we have lots of games at brief periods. It depends upon exactly how the gamers also deal emotionally.

Trainer Christian Streich additionally sees the engagement of his SC Freiburg in three competitors as a psychological challenge.

An excellent begin to the season is necessary for the SC. In 2nd division advertised 1. FC Kaiserslautern, a hardest examination is waiting in the preliminary of the DFB Mug at the finalists of the pre-season on July 31, which Streich is eagerly anticipating. I assume it’s excellent to be in Kaiserslautern once again. The arena will certainly be complete, 50,000. Then we recognize what’s going on. And also if we are not good enough, we’ll fly out. That is additionally clear, claimed Streich.

Streich has not yet made plans for a feasible turning because of the additional competition. FC Kaiserslautern, a hardest test is waiting in the very first round of the DFB Mug at the finalists of the pre-season on July 31, which Streich is looking onward to. That is likewise clear, claimed Streich.


Xbox Game Pass: These 5 games are brand-new in the membership today

The Xbox Game Pass subscription fills with brand-new titles each week.
Five brand-new games have actually landed in the Xbox Game Pass subscription today.
Only the PowerWash simulator is still a little bit long in coming.


Xbox Game Pass– July 2022

  • 14.
    July 2022-Escape Academy (Console and PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-My Pal Peppa Pig (Cloud, Console and PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-Overwhelm (PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-PAW Patrol the Film: Experience Community Calls (Cloud, Console and PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-PowerWash Simulator (Cloud, Console as well as Computer).

Additionally, Yard Tale was currently published today in the registration + Minecraft Sneak peek as well as the Xbox Game Pass Quests overview will assist you to bag countless rewards factors once again.
Ultimate clients can likewise safeguard a lot of additionals as well as cost-free incentives thanks to EA Play.


Scientific Wordle of July 5: TRACKS AND SOLUTION TO THE WORD

We are on July 5 and that means being able to face a new Wordle challenge both in its normal version and in the rest of similar games. In the next guide we are going to show you all the advice, clues and the solution to guess today’s word of scientific .

Scientific Wordle today July 5

Today’s word, day July 5 , corresponds to Challenge #114 and is composed of a total of seven letters . In the case of the scientific wordle you have to get a word that is related to science, but it is not necessary for the first to write be scientific.

Therefore, you can put the word you want just to get letters or to guess the placement of each 1. If it comes out green, you have been successful with the place where the letter in question is located, while the yellow color indicates that the place is incorrect, but if it comes out gray it is that this particular letter does not exist.

T-clues for today’s scientific wordle

Starting from this base, These are the clues for today’s scientific wordle, July 5:

  • It is formed by four vowels.
  • It is formed by three consonants.
  • None of the letters is repeated
  • Between the letters there is an I and an A.
  • Start by B.
  • It serves to extract a small piece of living fabric.

Solution for today’s word scientific

In the event that you do not take it out, the word of the scientific wordle of July 5 is as follows:

* Biopsy

And then you have its meaning :

Extraction of a small piece of living tissue of an organ or other part of the body for microscopic study in order to establish a diagnosis.

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The search horror Night Kuses of Soiree will be distributed on July 7th. The mysterious Western -style building of the late Meiji era drawn by GOHOME developers

On July 1st, Matsuju Song, a matsuno doll city, announced on July 1 that it will release Night Curse of Soirée on July 7. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The sale of the previous work Gohome is also scheduled for the release of Night Curse of Soirée.

Night Curse of Soirée is a 3D horror adventure game that explores the retro-modern Western-style building. The stage of this work is around the end of the Meiji era. The protagonist, Kirima, was in a strange Western-style building when she noticed. She doesn’t know why she was in the Western-style building, but she didn’t know what she was doing or where she had a Western-style building, and she had no clear memory. Aside from her, she decided to leave the Western-style building and headed to the exit. But there, she realizes that she has dropped her precious fold crane somewhere as a charm. As Kiruma Suika explores the Western-style building with her disturbing signs, she faces her past memories, sins, and her present.

The protagonist, Kaya, searches for a folded crane and explores the Western-style building wrapped in silence. There are many rooms in the Western-style building. She searched for a fold crane while searching for the key and confronting something hidden in the Western-style building. In the occasional events, her reminiscence and monologue of her own reminiscence and mystery are revealed. As an element, this work has three endings. In addition, the trailer released today allows you to check new location, such as the scene of walking in a garden and a strange city. In the trial version released in August 2021, it was set indoors, but it seems that it will also explore the outside of the Western-style building.

This work is a virtual city of Matsuto Ichiju, who is also working on music, videos and distribution in addition to games. As a past work, he released his previous work Gohome in 2020. In the same work, a unique world view, such as a mystery approaching with the loud volume of Kushikos Post. In Steam’s user reviews, 83 % of 156 out of 156 were well received at the time of writing, and the status was very popular.

In the Night Curse of Soirée, the release in September of the same year was scheduled for the release of the trial version in August 2021. However, the release is postponed. According to a video released in January 2022, the reason for the postponement is that the outlook and the lack of compromise. At that time, Ichijuzu Song was producing alone, and was aiming to complete it with the minimal quality. But ultimately, he decided to pour his full power to maintain his motivation. It seems that brushing up has been performed, such as the hero’s face is recreated from the trial version. In this work Night Curse of Soirée, I would like to expect the quality improved content in addition to the unique worldview.

Night Curse of Soirée will be released on July 7 for PC (Steam). According to the official website, the price is 2,000 yen. The previous work Gohome will be held 77 % off sale from July 7th to July 7th.

Dungeon fighter online

[Until July 21! ] Capcom Arcade Stadium DLC Strike II is distributed for free for the 39th anniversary of Capcom

Capcom is a free distribution of Capcom Arcade Stadium , which contains popular arcade games, Street Fighter II-THE WORLD WARRIOR-, PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC (PC ( It was announced that it will be held until July 21 for Steam).

This work is a game where you can purchase a masterpiece of various genres such as shooting and action as a DLC. In April, Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, which contains a new title, was announced, and the trailer was released today in the Summer Game Festival 2022 distributed today.

To commemorate the 39th anniversary of Capcom and the first anniversary of this work, the company will be distributed free of charge until July 21. By downloading this work and DLC, you can enjoy a masterpiece fighting game. It has also been announced that a Twitter campaign will be held from June 10 to June 23. Details such as how to participate are now available on the official website.

Additional DLC Street Fighter II-THE WORLD WARRIOR- of Capcom Arcade Stadium is distributed for free until July 21 for PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam).