The word “Wordle” of the topic on the net is acquired at New York Times-developers wish for free for play

Mr. Joss Wadle, a developer of “ Wordle “, reported in Twitter that the title was acquired by New York Times (NYT).

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“Wordle” is a game that can be played free of charge released in October last year. The player must rely on the tips of the five-character words of the subject. This game is popular on SNS, and many follower works such as Pokemon version have appeared.

According to Tweet, Wardle was a comment that “Wordle” felt horrible that he grew to a level above his own imagination. Although “Wordle” “continuing a great experience to all people” is recognized as important, Mr. Wadle, who is an individual developer, has revealed that the load is heavy.

He also says that “Wordle” has moved to the NYT site, and it is said that it will be discussed with NYT so that you can play for free.

The NYT side reports that the acquisition amount this time is an unpublished price in the early 7 digits at its own site. NYT paper aims to be an essential subscriber for English-speaking people, and “Wordle” shows the view that people different from news will be new needs for NYT.