Riot Games, Joint Study with Ubisoft Language Improvement in Game

Source-Riot Games

Riot Games announced on the 17th that it will carry out the joint research project ‘Zero Harm in Comms’ with Ubisoft to improve the language in the game.


‘Zero Harm in Comms’ is a project to improve harmful content in the game, such as malicious chat. Based on the technology and data owned by both companies, the artificial intelligence system that detects malicious chat will be advanced, and the unhealthy language classification system and a database will be established.

In this study, Riot Games and Ubisoft, in this study, are the League of Legends and Valorant, such as Riot Games’ competitive IPs such as Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry. The company plans to build a wider database by adding various portfolios. All data is anonymous to protect personal information.

The unhealthy behavior in the online space is the challenge of all companies with online social platforms in addition to game companies, said Riot Games. We decided to collaborate with Ubisoft to provide.

Ubisoft is responsible for blocking harmful content, said YVES JACQUES, director of Ubisoft La Forge, Ubisoft’s AI organization. Through collaboration, we will be able to prevent unhealthy behaviors in the game more effectively.

Riot Games and Ubisoft are members of the Fair Play Alliance, which was established to play fair gameplay and create a healthy game community. The two companies will continue to make efforts to provide safe and significant experiences from this study.