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In search of a best friend, TOKYO STORIES -WORKING TITLE- an emotional dot picture ADV experience repo to a pixel -like town where people disappear and are illuminated by ephemeral light

From August 7 to August 8, 2022, from the Japan’s largest indie game event Bitsummit X-Roads, which became a great success, pick up the works that the writer was worried about and played out. I will deliver.

The venue was pixel art, that is, many indie games using graphics with dot paintings, but in this paper, TOKYO STORIES-WORKING TITLE-, which attracted attention in an unusual look, played in the prototype version. We will send you a report.

The stage is Tokyo. The protagonist explore the city drawn in a fantastic atmosphere, looking for her best friend who has disappeared. This time, with the prototype version, this time, a very short volume of a few minutes to see your best friend on a walk around the city, the atmosphere of the game is fully conveyed from music and graphics.

In fact, this TOKYO STORIES-WORKING TITLE- uses an expression that shows 3DCG in pixel art, and the character moves very smoothly, contrary to the nostalgic appearance, and the shadow moves naturally with the light source. It was a mysterious feeling.

The camera work is a specification that automatically switches by the character movement, and the beauty and fantastic atmosphere of the pixel art-like background and the fantastic atmosphere are prominent by using different views and distant views depending on the scene.

At the venue, we were able to talk to the developers about this work, but it was also said that we want to make pixel art games. At this time, the visual surface seems to be high, but he was more motivated to improve the brushing up, saying, When the character walks sideways, I am thinking about the realism of walking sideways.

The theme of the game of a friend’s disappearance feels somewhat dark, but not just horror or mystery, Why did you have a friend or something wrong? It’s a story that goes.

It is expected that it will take some time for the whole game to be revealed, but this work has already attracted a lot of attention in the Bitsummit X-Roads venue. If you are worried about the atmosphere that feels nostalgic and ephemeral, and the unique graphics of pixel art, please pay attention to the follow-up.

The editorial department also interviewed Doricom, who will challenge indie games in this work, and an interview with the developer who worked on PS3 Rain at the former SCE. We will deliver that situation later.


Nintendo finally recognizes same -sex marriage

Although Japan is a country that still has a long way to go when we talk about laws in favor of the LGBTQ+community, it was recently announced that Nintendo has taken a step in favor of this group. Through an update to the Corporate Social Responsibility Information Document, It has been revealed that the Great N supports same-sex marriage.

Although this update to its legal document appeared last year, it was not until a few days ago that this modification was announced. Notoriously, Japan is a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage . Instead, each of the nation’s prefectures have their own laws in this regard.

Not long ago, Tokyo became the ninth prefecture to adopt legislation that recognizes same-sex couples, although that does not offer the same rights and protections as a legal marriage. Here is where Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility information comes into play, since does everything possible to work in the limits of this legislation , and support the most that can be the same-sex couples. This is what is said about it:

In Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we want to create a work environment that supports and enables each and every one of our unique employees.

We present the association system in March 2021 as an initiative based on this philosophy. Although currently same-sex marriages are not recognized by Japanese law, this system guarantees that employees who form a de facto couple with a same-sex couple have the same benefits as employees in a marriage between people of the opposite sex. We have also established that the marriage of fact between pairs will be observed in the same way as legal marriage.

In addition to introducing the association system, we review our internal norms on harassment to clearly prohibit discriminatory comments based on sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as reveal someone’s private sexual orientation against her will.

Together with the introduction of the association system in Japan, we notify our employees on the issue of gender diversity with a message from our president as a way of raising awareness about what diversity means. In this message, the president asked all employees to adopt a renewed understanding that even discourse and actions, which do not intend to damage, can cause significant emotional pain, asking for understanding and support to create an environment in the that everyone can work comfortably.


By improving our company’s systems and training, we will continue our work to create an environment in which each of our various employees can fully develop their talents.

In this way, although the government of Japan does not recognize it, same-sex marriages in Nintendo will receive the pampering that any other couple has. Transgender people must also be sterilized surgically according to Japanese law if they want the legal recognition of their gender identity, but Nintendo’s message, on the other hand, promotes gender diversity.

Without a doubt, A great point in favor of the LGBTQ+community, which we hope is replicated in more places throughout Japan . In related issues, Nintendo buys an audiovisual production study.

Editor’s note:

These are very good news. Although it is true that there are several sections within Nintendo and the community of Japan that can be controversial, it is good to see that the LGBTQ+ community already has a better representation and care by the Great N.


The English translation of Aconcagua, one of the last PSX first parties, is now available

Aconcagua was one of the last big blockbusters to come out on the first PlayStation. Developed by Sony itself, the game was published in June 2000, a few months after the launch of the PlayStation 2 in Japan and about to launch its successor worldwide. It was never published outside of Japan.

Today an unofficial translation has been released that brings the game to English, which tells the story of the survivors of a plane that crashes on top of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in Argentina. Hilltop, which recently also translated Racing Lagoon, Square Enix’s eccentric car RPG; can be found on his Patreon.

The game stands out for its cinematographic ambitions: the story of Kato, your avatar, and his descent down the mountain accompanying the activist Pachamama, is told without skimping on cinematic scenes, with up to 80 minutes of videos scattered throughout the game, an amount nothing negligible for the time. Playably, his approach to the catastrophic (an entire subgenre, perhaps not the most prestigious but one that remains active to this day, with Disaster Report as a great veteran) ends up being closer to the traditional graphic adventure, with a little more presence of action scenes.

If something defines Aconcagua, it is precisely the ambitions of all kinds: technically it is more than remarkable, especially with a new console already on the market, and voices were even recorded in English and Spanish, and although in the end it did not reach going out of Japan it seems that there were plans to release it. Hence, in the video above these lines, the patch launch trailer, there is so much dubbing; that part of the work was already done.

Although games continued to come out for the first PlayStation until 2004, Aconcagua was one of the last big first party productions that Sony worked on. It’s not the company’s most well-known project, of course, but surely a translation of this kind can help this interesting piece of PSX history reach more people.


Web novel and webtoon I only level up alone produced by Japanese animation

Webtoon IP, a webtoon IP, which has recorded 14.2 billion views worldwide, is produced in Japan as an animation in Japan. At the same time, the teaser image and promotional video were also released on the 4th.

Nahon Rep is a web novel written by Chun Gong in 2016 and has gained great popularity with solid storytelling. Since then, Kakao Entertainment’s Noble Comics Project, which is a webtoon of popular webtoons in 2018, has been introduced as a webtoon and accelerated.


This animation is a project that ‘Nahon Leb’ global fans have been eager. Animation production is A-1 Pictures, who hit the name of the Sword Art Online, the Seven Deads, and the name of the flowers that I saw that day, We are not only me '' and April is your lies. ” It will be released in 2023.

Meanwhile, on the 4th, ‘Nahon Level’ anime teaser image and promotional video were also released. The teaser image shows Sung Jin-woo in the animation, and the promotional video includes the signature scene of the webtoon and the introduction of major crews.

Chun Gong, who wrote the original web novel, said, If you told me that this novel would be a cartoon by the time you were hitting some of the introductions of ‘Nahonb’, I would not be funny. But now I am excited about the news that it is an animation following the cartoon. Seong Jin-woo and his friends are waiting for the day they live.


Domestic survival horror BRUTAL JAPAN

On June 11, domestic developer 838S Maniacs has officially announced survival horror Brutal Japan | Bizarre Japan . The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and early access distribution is scheduled on June 25.

BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan is a survival horror set in modern Japan. It will be deployed in about 3 episodes of the episode selection type of omnibus, and only Episode 1 will be able to play at the time of early access distribution. The protagonist of Episode 1 is a company employee. He is in a poorly security area in Tokyo. One day, the protagonist locks his car on the way home from the company and is looking for it midnight. As he searches for the key, he suddenly feels the signs of people from the construction site at night. When he looks inside, he says that unexpected development is waiting.

It is said that ghosts and psychic people do not appear in this work. Players are likely to survive as a general Japanese, using various actions, such as attacking, escaping, hiding, and examining them. From the published trailers, there are scenes that hide themselves indoors and hide themselves from someone wandering outside. In addition, flashlights, shovels, umbrellas, beer bottles, etc. will appear as items, and it seems that they will proceed using familiar items. Automatic save is implemented in this work. It is easy to set easy, normal, and hardware, so even users who are not good at action games can easily play.

The play time is assumed to be about 10 to 30 minutes per episode. It is a multi-ending method that changes the ending depending on the behavior of the player, and there are three types of Episode 1 ending. In addition, the aspect ratio of 4: 3 is used as a characteristic of the graphic, and it has a VHS-style effect, creating an old-fashioned texture.

The reason for distributing this work early is to get feedback from users about the expression of the game and the game system. In particular, the expression in the work is that he wants to challenge the Gro Gore expression and sophisticated. It is said that the content warning of this work includes violence and bloodshed descriptions, and also includes the expression of animal abuse and dead bodies.

The development of BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan is the domestic developer 838S Maniacs. As a past work, in 2021, the survival horror Alice | Airi was released for Nintendo Switch. In 2022, a PC version was released for Steam. In BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan, it seems to aim for a more sophisticated survival horror work in early access distribution, taking into account these development experience.

BRUTAL JAPAN | Bizarre Japan is scheduled to be distributed early on the PC on June 25 at Steam.


Sony recruits Japanese retailers for the PS5 scalping prevention program

Image: Push the square

As you probably already know, the PlayStation 5 is not an easy-to-find console – and it’s about as true in Japan than here in the West. Naturally, Sony does everything he can to sell as many consoles of the current generation as possible – but because of the shortages of current chips and other persistent manufacturing problems (largely caused by the pandemic), he It will take time before Sony can not match consumer demand.

A new incentive could, however, help to appease the situation. As reported by Yahoo! A few weeks ago in Japan (sorry, we missed it!), Sony is currently working with retailers to fight the scalping of PS5 in Japan. A quick explanation in case: a “scalper” is a person who buys a limited stock to resell at a higher price – and the PS5 is a key target for scalpers since its launch in 2020.

Retailer BANS PS5 Sales To Scalpers After Chaos Breaks Out
Anyway, Sony provides the retailers of the official seals, which are applied to PS5 packaging. The idea is that when a PS5 is sold, the retailer breaks the seal so that the PS5 can be identified as sold and “open”. The seal itself is apparently difficult to remove, so a box psp that has been sold by scalpers should be easy to spot because of the seal or the damaged package that a withdrawal seal has left behind.

It is a bit difficult to know how far this incentive is going to Japan, but it looks like a fairly decent plan. Hope this has had some impact on the scalping market, and more PS5 find their way to regular customers.


Nintendos original headquarters is now the hotel – a fresh video will bring to the first presentation behind the scenes of the historic building

Nintendo’s original headquarters with Muine buildings in Japan’s Kyoto is nowadays hotel. A fresh video will be interested in exploring the new use of a historic building before starting its official use.

Round to the premises is successful with the Video downloaded for the Paolo Fometyo channel. The moving picture shows the premises of the accommodation from stays of accommodation in public areas and outdoor pools.

“Nintendo is one of today’s largest video game companies, but you may not know that it all started from the company that made playing cards in 1889 here in Kagiyacho Kyoto and based on Fusajiro Yamauchi ,” says video description. “And this building was the first office of Nintendo’s headquarters, which was in full operation until 1959, when Nintendo finally grew out of the office and moved to a larger state.”

Nintendo Headquarters Hotel in Japan - World's First Look Inside
The hotel consists of four buildings, one of which is completely new. Recycling has elapsed the former Nintendo office space, a warehouse building used by the gambler and the company’s former leader family. Facilities have been uninhabited to these days until it is now opened for accommodation. The name of Marufukuro comes from one of Nintendo’s corporate name.

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Speculation on Knack 3 grows after the new registered trademark of PlayStation

It seems that PlayStation could be working on Ability 3 if a new trademark is something to happen. When PlayStation 4 was launched for the first time in 2013, one of the titles that were launched along with the platform was that of maña, which was a new action franchise and Sony platforms. In 2017, a sequel entitled Afability 2 ended up arising, but since then, PlayStation has not announced any new Knack project. However, it seems that the launch of a new trademark registered in Japan could be causing the return of the character soon.

Discovered by Gematsusony presented a new trademark for Knack earlier this month on March 17. The trademark itself did not refer to anything related Ability 3 or a possible sequel to another name, but the time of this movement is quite curious, especially since numerous rumors of PlayStation run unbridled at this time.

In a general sense, it is difficult to know what to do with this registered trademark. Often, companies will have to re-present trademarks as it is from time to time if they want to preserve the rights of a given name. As such, this presentation could have been done as a way that Sony continues to ensure that it has the name Knack.

In addition, Ahbility 3 does not make much sense that happens at this time because the developer of the series, Japan Studio, greatly reduced its size last year. In fact, Japan Studio ended up merging with Team Asobi in 2021, which is the developer behind the Astro Bot series. In the future, it has been said that Japan Studio is being focused to a large extent on the Astro Bot franchise, which means that other properties like Knack have been archived in the company. Even so, if Ahbility 3 would happen, it is always possible that Sony could have assigned the project to work in another study.

The Fans Who Refuse to Let PlayStation Home Die | IGN Inside Stories

Would you be excited if AlAbility 3 Is it something in what PlayStation is really working on? Or would you prefer that this franchise will continue in the past? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate on Twitter in @ mooreman12.


The special one hour of Pokemon premieres trailer

On April 1, the 25th anniversary of the anime of Pokémon will be held in Japan. This is, it was in 1997 when this adaptation of the beloved game of Game Boy arrived on television in this country. In this way, In a matter of a few days a special one hour will be released, which has released a new trailer.

This special one hour will be made up of episode 103 and 104 of pokémon journeys, the most recent anime in this series. Here we can see Ash face Drassa, the Elite Four of Kalos.

The one hour of pokémon journeys will premiere on April 1, 2022 . Considering that this is an important event for the anime, there is a possibility that we see some surprises in the chapter. However, considering the events that are being carried out, it is likely that this is not the case.

Pokémon Journeys One Hour Special Preview | Clemont & Bonnie Return, Ash vs Drasna!
On related topics, we already know when and where the Pokémon World Championship 2022 will be held. In the same way, pokémon legends: Arceus has received a new update.


Papato Turbig Smartphone Game App “Daga of Different World”! New UR Character “Mother Goose” appeared! Great Court Roulette Event! Gem purchase event is also!

Infraware Japan, who is working with mobile games for smartphones, Infraware Japan, Inc. I told.

Infraware Japan, who is working with mobile games for smartphones, Infraware Japan, “I became dad if it was blown away by different worlds, but Impapa Knights Story- (iPhone and Android Support / Free).

Along with this, maintenance will be performed at the following date.

# Maintenance date and time

March 11 10:30 to 12:30 (2 hours 00 minutes)

※ The end time may be back and forth.
※ You can not play the game during maintenance.
※ There is no need for update.

Appeared of Mother Goose of the new character!
Furthermore, in commemoration of the appearance of Mother Goose, pickup gacha will be held!
In addition, we will also hold an Instant Win-campaign with an AMAZON gift certificate up to 100 people in a new TWitter from this time, and new character additional commemorative quiz events.

Very popular event roulette events and advantageous gem purchases & charge events are also held!

# New Character Mother Goose Add

Mother goose
UR / fantasy / wizard
CV: Yoshigami
Writer: RYOTA

(Titles omitted)

# Mother Goose Additional Commemorative Pickup Gacha


March 11 (after maintenance) -1 April 14th


Mother Goose is much more probable than normal!
Please check the pickup page for details!

# Mother Goose Introduction Video Twitter Scratch Event


March 8-March 11th 09:59
※ Event start time is scheduled for 12 o’clock every day during the event period

# # Event contents

After RT the applicable Tweet of Twitter, scratch from the banner in the game!
AMAZON gift certificate will be presented up to 5000 yen for 100 people!

Application method

After RT the applicable tweet, move from the banner in the game to the scratch page.
Scratch on the scratch page and check the results.

please note

This event varies tweets and scratch pages every day.
Please check after confirmation.

# Mother Goose Additional Memorial Official Twitter Event


March 9-March 10 23:59
※ Event start time is scheduled for 13:00 on March 9

# # Event contents

If you reply the answer to “What is your hand?”, I will give an Amazon Gift Certificate to 5 people by lottery from among the correct answers!

Application method

RT the applicable tweets and reply
Also, as a double chance, the corresponding event tweet exceeds 1000RT and a gift in-game item 200 gems will be presented to all users!

# Alf roulette event is held!


March 11 (after maintenance) -3 months 20 23:59

# # Event contents

If you turn roulette using Alf coin, get item!
You can also get “Random Card” and Choicebooks used by album content. I can only get here here, so please try it!

Alf coin acquisition method

· Three paid posters daily
· Purchase a limited time pack
· Exchange using gem

# # Item contents

· UR spirits summoning ticket (illusion) 1 sheet
· 1 sheet (civilization) 1 sheet
· UR spirits summoning ticket (Nature) 1 sheet
· One choice of rabbit 1 piece
· 1 list of luxury spirits summoned tickets
· Premium ticket 5 sheets
· 30 leaves of World Tree
· Adventure tickets (5 hours) 5 pieces
-1 class A class Ericser 14
· 55 creation of creation
· One random card of rabbit
· 60 raw stones 60 pieces
· Silver key 20 pieces
· 50 B class Ericuser 50 pieces
· Gold 50,000 sheets

※ This event is not an event that can be acquired
※ Please note that the contents of the event may change without notice
※ Rabbit Choice Book and Random Card are items that can only be used with “Nightmare and Rabbit” puzzles in the album.

# # Alf roulette mileage reward

25 points: C-grade strengthened stone 200 pieces / random number of random cards
50 points: 30 refined stone / random card of rabbit 3 sheets
75 points: B-grade strengthened stone 50 pieces / random card 4 sheets
100 points: S-class Ericser 50 pieces / rabbit choice 1 piece
125 points: Creative Kakera 500 pieces / Rabbit Choice 2 Pieces
150 points: 30 premium tickets / rabbit choice 3 pieces
175 points: 5 luxury spirit summoning tickets / 4 choice workbooks for rabbits
200 points: UR spirits summoned ticket 2 sheets / rabbit choice 5 pieces

please note

· After receiving the last mileage reward, the mileage is not initialized.
· Please be careful in advance because roulette mileage is initialized for each event.
· Mileage rewards are different for each event, so please check the game for details.

# Gem Purchase & Charge Event Event event!


March 11 (after maintenance) -3 months 13 23:59

# # Event contents

Buy Gem and get additional item manuals.
A chance to get a manual that can only be acquired by your help!
In addition, gem charge events are also held simultaneously!
During the period, if you charge a certain gem, get an item added!


· “Limited time” Mother Goose Summon Challenge Pack Sales
· “Limited time” feather grass pack sale
※ Limited time package can be checked from the shop “Special” in the game.
※ Please check the sales schedule of limited time package in the game

# “I became a dad if I was blown away from another world ~ Civine Knights Story ~” Product Information

“I became dad if I was blown away from another world ~” iOS version support OS: iPhone 6s or higher (iOS 9.0 or higher) Delivery: June 3, 2021 Price: Basic Play Free (item charge system) ▼ App Store “I became dad if it was blown away from another world ~” Congle Knight Story ~ “Android Version Supported OS: Android 4.2 or higher Terminal Delivery: June 3rd Price: Basic Play Free (item charge system) ▼ Google Play Store


※ Images are developing. If it is different from the actual delivery content, it takes precedence over the contents being delivered.
※ Apple, Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries. App Store is an Apple Inc. Mark.
※ Google Play and Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

# Official Channel

● Twitter: https: //
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