The body has begun to seek a struggle …! Armored Core 4 will be released Supris released

Kotobukiya has released a new product Armored Core Denote Model Ray Lenard 03-AALIYAH Surprise at the All Japan Model Hobby Show on October 1.

The popular aircraft Ray Lenard 03-AALIYAH Surprise (commonly known as Surprise) has appeared as the ultimate alloy specification and finished full action figure from the high-speed mechanism game Armored Core 4, which is still loved.

This product will be released as the first new brand Denote Model announced. With a matte texture, the exterior paint by detailed color adjustment and the adoption of alloys in each part of the joints can experience the reality and weight reminiscent of a real combat weapon.

In addition, the gimmicks from the company’s original interpretation are also adopted in each part. It is a high-end model equipped with a big scale with a total height of about 300 mm and a specialty gimmick.


The price and release time are undecided, and reservations are scheduled to start soon.

The decoration model series will be developed in various characters in the future. Please look forward to the new high-end series of Kotobukiya, which is a material, gimmick, and arrangement that matches the character.

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