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10 things to do first at God of War Ragnarok

The next chapter of the history of Rates and Women is available on PS4 and PS5 in the form of God of War Ragnarök. While we already know that we will face Odin and Thor, there is a long way to go before reaching that point. Here, we will guide it through the 5 things to do first at God of War Ragnarök to prepare for an epic adventure.

Choose your graphics mode and complete other varied configurations

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The first time that God of War Ragnarök starts, even before arriving at the main menu, he meets a lot of different configurations to adjust their preferences. These include things like Puzzle Timing, which can be extended to give more time to achieve certain objectives for the puzzles. In addition, many accessibility options that Sony Santa Monica Studios has affected affectionately in the game.

It is possible that some of these do not interest him, but he will definitely want to consult the option of graphics if he is playing in PS5 or PS4 PRO. This allows you To Promote resolution by reducing frame speed to 30 fps.

Depending on your own personal preferences, continue and change this mode of graphics. We opt for performance, since, even with success in visual fidelity and resolution, Ragnarök looks absolutely impressive. The increase at 60 fps also makes the action soft as butter and makes the experience more cinematographic and less discordant with the game that changes without problems between the game and the scene.

Look at God of War

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Now that he has sailed all configurations, he has reached the main menu screen. Before you get ahead and immerse yourself in a new game, we recommend that you see the God of War summary conveniently located at the top of this menu.

It only lasts one or two minutes, but it reminds you very well the main rhythms of the history of the 2018 title that is worth knowing before starting to play Ragnarök. Again, it only lasts a couple of minutes, but it is worth doing it if you have not played the first game since it was launched more than four years ago.

You can also see it again when you want from the main menu in case you need another review once you start playing history and cannot remember why Freya is so angry with Rates, for example.

Select your difficulty level

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Ordered settings and summary seen, now everything is ready to start the game. Now you are given the decision to at what level of difficulty you want to play.

The good news is that, in addition to the difficulty configuration Give Me God of War, you can change among the other difficulty options at any time. Give Me God of War can only be chosen at the beginning of a new game, and you cannot change it from another difficulty configuration once you start the game.

Even better, Sony Santa Monica Studios chose not to include a difficulty trophy in the Ragnarök trophy list, so you will not have to worry about playing in a specific difficulty if you are looking for that platinum trophy. You could play the whole game in the difficulty Give Me Story and still get that coveted end ornament.


Play the Missions of Initial History

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God of War Ragnarök is not an open world title, in reality, so during the first hours, you will be channeled from one place to another on fairly linear roads while you get up to date with Rates and Women, learning how they have changed during the three Years from the first game events, and re-familiarize themselves with combat and tour controls.

Nor are there a lot of distractions during this time, so you can also concentrate on playing the missions in history until you can finally explore freely. Any secondary or collectible mission that you do not get in your game in history can also be eliminated in the subsequent game, so do not worry about being out of this forever.

Family with the stops

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The missions of the initial history are the best time to get used to stop mechanics. It works just as in most other action games, which requires that you are necessary with the synchronization of L1 just when an enemy’s attack is about to hit you, to stop it, filling your enemy’s stunning meter a little and opening it for a burst of attacks.

It is an optional mechanics, in reality, but being able to stop attacks with confidence when the combat becomes really chaotic later will save you a lot of stress. However, it can take a little time to dominate the stop, due to the fact that when the yellow ring appears around the enemy to indicate that the attack can be stopped, it is not when you really press the button. It is half a second more or less after this, just when the enemy’s attack is about to hit you. Too much l1 too much and you will miss it, receiving a lot of damage. Leave it too late and your destination will be the same.

Locate the key of the Malaya de Svartalfheim

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The first open area that will arrive is located in Svartalfheim in the form of Bounty Bay, and one of the first things you will see when you enter this area is a great watchtower. As is usually the case with interesting buildings and areas, of course it is closed, so you must find the key to the watchtower to find it.

We have already detailed where to find the two halves of the key of the surveillance tower, and although they will not necessarily get both parties immediately, it is worth going and investigating the surveillance tower, since half can be obtained next. The ceiling.

Explore Svartalfheim’s Bounty Bay

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The Watchtower is not the only thing of interest in Bounty Bay that you can explore by boat. Take your boat to any of the sandy coast around this area and find some hidden collectible objects or other optional activities to immerse yourself.

While it is possible that you still cannot reach all those annoying platforms that contain that brilliant element, it is worth taking note of these locations so that you can return to them when you have the capacity. There is also a good amount that you can-get from the beginning, so before continuing with your main search objective, be sure to thoroughly explore this area.

Plan your first skills updates

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There are also a lot of different skills and skills to unlock for the Leviathan Ax, Chaos Blades and Rates Women. While most of these are locked behind specific weapon level requirements, that does not mean that you cannot spend some time looking for ideal skills for your game style.

For us, we were great fans of the effectiveness of the control of crowds of chaos blades in combat, so we spent a lot of time making them even more lethal, unlocking additional combos to allow Rates to really take the pain to the nine kingdoms.

Regardless of what you decide, make sure you do not spend your precious XP on skills that you simply do not think you would use. Once you have a lot of XP towards the end of the game, you can always unlock them for the good of the finalist, but unless you need it to obtain it in order to get a skill you really want, your XP does not waste. We also have a practical guide for the best skills to get first for Women and Rates, in case you need some tips.

Do not worry too much about Corner’s chests and collectibles

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It may sound a bit strange that we are suggesting CUO do something in a list of things tofirst, but listen to us. You will see many chests and collectibles of Corner in your early hours. The first is particularly useful since they will contain Dunn Apples or Horns of Mead that will increase your maximum health and your anger respectively, but others can simply be sold to Book and Sindhi for more Hack silver.

If you go for the platinum trophy, you will need to collect all these and open those NOR NIR chests anyway, but for now, do not waste too much time stressing for them. If the answer is not immediately evident as to how you are supposed to open the chest or reach the collection object, keep moving. Many of these articles and chests require that you have skills that you will not unlock until later in the game, so it is better to return at this point and end what remains in each kingdom.

Site the beauty of the nine kingdoms

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Finally, God of War Ragnarök is an incredibly beautiful game, both in PS4 and PS5. The nine kingdoms come alive with the chilled of the animals in the trees, amazing boxes, small details such as the flora and fauna that blows the wind, the snow that reacts realistically to the movements of the characters and a magical world that simply He feels overflowing with life.

Sometimes, it is good to simply stop where you are and observe your environment. He appreciates all the little things that Sony Santa Monica Studios has invested in the kingdoms to give them life. While it is possible that the photography mode is not yet here, you can always take a particularly beautiful view screen to get out of trouble.

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