Music “Valkyria 4” Battlefield “THE MINSTREL BOY” that sounds across the war with the political struggle “The Minstrel Boy” [English pickled in the game # 90]

In the “ Valkyria 4 ” in the Battlefield, “The Minstrel Boy” was flowed through the staff roll separately from the subject song “Light Up My Life” of the Domestic Tie-up. This song is a poem for Ireland folk songs poetry, and is widely played widely about British army and US military as a song that makes a martyman such as military and police.

Especially those sang by the crashed Joe Stromer, which was adopted by the movie “Black Hawk Down”. This song is a war song, and it has duality that symbolizes the story of this work, said that it is a song for the battle.

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“The Artful Escape” What is a great uncle footprint? Read Liner Notes [English pickled in the game # 89]

“The Dilated Pupils” is “expanded eyes” and I do not understand well. As the eyes expand, that is, it shows an excitement condition, the universe will involve the universe into the vortex of excitement.

# Song with a battle rising or anti-war or two meaning

Ireland’s music is now popular, but it was difficult to play as a table as “Anti-England” until it enters the 20th century. Since Ireland, who believes in Catholic, is occupied by England in the 16th century, Irish culture and Catholic faith will be strictly repressed by anabolic policy.

In those listed in a target among them is “music”, as inflame rebellion by nationalist, 1 II Elizabeth prohibit the performance of the Irish harp, was executed the player. Subsequently, Chromewell, who played the regime to change the administration with the Kiyerty Revolution, repressing the church music and theater performances, which is “Auto-use art”, and Ireland also responded to that she and destroyed all harps and organs. “ Listen to music is quite political “, and the history of Ireland ethnic music will be lost here.

Then there will be a reconstruction exercise at the end of the 18th century after 150 years, but this was a part of the 1798-1803 “Ireland Rebellion”, and a patriel song “Irish Rebel Songs (Irish Rebrel Songs (Ireland Many struggle songs) were born. This genre is also included as the lyrics written towards a friend who warmed with a battle that Tomas Moore was killed by the deadline. Read the lyrics based on the background.

** The Minstrel-Boy To The War Is Gone,
In the ranks of Death You’ll Find HIM;
HIS Father’s Sword He has GIRDED ON,
AND HIS WILD HARP Slung Behind Him.

“Tho ‘All The World Betrays Thee,
ONE SWORD, AT LEAST, Thy Rights Shall Guard,
ONE FAITHFUL HARP Shall Praise Thee! “**

The boy of the song was scolded by the war
He will surely be in the dead party
Conduct his father’s sword
I bear the crude crude tall
“Poetry’s place!” Warrior shouts poet
“I’m going to betray the wolf around the world
This sword only protects the justice of the wolf
Let’s say this faithful wolf! “

** The Minstrel Fell! -But The Foeman’s Chain
The Harp He Lov’d Ne’er Spoke Again,
For He Tore its chords asunder;

AND He is SAID, “NO Chains Shall Sully Thee,
Thou Soul of Love and Bravery!
Thy Songs Were Made for the Pure and Free,
They shall never sound in slavery. **

Singing is captured-but even with an enemy chain
The proud soul could not follow
His loved rang does not ring twice
Because his strings have been cut by his hand
And he said
“What kind of curse is not so dirty
The soul that filled with courage and charity!
The poetry of the wolf is for pure and freedom
Don’t resynche in slaves! “

There is also a history of the music mentioned above, Harp symbolizes Ireland, and the poet with harps can be interpreted as the people who aimed at Ireland independence. Even if you can take words and culture, the pride of the ethnicity is never eliminated, such content.

Ireland has been an independence of the south in 1922, which caused an armed uprising and not perfect, but it has finally reached the 100th anniversary this year. After that, Irregand and conflicts with the area of ​​the northern part are remaining, and after the country is settled, the struggle by the armed organization has continued to date. Some people are involved as political songs in the United Kingdom, such as a period of time broadcasting for a series of struggle songs in connection with nationalism.

Meanwhile, in the United States, this “political” song changes the nature and strikes the character as a warning song. Many Irish people went to Shin-Land America to escape the repression from England. They often get a profession that is easy for the guards such as military and police officers, and adopt Ireland songs for military songs.

If the North-South War occurs in the slavery, “The Minstrel Boy” is the meaning of the Ireland independence, and it spreads to the United States as a military song of the North-South War.

Whenever, it is now possible to add the third lyrics that are not in the original of Thomas Moore. I think that the desire to finish the war quickly in the disastrous situation where the victim also includes 900,000 people in the United States.

The Minstrel Boy Will Return We Pray
When We Hear The News We All Will Cheer IT,
The Minstrel Boy Will Return One Day,
Torn perhaps in body, not in spirit.

In A World Such As Heaven Intended,
For all the bitterness of Man Must CEASE,
And Ev’ry Battle Must Be Ended.

Since it is not a formal lyrics, the third is not sang much, but in the Arrangement of “Battle Val 4”, the first after the first is the performance of the harp. Interpreting with the third lyrics, I think that it symbolizes peace after the end of the war.

The Northern Claros strategy that the Equestrian battle was fought, it was painful that left a lot of victims and “madness”. For example, even if the top of the country is playing stupid politics, each one of the soldiers who shoot in the field is not evil, but each person who has one who wants to protect each.

Rather, he should be careful as an attention person who rather the opponent and shout “evil” and “enemy” and voice height. It is also true that music is interveningly intervening like the isoping alleuthor “Surponer who became prisoner”.

Still, it is also the power of music to be able to make sure that you pray for peace beyond different positions. Even if you have to fight, I hope that the dead will be peaceful quickly. With that thought, “The Minstrel Boy” is sang and sang the military.

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