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Metabus Corporation Carrie Bus, 3.1 Billion Series A Investment

[Data provided: Carry Soft]

\ – Central Investment Partners and KJ I & Investment Partners Joint Participation, Carrie’s Future Growth Value Height Rating

\ – Carrie bus, game service and blockchain platform service will be more spur to develop

Content IP Company Carrie Soft and mid-line game Developer said that the Carrie Boss established as a joint venture in January 2022 was held in the establishment of W3.1bn in 2 months. This investment was leading the Central Investment Partners, and the KJ I & Investment Partners participated as a joint operator.

Caribus is a black chain metaverse professional startup, utilizing the IP of Caribb, and the technology based on MenteeSco’s technology based on Mentice Scotter, I am developing “Super Cola>.

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In addition, are preparing for a number of blocks of IP-based blocks, and we collect topics in that it serves as a block-based metabus based on “Carry” IP, which has secured 500 million viewers worldwide. there is.

Recently, Caribus has recruited people who have developed and served, developing and servicing block chains in netmarble, wemide, through aggressive recruitment activities. Through the Synergy of Existing Mentee Scotch, the synergy of new talent, the game service (publishing) is a block of the tropics, including the game service (publishing), It was reported to have received a high assessment.

Carrievous plans to start this investment, and it plans to attract funds of W10bn through the series A investment.

The Central Investment Partners and KJ I & Investment Partners, who participated in this investment, is a venture investment company that tracts the growth of innovative companies, and has been invested in the craftone of the “Battleground” before.

Carriobus’ Yoon Jung-hyun’s representative is “a successful investment to attract the successful investment,” I will continue to work more aggressively by adopting core developers, and I will grow “NFT to NFT in the third quarter of this year,” “He said.