Is the graphics card crisis past soon? Intel awakens hopes of the PC

It’s high time that the hardware crisis finds your end. Especially PC players suffer from the current situation, as the prices for graphics cards are through the ceiling. But maybe Intel can put an end soon. Because the Group wants to supply PC players with millions of graphics cards every year.

“Million ARC graphics cards every year” – Intel’s ambitious GPU target

Currently the graphics card market is dominated by two companies: Nvidia and AMD. But the demand for new hardware is currently so great that the two corporations do not create the two corporations due to the chip crisis to serve them. The result: Extremely high graphics card prices.

But with a little luck that could change soon. Even Intel wants to get in the graphics card market and could provide for appropriate relief and thus lower prices – assuming the company manages to produce its upcoming ARC graphics cards in a large amount.

Raja Koduri, his sign Chef developer of Intel’s graphics card division, but seems to be convinced that Intel has grown this task, as a current tweet shows:

“@INTELGRAPHICS is hard to find a way to finding a goal – to bring millions of ARC gpus every year to the hands of PC players.”

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We know that about the new Intel graphics cards

Originally, one went on that the new Intel cards would go to the start in January 2022 – but nothing became. There is no official release date so far, but on the Intel website is still specified, that the ARC graphics cards should appear in the first quarter of 2022 (Source: Intel).

Whether Intel can realize his plans and manages to make this large amount of GPUs and distribute to PC players, however, remains to be seen. Although Intel sets a 6nm manufacturing process in its desktop graphics cards, which may open new production capacities in contrast to the competition – whether it is sufficient alone, no one can say at the moment.


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Robert Kohlick

We press the thumb up that the start of the Intel graphics cards will make for some movement on the market and triggers a veritable price slide. But we believe that only if we can really see it at the price.