The best nature of the roaring moon in scarlet and purple Pokemon


All Pokémon have natures that can help them be even stronger than before. Naturals that increase defense, speed, attack and more, play an essential role to help Pokémon achieve its maximum potential. Some Pokémon, such as Paradox Pokémon Roaring Moon, can become as strong as a legendary Pokémon with the right nature. So today, we are going to discuss the best nature for Roaring Moon in Pokémon Scarlet & Purpura.

What is the best nature for Roaring Moon?

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Like its normal form, Roaring Moon is a first-class offensive Pokemon, only surpassed by legendary Pokémon. However, with the right nature, this Pokémon can even overcome them. There are two routes that you can choose in terms of an adequate nature for it. The first option would be to increase its already overwhelming attack statistics of 139 even more with an attack reinforcement nature. Or, it could increase its speed 119 to new heights with a speed nature.

However, our recommendation would be to opt for speed, since your attack does not need to go higher than it is. Therefore, the best speed nature you should look for in Roaring Moon is Jolly, since its speed will increase while its special attack will fall, which will not be necessary for this situation. This will allow you to gain fights that you normally could not with a lower speed statistic, pushing it even more to the limit of the legendary Pokémon state.

What is the best set of movements for Roaring Moon?

Now that we know the correct nature, it is time to discuss the set of movements to turn this beast into a single man’s army. The best set of movements for Roaring Moon is as follows:

  • Dragon dancing
  • Dragon claw
  • Slash night
  • Iron head

Dragon Dance will increase the attack and the speed of Roaring Moon on a level, and if you can eliminate at least two of these, essentially nothing in the game can defeat it at that point. Dragon Claw and Night Slash work well with Dragon and Dark-Typing, while Iron Head is destined for those annoying Pokémon Had, who represent the greatest threat to him. With this set of movements, Roaring Moon can become a single man’s army and defeat all who oppose him easily.

That is all you need to know about the best nature for Roaring Moon in Pokémon Scarlet Purple. Be sure to consult some of our most recent guides, such as where to get Ice Punch TM or how to catch Saladin.

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