What Will The Next Game From Naughty Dog Be?

The development team behind the iconic PlayStation franchise, Naughty Dog, has been teasing their next game for quite some time now. And as of now, nothing is official about what project they are working on. That being said, there have been many speculations by fans about what their next move might be.

At the very least this is what the Twitter customer Viewer anon, that has looked like a dependable source in the past.
To name a few points, he leaked details about Accident Bandicoot 4, yet likewise the television collection by The Last people beforehand.

Currently, he intends to have heard that Naughty Dogs Creative Director and also Co-President Neil Luckmann The Last people Part 3 will certainly be the next game.

Where is the journey of programmer Naughty Canine going?
Evidently back to The Last of the United States, due to the fact that according to existing reports, the studio is currently functioning on The Last of Us Component 3.

The Last of Us Component 3: supposedly in production

In the meantime, the choice was made inside at Naughty Pet.
According to the present statements by Viewer anon, the following game by Neil Luckmann The Last people Component 3, which results from be in production at the programmer workshop.

In the also near future, the activity journey will really exist if it really exists yet do not show up.
In another tweet, Viewer anon discusses that the multiplayer spin-off The Last people: Factions will certainly initially appear.
He does not have any kind of info concerning the new IP, where Naughty Pet dog ought to likewise work.
The Uncharted collection, on the various other hand, proceeds with one more studio.

In April 2021, Luckmann disclosed that a follower to The Last of United States Component 2 was possible. During that time, he said that with each other with his co-author Halley Gross, he had currently created a harsh tale structure, yet still a follow-up
would certainly not remain in production-and it is uncertain whether this will certainly ever hold true.


the series starts in January

Whether the information from Viewer anon is right can simply not be responded to.
When it comes to the following large jobs in the workshop, rowdy Canine himself is quite quiet.
Besides, there need to be described details about The Last people: Factions, which was when planned as a multiplayer setting for The Last people Component 2.

The following job by Neil Luckmann itself is the HBO series for The Last of the United States.
Along With Craig Main, the maker of the Chernobyl collection, he wrote on the script for serial implementation.
The initial season of The Last of Us begins in Germany on January 16, 2023.