Itaewon Halloween Festival, Strengthening of defense was different from last year

The Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (Middle Script), which is collecting Taejon accidents, said that the situation at the Halloween festival in Tongan Taejon, Seoul, was different from the previous year, which strengthened Corona 19.

Kim Senghor, head of the disaster safety management division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, said, I think there is an impact of defense in the background of the crowds of crowds in the script briefing during the Taejon accident held at the Sejong Government Complex this morning. There is a little refreshment, and this year, it is different from last year’s situation last year, when it strengthened its defense in terms of defense management.

The day before, Lee Sang-min, the Minister of Public Administration and Security, said in an emergency briefing, saying, There was a situation where corona was now solved. It indirectly suggested that tension relaxation due to the easing of defense could affect the crowds.

However, at the time of the accident, the number of people in Taejon seems to be confused in the analysis of the script. The day before, Minister Lee Sang-min said, There were not so many people gathered so much that they were particularly concerned.

If so, even though it was foreseen that the crowd was initially crowded, it was questioned why the police did not control people.

In the meantime, Oh Seung-jin, the head of a violent crime investigation department at the National Police Agency, said, In the meantime, the police have been preparing for the police force centered on crime prevention and illegal crackdowns rather than on-site control. (Taejon accident) There is no unprecedented case, so I didn’t have guidance or manuals.

On the other hand, in relation to the transportation of emergency patients, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said, There is a disaster-level on-site clinic called MAT. I transferred the patient to the hospital.