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Hydreigon The best set of movements for PVP, Raids – Pokemon GO

Hydreigon)-Pokemon of dragon/dark type, evolution of Zveilus and Dino. Hydreigon has the maximum CP 3625 and boasts strong characteristics of attack, defense and health, which makes it an excellent choice for PVP, PVE and raid battles. Hydraigon can learn several different movements as a dragon and a dark type. Here are the best tricks for battles and raids.

The best fast attack for Hydreigon

Hydraigon can learn two different fast attacks: a bite and breathing in the dragon. Both quick attacks have the same characteristics: 14.4 DPS and 8 EPS. Since a bite is a dark move, it will be more effective against ghosts and psychotypes. If you use Hydreigon for general battles PVP or PVE, BITE is the best move.

The best charged attacking reception for Hydreigon

Hydreigon can learn Dark Pulsh, Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, and now, thanks to the Day of the Dino community, he can also learn cruel swings . The best charged attack for Hydreigon is certainly Brutal Swing. If you are lucky enough to catch Deino during the community day and develop it, you will have one of the best dark techniques in Pokémon Go. However, if you have not received this move, it can be available at the later day of the community expected in December.

If you do not have Brutal Swing, the next best reception will be Dragon Pulse. However, the presence of a quick attack of darkness and the loaded attack of the dragon can put you into a disadvantage in battles. Hydreigon can be an excellent Pokemon that you can fight if it has the right movements, so make sure that you have Deino sweets in case you have a chance to develop it to get Brutal Swing.


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