“Professional Baseball Pride” is 10th Anniversary! A luxurious campaign is being held from April 6 (Wed)!

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“Professional Baseball Pride” is a professional baseball card game that comes with an 12-Ball-to-600 real-name professional baseball player, an approval of the General Incorporated Baseball Organization (NPB) approval.

We have a lot of years, such as 3D batting actions that can feel exhilarating, a regular event of incandescent, and an element that can feel the best part of the baseball, such as a long and hot, and hot and hot.

Supported by the players who played from usual, the heat of the opening of the new season also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Wednesday, April 6, 2022. We will carry out various events and campaigns that enliven the 10th anniversary to commemorate that.

# [“Professional Baseball Pride” 10th Anniversary Memorial Campaign]

We celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Professional Baseball Pride” and carry out luxurious campaign events.
Please check the details or in the game.

[Holding period] April 6, 2012 (Wed) -Pebruary 28 (Thursday)

# 1st: 10th Anniversary Acupuncture players appear!

A total of 84 10th anniversary medal bonus cards with medal bonus effects will appear. The 10th anniversary of the special logo design commemorating the 10th anniversary is scheduled for delivery over seven times.

These players have a special effect exclusively for the 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary medals that can be acquired by penundo. Get a 10th anniversary active player who can only earn at this opportunity and get luxury rewards.

Second edition: Limited time Anniversary Medal Exchange Appears!

[Holding period] April 6, 2002 (Wednesday) 12: 00-2022 A 1 week after Season.2 start

An anniversary medal exchange where you can exchange with luxury items for a limited time will appear. It is possible to collect 10th anniversary medals that can be acquired in events and pennants during the period, and can not usually replace it with luxurious items.

Furthermore, as a 10th anniversary of the 10th anniversary, “10th Anniversary Majestic Rare Fixed Select VIP Ticket” (Complete Treatable) will appear in Season.1 Limited. A player who has been active in 2012, “Professional Baseball Pride” has become a chance to get in the 10th anniversary special design.

· 10th Anniversary Memorial Majestic Rare Fix Select VIP Ticket (Complete Training)
· Majestic Confirmed BB Gold Gacha Ticket (No Training)
· 【】
· Subavi-Magazine [☆ 12]

# 3rd: BB Gold Lost Campaign is held!

[Holding period] Wednesday, April 6, 2022 (Wednesday) 12: 00-April 13 (Wed) 14:59

We will carry out advantageous BB Gold increase campaign to commemorate the 10th anniversary. It is a great deal with the increase of 1,700 BB gold.

4 4th: Aim for luxury rewards! 10th anniversary period limited special challenge!

[Holding period] April 6, 2012 (Wed) 12: 00-April 28 (Thu) 23:59

In the 10th anniversary of the period, a special challenge that can challenge challenges that are linked to the period being held during the period will be held.

Get a total of 100 challenges to be asked and get “BB Gold Gacha Ticket” (Complete Training).

5 5th: Various events that reward upgrades!

[Holding period]
· Grand Arch Winning to Win 2222 (Wed) 17: 00-April 10 (Sun) 23:29 Schedule
· Hypertrack out April 13, 2012 (Wed) 12: 00 to April 17 (Sun) 23:29 Schedule
· Connection! Dynamite Nine April 20, 2012 (Wed) 12: 00-April 24 (Sun) 23:29 Schedule

We will hold a grand arched, hypertrackout, and dynamite nine that rewards to commemorate the 10th anniversary.

“10th anniversary medals” which can be exchanged with items at the anniversary medal exchange office for achievement rewards will appear. Furthermore, the title for exclusive for this event is the title of the special design of the 10th anniversary.

# 6th: Recovery can Ace & Light appeared for a limited time!

[Holding period] Wednesday, April 6, 2022 (Wed) 12: 00-28 (Thu) 11:59

We will carry out a campaign that can be acquired by “Recovery Can Ace & Light” with a mate gacha. This time, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary, the emission probability is easier to draw more than two times the campaign implemented in an irregular period.

7th: “Professional Baseball Pride” 10th Anniversary! Luxurious login campaign is held!

[Holding period]
· 1st, April 6, 2022 (Wednesday) 18: 00-April 14 (Thu) 17:59
· 2nd installment April 14, 2022 (Thu) 18: 00-2 April 22 (Fri) 17:59

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of “Professional Baseball Pride”, we will carry out a total of 16 days luxury login campaign.

You can get the “10th Anniversary Medal” and “Extreme Rare Director Card” (Complete Training) that can be exchanged at the Anniversary Medal Exchange.

# 8th: Add special reward! Ranking Create Bonus Campaign Held!

[Holding period] April 6, 2012 (Wed) 12: 00-April 28 (Thu) 14:59

Ranking created rewards that can be held in the original league power up for a limited time.

In addition, in addition to the increase of “recovery can light” that can be acquired by reward, “10th anniversary medal” is obtained. Let’s work with members in the league and get a special reward.

※ If the event period is held before the event period, bonus rewards can be acquired if the end is during the event period.

※ Please note that even if the end of the event is held during the event, the bonus reward can not be acquired if the end is out of the period.

# 9th: Let’s earn a special design title! 10th Anniversary PBC is being held!

[Holding period] March 28, 2012 (Mon) 10:00 to April 17 (Sun) 10:59 schedule

Pride Baseball CUP, which can be acquired by special design titles of the 10th anniversary. This year’s tournament will be the title of a limited time design that commemorates the 10th anniversary.

※ We will be a special design of the 10th anniversary of the title of PBC held in the 2022 season.

10th edition: “Professional Baseball Pride” 10th Anniversary Special “Title” appeared!

[Holding period] April 6, 2012 (Wed) 12: 00-April 28 (Thu) 23:59

A new title has appeared in match-up. In addition, a new title has been added according to the number of designated combo and the total number of home runs in progress batting.

The achievement of the title acquisition is also powered up in response to the voices of everyone.

# 11th: Update for a limited time on the 10th anniversary screen!

[Holding period] April 6, 2012 (Wed) 12: 00-April 28 (Thu) 14:59

In order to boost the 10th anniversary celebration mood, you are publishing the match-up and menu design in a special version.

Match-up Menu with confetti and ribbons with confessions and ribbons are limited to the 10th anniversary.

※ If you have not changed even after the holding period, please try the application restart.

# More…! “Professional Baseball Pride”, which celebrates the 10th anniversary, further evolved!

Also after the 10th Anniversary Campaign, this year’s “professional baseball Pride” is still examining updates.

New events are also scheduled to be held in addition to the most popular event power up. Please pay attention to “Professional Baseball Pride” in the future.

# # 2022 summer

Grand Arch
· Hyperstrackout
Dynamite Nine

# # Curious of the fellow 2022

· New event will be implemented

[“Professional baseball priv” Basic information]

Player itself is the owner of the new team and making your own baseball team.

GET the player card while enjoying the game with a fully packed game such as 3D batting and rivals with high power.

Strengthen the collected player card and aim at the strongest team! Come on, download the “Professional Baseball Pride” and experience the fighth battle of the professional baseball 2022 season!

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