Hogwarts Legacy: Quidditch? Koop? Housing? FAQ answers many questions

Even if the “State of Play” event has answered some questions about Hogwarts Legacy last week, there are many more who still want to be answered. We were able to delete one of these questions on Friday from our list: In the new Hogwarts adventure there will be no microtransactions. But what about other areas such as online, coop, housing or quidditch?

German FAQ supplies answers

On the official website of the game, there is now an extensive FAQ in which a lot of topics are addressed.

F: What kind of game is hogwarts legacy ?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is a captivating open-world action roleplay that plays in the world of sorcery of the 19th century and puts players at the center.

F: Can players in hogwarts legacy choose their Hogwartshaus?
A: Players can choose their Hogwartshaus at the beginning of hogwarts Legacy.

F: Can players figure their character in hogwarts legacy themselves?
A: Players can design their witch or wizard in hogwarts legacy as they wish. You can customize your character at the beginning of the adventure. If you progress in the game, you can also develop your own fight style.

F: Will players develop in hogwarts legacy friendships?
A: Some students in Hogwarts will become friends. When players cultivate these friendships, these schoolmates can be companions that accompany the players in their travels, improve their skills and entrust their stories to players.

F: Will Harry Potter, Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley be seen in the game?
A: No, hogwarts Legacy plays in the 19th century, so in front of the stories of J. K. Rowling.

F: What are the dangerous threats in hogwarts legacy ?
A: The world of sorcery is full of dangers, including creatures that are influenced by a magical power, dark witches and wizards and a potential goblin uprising.

F: Can Hogwarts be explored in hogwarts legacy?
A: Yes. Players can explore a fully realized Hogwarts where they will visit the lessons and discover dungeons, secret paths and challenging puzzles.

F: Can you fly in hogwarts legacy on broom?
A: In hogwarts Legacy you can travel on broom and participate in paste races. Players can attend flight hours to master their flight arts with the broom (editorial note: As the Sport Quidditch is not mentioned here, we should not assume to play in Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch).

F: Can players ride in hogwarts legacy on magical animals?
A: Players can tame and ride some magical animals in hogwarts legacy.

F: Which type of lessons can participate in hogwarts legacy?
A: Players will visit lessons such as magic art, defense against the dark arts, herbalism and magic potions in which they meet their professors, learn spells, breed magical plants, brew magic plants, and more.

F: How are players rise in hogwarts legacy stages?
A: In addition to lessons and spells, players have access to a large collection of improvements, talents and skills that help with their progress as a witch or wizard. You can master challenges in the world to gather experience and improve your skills. Magical equipment can also be improved and specialized to increase offensive or defensive attributes in the chosen game style.

F: Can players connect in hogwarts legacy spells?
A: Players can define their fighting style in hogwarts legacy by connecting dozens to spells to become the ultimate duels.

F: What is the room of wishes?

A: The space of desires is an important secret of Hogwarts, which helps players adapt and improve their skills. Further details will be revealed later.

F: Hat hogwarts legacy online or co-op game?
A: hogwarts Legacy is a single player experience and has no online or co-op game.

F: Is it in hogwarts legacy purchases in the game or microtransactions?
A: hogwarts Legacy has no purchases in the game or microtransaktions.

F: Will Hogwarts legacy contain barrier-free functions?
A: hogwarts Legacy will contain barrier-free functions. Further details will be revealed later.

F: Will hogwarts legacy be kept to the stories of the world of sorcery?
A: Yes. Although hogwarts legacy is no direct adaptation of books and movies, the games are deeply rooted in the stories of the world of sorcery. Avalanche creates a unique gaming experience inspired by the world of sorcery of J. K. Rowling and encounter new and unexpected scenes, characters and elements of history.

F: Is Schloss Hogwarts the only scene in the game?
A: hogwarts Legacy leads the players out of Hogwarts to new and familiar places, including the forest forest and the village Hogsmeade.

F: What kind of games is developed under Portkey Games?
A: Portkey Games will enable developers to create a variety of new and immersive gaming experiences that were all inspired by the world of Sorcery of J. K. Rowling. These experiences were not written by J. K. Rowling and will not be direct adaptations of the books or movies. These games were created by game developers who have been fans themselves and inspired by the world of sorcery.

F: Are Games of Portkey Games developed with the consent of J. K. Rowling?

Hogwarts Legacy | State of Play | March 17, 2022 [ENGLISH]
A: Every EXPERIENCE OF PORTKEY GAMES will take place in the world of magic and stay faithful. J. K. Rowling supports Portkey Games and entrusted the design and game development to WB Games and the developers involved.

F: When is hogwarts legacy released?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is published in winter 2022.

F: On which platforms is hogwarts legacy be available?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is available for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

F: How does hogwarts legacy fits the world of sorcery of Harry Potter?
A: Although Portkey Games are not a direct adaptation of books and films, the games are deeply rooted in the stories of the world of sorcery. Game developer of Portkey found new terrain and stay faithful to the original work of J. K. Rowling by creating new ways on which fans can dip into the world of sorcery.

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Hogwarts legacy cooperative?

The experience of watching Hogwarts heritage makes you want to share it with friends. Although the developers were mainly silent about the experience, one post reveals the idea of ​​the plot regime.

In the post on the PlayStation Blog, Chandler Wood, the community manager in Avalanche Software, told more about Hogwarts heritage. The developer explained that in Hogwarts Legacy will not be a cooperative . It is described as “Single Role Playing Game with an open world,” and the “single game” meets twice.

It also explains that the story still concerns you, even when non-chairs are joined to your trip. Looking at the details disclosed about the character in the blog post, it becomes clear that the player is a celebrity, because he “survived” in a terrible event, and the developers do not want to derive it.

This does not mean that there will be no multiplayer functions. There may be some kind of quiddich or a duel server. The fact is that in the plot mode there will be no multiplayer mode, since they fully intend to make it a “role-playing game for one player.”

Hogwarts Legacy - State of Play Official Gameplay Reveal | PS5, PS4

To learn more about Hogwarts Heritage, including “Can you tame animals in Hogwarts” Hogwarts “?” And what kind of ghosts are in Hogwarts Heritage? Stay here in Pro Game Guides.


Hogwarts Legacy confirms very good news for Harry Potter fans

Almost two years after his revelation, and after two years of silence and media blackout, Legado de Hogwarts resurfaced today with a new release window and the first look at his game. The latter was not limited only to a new trailer, but to a fleshy immersion in the full game with lots, lots of edit images. And it is enough to have harry potter the fans were very excited, however, some concerns also arose. On the one hand, lip synchronization is not great. Meanwhile, some of the voice performances are not great either. These are minor problems that, to a certain extent, can be solved or at least improved. However, there was a major concern, and it was that the game was going to have microtransales. Why were there concerns about this? Well, in the new images, there are timers to make potions that require long waits, a lot of personalization and a single currency called “Lunar Stones”. If this sounds familiar, it is because it sounds like a cheat for microtransractions. Fortunately, there is none.

On Twitter, a community administrator in the game, Chandler Wood, confirmed that the team has seen the question arise after the disclosure of the aforementioned images. To this end, Wood has confirmed that there is no microtransractions in the game. Could this change after the launch? The wood does not say. A growing number of games without microtransractions has been released only to add them after the reviews have been published. That said, for now, there is no reason to wait Legado de Hogwarts to go on this road, especially as a game for a single player.

Next, you can see the Tweet for yourself:

NEW Harry Potter Gameplay ???? (Shocking Reveal) - State of Play Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay PS5
Although it remains to be seen if the Hogwarts_ will be up to the expectations that are slowly generating, Harry Potter fans can be calm knowing that microotransractions will not be interposed or spoiled.

_ Hogwarts_ is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. It is currently scheduled to launch at some point in this Christmas season, that is, between October and December.

«Legado de Hogwarts is an open-world immersive action role play set in the world introduced for the first time at the _Harry Potter_Books,” it is read at an official launch of the game. «Embark on a trip through family and new places while exploring and discover fantastic beasts, customize your character and create potions, you dominate the spell launch, improve your talents and make you the wizard you want». be. Experiment Hogwarts in the 19th century. Your character is a student who has the key to an ancient secret that threatens to destroy the magic world. Discover the feeling of living in Hogwarts while you do allies, struggles against dark magicians and finally decide the fate of the magical world. Your legacy is what you do about it. Live the unwritten ».