6VS6 FPS, not overwatch, Gundam

What if a variety of mobile suits fight for local occupation? The Gundam FPS, which makes up multiple team-based shooters, is newly released.

Bandai Namco Entertainment was released on the 10th team-based F2P 1 person shooter Gundam Evolution (Gundam Evolution) through SIE Showcase State of Play. The Gundam Evolution, which was announced in the first July last year, is characterized by a maximum of 12 player players at a battlefield with 6VS6.

On this day, Juki II announced the implementation of Daejeon beyond the gaseous performance that has been known through the player’s manipulation through the manipulation of the player by starting to destroy Gundam Baltarth. At the first person, Daejeon, which is unfolded, is done in a game mode that contains a strategic element for a team-based shooter.

The game’s Daejeon mode is a total of three Point Capture, Domination and Destruction.

Gundam Evolution!? A 6v6 FPS Gundam Shooter!?
Point Capture takes place in a game mode that gradually gets a base, and the attack team must occupy the area, and the defensive team must stop the attempt of these attack teams. After playing the attack and defense, the final point is the final point, and when the point is like a point, the win is determined by the overpressure.

Domination is also done in a way to take the goal area, but only one of the A, B, and C 3 base every time, and both teams should fight for this base occupation. The destruction that alternates with attacks and defense is the mode that must be installed or released the weapon installed in the target that exists in the map.

On the other hand, various gases emerging in the game implement a complementary weapon for their characteristics and release the colorful combat. RX-78, which is called First Gundam, is basically, the beam rifle, which is a shooter attack, is 7 foot at a time. Instead, you can earn a reload time with shielded shields and mistakes that can be defended. On the other hand, the Mobil Momer, the assimi murma, is able to convert it to the basic rifle armation of 21 feet.

As such, we must strategically utilize various gas combinations considering the battlefield according to a completely different characteristics. The currently released gas is 14 species, including Gundam, Jim, Jim Tank, Mitas, Gundam Balpartos, Turnie Gundam, Gundam, Gundam, Gundam,

Gundam Evolution will be released through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox ONE, Xbox Series X, etc., and proceeds to the spring network test.