How to unlock the drawing of the Vasilisk Magnat in Warzone 2 DMZ


In Call of Duty: War zone 2 DMZ there are several fractions missions that players can perform to get exclusive awards, such as weapons and skins of operators. The award for the last mission of the level of level 3 is the Tycoon weapon drawing for the Basilisk pistol.

How to unlock the No Rushing mission in COD DMZ

To access the last 3rd level of Legion, No Rushing, you first need to perform any five of the six available basic missions at this level. You can try the following:

  1. Fort Scout
    • Trip to the Fortress El Agra
    • Search 12 hiding places in the El Agra fortress.
  2. Kill 30 enemies in the El Agra fortress.
  3. The cache
    • Trip to the city of Asmara
    • Deliver 20 units of deadly equipment to the garbage baca-Towned in the alley of the Saran Hotel, north of the city post office of Asmara.
  4. Intel command
    • Get a safe Intel contract
    • Complete the Reliable Intelligence contract to find out the whereabouts of the enemy commander.
  5. Kill the commander (Juggernaut, Chemist or Boss Chopper)
  6. Luck
    • Open the room 302 on the top floor of the Sarah hotel.

  • Find and remove the gold. 50 GS from the room 302 to the Sarah hotel.
  • Tactical production
    • Extract 13 gas grenades
    • Remove 11 light-school grenades.
  • Remove 7 instant grenades.

how to unlock the drawing Tycoon Basilisk

As soon as five basic missions in the level of level 3 will be completed, you will unlock the main mission without haste, which sets you the task:

  • Kill 10 enemies on the Al-Malik terminal from the Skin Mg38 with a box-shaped store for 150 rounds and Sushi bipods.
  • Sunny three helicopters of reinforcements on the Al-Malik terminal from the Skin Mg38 with a box-shaped store for 150 rounds and Sushi bipods.

To use the Skin MG38 LMG with the indicated investments, you first need to unlock the gun and the necessary investments. If you have already unlocked, go to the equipment section and equip the Skin Mg38 to your insured slot 1. Now go to the gunsmith and install the following devices on the weapon:

  • Laser: FSS OLE-V laser
  • Optical: Flying 3.4x
  • Subtract: bipods
  • Ammunition: 7.62 incendiary
  • Magazine: 150 rounds box

The bipods under-barrels as well as the box store for 150 rounds are mandatory investments to complete the mission. The remaining three applications can be configured at your discretion. We recommend using 7.62 incendiary ammunition since it inflicts additional damage to vehicles and destroys them faster than ordinary bullets.

Now make sure that the No Rush mission is added to your list and go to the DMZ match. Go directly to al-Walid Airport if you haven’t appeared there yet. Destroy 10 enemies using the SKIN MG38 assembly to complete the first task. Then you will need to destroy three reinforcement helicopters in the same area. These helicopters appear in different places (shown by yellow points on the map above), and you may have to wait some time before you notice them. In addition, continue to shoot at the helicopter until it explodes, so that the progress is registered. Do it three times to unlock Tycoon Basilisk.

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