Pixel world

In search of a best friend, TOKYO STORIES -WORKING TITLE- an emotional dot picture ADV experience repo to a pixel -like town where people disappear and are illuminated by ephemeral light

From August 7 to August 8, 2022, from the Japan’s largest indie game event Bitsummit X-Roads, which became a great success, pick up the works that the writer was worried about and played out. I will deliver.

The venue was pixel art, that is, many indie games using graphics with dot paintings, but in this paper, TOKYO STORIES-WORKING TITLE-, which attracted attention in an unusual look, played in the prototype version. We will send you a report.

The stage is Tokyo. The protagonist explore the city drawn in a fantastic atmosphere, looking for her best friend who has disappeared. This time, with the prototype version, this time, a very short volume of a few minutes to see your best friend on a walk around the city, the atmosphere of the game is fully conveyed from music and graphics.

In fact, this TOKYO STORIES-WORKING TITLE- uses an expression that shows 3DCG in pixel art, and the character moves very smoothly, contrary to the nostalgic appearance, and the shadow moves naturally with the light source. It was a mysterious feeling.

The camera work is a specification that automatically switches by the character movement, and the beauty and fantastic atmosphere of the pixel art-like background and the fantastic atmosphere are prominent by using different views and distant views depending on the scene.

At the venue, we were able to talk to the developers about this work, but it was also said that we want to make pixel art games. At this time, the visual surface seems to be high, but he was more motivated to improve the brushing up, saying, When the character walks sideways, I am thinking about the realism of walking sideways.

The theme of the game of a friend’s disappearance feels somewhat dark, but not just horror or mystery, Why did you have a friend or something wrong? It’s a story that goes.

It is expected that it will take some time for the whole game to be revealed, but this work has already attracted a lot of attention in the Bitsummit X-Roads venue. If you are worried about the atmosphere that feels nostalgic and ephemeral, and the unique graphics of pixel art, please pay attention to the follow-up.

The editorial department also interviewed Doricom, who will challenge indie games in this work, and an interview with the developer who worked on PS3 Rain at the former SCE. We will deliver that situation later.