Rise of kingdoms

Three Kingdoms 2022, 500,000 applicants for advance reservations

Reality Cubed Game announced on the 4th that the number of pre-booking applicants for the mobile strategy simulation game ‘Three Kingdoms 2022’ has recently surpassed 500,000.

Reality cubes will expand the size of reward items to the next level. Even if you apply for advance reservations, 300 golden and hero selection boxes are paid, and in commemoration of achieving 500,000 preliminary reservation applicants, 300 golden, 10 golden weapons, 10 golden hourglasses A total of 50,000 won worth of rewards will be given.

In addition, various events are being held at the official game community café, and the company plans to present in-kind compensation such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, 50,000 won fuel voucher, and 10,000 won cultural gift certificate through a lottery for participating users.

This game features its own territorial war, the Golden Battle. Golden Castle can produce ‘Golden’, a symbol of huge wealth, and positionally, Korea-China, where the main hub of the Win Dynasty and ‘Jangan’, which was abundant, and the history of the Three Kingdoms history. A total of nine major strategic hubs, including Luoyang, will be produced as golden.

In addition, it is not a simple combat power competition, but a combination of famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms, a faithful implementation of the internal system that should be enriched in the jurisdiction of the user’s jurisdiction, and a diplomatic field that must work with users of adjacent countries. It is a game designed to win by solving it.

Meanwhile, more information related to the Three Kingdoms 2022 pre-booking, SNS sharing, various information related to goldenity, and TVC advertisement starring by actor Joo Sang-wook can be found through the official Cafe of the Three Kingdoms 2022.


Nintendo Switch Golden Week Sale Opening. Nintendo Game DL version is a rare opportunity to be saved, a large game of domestic manufacturers is cheap

From Nintendo e-shop, Golden Weeks for Nintendo Switch has started from April 25 today. Title to be sold today is a large game with a number of 45, and a large game is cheap around Nintendo title. In this paper, we pick up some from those titles. In addition, the selling period of the introduction title is the shortest and until May 8th. It should be noted that the sale period is different for each title.

First of all, let’s look at the Nintendo title. A three-eyed SRPG “Fire Emblem-style flower Snow Month” with a magnificent tragedy is 30% off 5374 yen. “Xenoblade Definitive Edition” where a great adventure is expanded on the stage of the large field, 4604 yen off by 30% off. “Xenoblade2” is also 30% off 6144 yen. A “Spratoon 2” also enjoyed the fierce Nawabari Battle is also 30% off 4604 yen. These titles will be released new works from summer to autumn. It would be nice to prepare for old work now. As a party game, “Super Mario Party” is 4604 yen of 30% off.

Next, let’s look at the third party large title. Devil RPG “Shin, Goddess Tense V” that draws a new Tokyo Nightmarate 6914 yen off by 30% off. The DL version is the first sale. As a series of works, “Shin, Goddess Tensei III NOCTURNE HD Remaster” is 40% off 3946 yen. As a work of Atlas, “Catherine Full Body for Nintendo Switch” is also subject to sale. It is 4606 yen of 40% off.

“Super Robot War 30” continues to develop DLC, 6622 yen off 30% off. “Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch! “38% off 4100 yen. The “Sakunahhime of the Early Chang” was further reduced by the sale. Buy 25% off 2458 yen. Happinet Country War Game “Brigander Dine Lunajia Senki” is 50% off 3960 yen. Dinosaur Sandbox Game “Pick Suke” is 60% off 2420 yen. Action with Rogue Like Elements Including Hakusura “Sakai Gaiden Katanakami” is 60% off 1751 yen. Higher rating Bizarre Adventure “AI: Somnium File” is 880 yen off 80% off. It is quite good deal.

There are also many works of Koei Tecmo Games. New Atelier Series Hit Working “Atrier of Risa” is half price 4290 yen. The sequel “Liza’s Atelier 2” is 5577 yen off 35% off. Remastered “Shernosae-Dedicated Poem-DX” “Arnosage-Born Poem-DX” Both is 3,190 yen. “Zero-Wet Non-donor ~” that remastered ghost horror is 20% off 4224 yen. The full version “Sengoku Musou 4 DX” of “Sengoku Musou 4” will be 40% off 3828 yen.

Splatoon 3 – Extended Turf War gameplay (Nintendo Switch)

At Nintendo e-shop, 825 games are subject to 825 games in total, at 10:50 on April 25th. It would be nice to try to travel to the sale page. From today, Seven-Eleven and Lawson have a limited-time campaign for Nintendo-Paid Cards (Related Articles).