MSI, 12th generation Intel i7 Core, Modern AM272 release

MSI Korea (CEO Public Book) has launched ‘MSI Modern AM272’, an integrated PC with the latest 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

The MSI Modern AM272, which features neat white colors and stylish designs, is an all-in-one PC with excellent space utilization and user convenience with IPS panels with 27-inch FHD (1920*1080) resolution, which are widely loved in homes and offices.

Equipped with Intel’s latest 12th generation Core i7 processor, MSI Modern AM272 adds 16GB memory and 512g M.2 SSD to show impressive performance with integrated PCs and improve efficiency in various working environments. In particular, it is also possible to use the Windows 11 operating system and purchase the product immediately after purchasing the product without a cumbersome preliminary preparation.

Webcams with physical covers enhance the convenience of remote education and online meetings and reduce user concerns about privacy. The HDMI in & OUT port can respond to a variety of user demands that can connect an external monitor or use an integrated PC as a monitor.

In addition, the built-in speaker USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port is supported, and the five-way navigator OSD button of the MSI gaming monitor is applied to provide a convenient OSD setting environment.

MSI, meanwhile, asked a lot of attention by delivering an event to present Baskin Robbins Single King Ice Cream by writing a photo review in an online shopping mall that purchased MSI Modern AM272.

Additional information on MSI integrated PCs can be found on the MSI Korea website, MSI Korea official Facebook or MSI Korea official Instagram.