Conan Exiles: evaluation of the island of Siptah

Probably much more crucial, the island of Siptah has lots of brand-new web content that it could almost be considered a suite rather than an expansion. Composed of numerous distinct biomes as well as on an earthly mass virtually as huge as the exiled land of the standard video game, the island of Siptah teems with points to do as well as see. Along with brand-new low and also high degree building and construction collections, there are brand-new pets to search, eliminate as well as accumulate more a lots new upper bodies, a wide variety of enemy camps to loot, servants to insist (as well as a brand-new system To record them), frameworks and a large major quest that guides the player to the center of the island with a mystical tower that causes a storm modifying the landscape and creating beasts for a number of mins each time.

It takes place on a considerable and also entirely separate map, it calls for the standard game Conan Exiles and a pack is readily available which includes both. Throughout its early access, the developers remembered of the rather unfavorable reaction of the community to the web content and also the technicians of the expansion and proceeded to make modifications resulting in the complete leave of the island of Siptah, so this final version is a beast extremely different from that in its initial in early gain access to.

It has actually been a lengthy time since I had played Conan Exiles frequently and also returning for the expansion, I kept in mind the staminas and weak points of the video game, which have actually not altered much on the island of Siptah. The early video gaming experience and also the craft system are easily accessible and also rationalized, as well as the game does well in stabilizing the challenge of survival with development. Once the game starts to open the gamer and also takes a look at his MMORPG side, the richness of the content comes to be actually noticeable. Even more than three years later, Conan Exiles still feel Janky and her battles and her movements are drifting and also simply a little offset. There are insects and graphic anomalies and also visually, the video game reveals its age.

In instance you have actually forgotten it or you do not realize that it was constantly alive, the MMORPG Conan Exiles of Funcom was (and also is always) a game of survival/crafts taking area in the legendary globe and Inspired by Frazetta de Conan Le Barbarie. Introduced in 2018, this ruthless survival game, concentrated on the celebration and mature was a loved one uniqueness for the time and also it promptly got notoriety for its definitely callous PVP gamers base, however additionally for its tools causing imagination, its adaptable approach to the video game. You could be stunned to find out that Conan Exiles has a basis of gamers of more than 7 million, and also has an average of 10s of thousands of players per day.

In spite of its online reputation as a tough PVP, Conan Exiles can be experienced in numerous various methods, including participating or strictly solo PVE and completely preventing battle with various other human players. Naturally, playing solo with Conan Exiles and particularly on Siptah Island is both an intimidating and possibly a little hollow exercise. A large part of what the video game needs to use is much more fun and even more available with at the very least a few various other players working and also dealing with each other.

For lots of, Conan Exile’s traits and faults are what makes the video game fun, and certainly, Island of Siptah offers old and also new players with numerous hours of high quality web content. The new areas, shield, monsters, quests and also weapons interest the players beyond the initial stage, and also although there are no considerable adjustments in the auto mechanics of the game, beginning on the new areas of the island is constantly fun. For much better or for worse (mostly the very first), the island of Siptah is far more Conan Exiles.

For numerous, Conan Expatriation’s quirks and mistakes are what makes the game enjoyable, and without an uncertainty, Island of Siptah provides old as well as brand-new players with many hrs of quality material. The brand-new locations, armor, monsters, weapons and also quests interest the gamers beyond the initial stages, and although there are no substantial changes in the technicians of the game, embarking on the new locations of the island is constantly fun.

Introduced in 2018, this brutal survival video game, focused on the party and also mature was a relative uniqueness for the time and it swiftly acquired prestige for its absolutely fierce PVP players base, however likewise for its devices generating imagination, its versatile approach to the video game. A big component of the new content of the island of Siptah is intended at gamers in the center and also end of game, when Conan Exiles efficiently goes from a survival/craft game to a pure MMORPG or also a robot D ‘Expedition of Dungeon Hack-And-Slash. All new shield, tools and also rhinocerous frames will certainly be made use of in the main video game once manufactured or unlocked.

A big part of the new web content of the island of Siptah is focused on gamers between and also end of game, when Conan Exiles properly goes from a survival/craft game to a pure MMORPG or also a robotic D ‘Expedition of Dungeon Hack-And-Slash. At the launch, the personalities of the ousted land were not transferable to the new extension (which was soon assured), so that everybody will need to release a brand-new character. All brand-new armor, tools and rhino frames will be utilized in the primary video game once manufactured or unlocked.

Knockout city

Shadow of the Tomb Raider and other games are set for free on PC

Something that has accustomed us, at least on the official Epic Games page, are the gifts that are offered as users in a weekly way, even when it was only done at the end of the year. And now, the store is for long tablecloths, because this week they are not only giving us independent cut releases, but also an AAA size game.

Among all free content are objects for the free to play, Knockout City, We also have Submerged: Hidden Depts , indie game that will allow us to travel in water with nice characters. Finally, there is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Video game that would end the reboot trilogy of Lara Croft that started by the hand of Crystal Dynamics.

Knockout City, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depts are free this week! Go to Epic Games Store to acquire them.

To be able to get the games, you just have to follow these simple steps: First you have to enter the Epic Games Store page, Then search each of the games and click on the get the button. As the last step there is following the process as if it were a purchase, only that they will charge us $ 0 of the local currency, depending on the country.

Remember that it is advisable to redeem the acquisition as soon as possible, because next week the games will change, so they will return to the normal price. It doesn’t hurt to recommend that they will only run on the PC platform.

Red dead redemption 2

Dead Island 2: Horror

Amazon desires to obtain entailed a lot more in the video game area and introduced Alexa Game Control as part of Gamescom 2022. It will be utilized for the initial time in Dead Island 2.

If you desire to ultimately play the long-awaited sequel, you can enjoy the brand-new feature. The Alexa Game Control allows voice commands that can be installed directly right into the video game.


Dead Island 2: Hey Zombie

In Dead Island 2, every person can make use of the feature for in-game functions such as navigation. Whoever wants can simply murmur the concern Where’s the next workbench?.

In general, players with Amazon’s Alexa Game Control must have the ability to engage with NCPS with the assistance of their language or execute commands such as altering weapons. You do not have to attend to the voice assistant particularly with names, as is generally typical. Nevertheless, players obtain access to various other features in terms of wise residence, weather forecast or time settings-in these instances the commands start with Alexa.

Alexa Game Control quickly in many games?

Alexa Game Control Unreal Engine 4, Unity as well as C ++ is currently sustaining. In the future, Amazon wishes to take higher factor to consider for the game designers to include the innovation right into their titles. The Unreal Engine 5 has actually not yet been mentioned, yet it can be presumed that a matching upgrade will happen in the long-term.

Meanwhile, everyone can wait excitedly for Dead Island 2. The follow up is set up to show up in February 2022 and we were able to take an appearance for an in-depth sneak peek.

The Alexa Game Control allows voice commands that can be installed straight right into the game. In basic, players with’s Alexa Game Control ought to be able to engage with NCPS with the help of their language or lug out commands such as transforming weapons. Alexa Game Control Unreal Engine 4, Unity as well as C ++ is presently supporting. In the future, really hopes to take higher factor to consider on the part of the game designers to integrate the technology into their titles.


Korean Game Media Association May Journalists Award, Game Mecca Kim Mi -hee

The Korea Game Media Association (KGMA) and the Korean Game Journalists Club (KGRC) held the ‘Reporter of the Month of the month’ in May and June 2022.

The reporter Kim Mi-hee was selected as the reporter of this month. Through the article, In the late game committee, illegal game events are being performed, he pointed out the process and speed of the online game illegal event administration process that provides real compensation according to the game results. The judges evaluated the fact that regulations are not important, but pointed out that application and implementation are important.

Kim Sung-ryul, a game focus, selected as the reporter of the month of June, said, Game companies are paying attention to the value of game music. We meet game fans on online and offline. This article is one of the components of the game, but it is said to be a good article that illuminates musical elements that do not receive proper evaluation.

This month’s reporter award, selected by the Korea Game Media Association and the Korean Game Journalists Club every month, is awarded to a reporter who wrote the best article on the purpose of improving quality articles and competitiveness..

In addition, the Korea Game Media Association has various activities such as various debates, lectures, jumpup G, and game of G-Star to contribute to the right growth of the Korean game industry and the spread of sound game culture.

Albion online

The online company matching event Anime Game Summit 2022 SUMMER has been decided to implement live pitches and exhibitors seminars. There is also a metavers exchange lounge

The DMM Online Exhibition developed by will be on August 23 at the Anime Game Summit 2022 Summer, which will help you to find out the recruitment information, and the introduction of the latest technologies and services will improve business efficiency. It has been announced that the Exhibition Seminar has been decided to listen to specific stories. It has also been revealed that an exchange lounge can be opened for a limited time for exhibitors and visitors to interact.

Anime Game Summit 2022 SUMMER is a complete online exhibition that responds to a wide range of purposes, from new customer development in anime and game industries to licensing outs outside the industry. Scheduled to be held from August 31 (Wed) to September 2 (Fri).

On the recruitment live pitch announced this time, representatives and recruiters of companies in the anime and game industry gathered together. The latest recruitment information is delivered in live distribution for each company. It is a must-see for those who are thinking about changing jobs to the anime and game industry or who are interested in both industries.

(in no particular order)
Cross Riva Co., Ltd. / Double Co., Ltd. / Square Enix Co., Ltd. / Creek and River Co., Ltd. / Clan Entertainment Co., Ltd.


Friday, September 2 13: 00 ~ Live delivery

・ Those who are thinking of changing jobs to the anime / game industry, freelance, creator
・ Those who want to know the recent recruitment trends in the anime and game industry

At the exhibition seminar, companies that handle various services will be on stage, and it will be conveyed how to use them to specific content, from introduction of the latest technology and services to work, which are useful for production.

(Included in order)
What is the method of building a new era of story that Storyai led?
・ Cross Riva Co., Ltd. Masahiro Kawai Masahiro Kawai

SaaS-type game server solution that can focus on game development
・ GAME SERVER SERVICES Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kazuchi Niwa

How to collect excellent game creators
The industry No.1 IT Human Resources Agent released market trends!
・ Levatek Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Junsuke Shimazaki

Anime that evolves orange
・ Orange Producer Co., Ltd./Production Department Yoshihiro Watanabe

About the media distribution platform RoadStead in the Web3.0 era that combines blockchain and DRM
・ Nekojarashi CEO Misaki Kawamura

Visualization of TA skills and intentions-for using skill rader charts and TA training-
・ Creek and River Co., Ltd. Digital Content Group Division Division Division Manager Kikuchi Kikuchi

Think about anime x TV station for the next 5 years
・ TV Tokyo Anime / Business Headquarters Anime Division Anime Division Masata Iida

The current location and possibility of the VTuber business that is used by a venture company from Nippon Television

The exhibition seminar can be viewed for free from the seminar page of the exhibition venue during the exhibition from August 31. If you want to watch, you need to register a free visit from the anime / Game Summit 2022 SUMMER official website.

In the exchange lounge, it is possible to interact directly with the exhibitors or visitors in metaverse space. It is said that you can manipulate icons in metaarthus space and communicate directly with your own voice. He wants to be used widely from casual chats to meetings.

Wednesday, August 31 12: 30-15: 30
* Only one day will be opened in the above time.

Anime Game Summit 2022 Summer will be held from Wednesday, August 31 to September 2 (Fri). The exhibition is as underdested.

□ Exhibition Overview
Name: Anime Game Summit 2022 Summer
Venue: Online
URL: https: //
Service: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 10: 00-September 2 (Fri) 18:00
Exhibition cost: Free ( * Some paid plans available)
Registration: Free
Support: Specified Non-Profit Corporation Video Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), Anime Tourism Association, Japan Video Association
Media Partner: Denka Faminicer, Anime! Anime!, GameSpark, Inside, Gamer, Automaton, 4Gamer
Official Twitter account:

Our active gaming media also exhibited at the event. The company states that it will support overseas/domestic expansion of entertainment, such as PR and CS/CM, centered on multilingual translations in more than 50 countries around the world. If you are interested, please visit. Exhibited page (free visitors registration required):

Monster hunter rise

[Gem ㅊㅊ] Dark Pokemon set? Monster Taming Game 5 Line

※ [Gem ㅊ ㅊ] is a corner that recommends a game that is good for gamers for special topics every week.

In 1996, the first Pokémon game was released through Nintendo Game Boy. It attracted many people with a story about the classic black and white dot sensitivity, a distinctive monster, and a journey that became a Pokemon master. Since then, many of the so-called monster taming games, which capture or cultivate monsters in the wild and discover new types of monsters, have begun to appear. At one time, it was called a counter game, but more games were added to each game. In this [Gem ㅊㅊ], I would like to introduce you to the Monster Taming game with its original charm.

One. Nexomon: Excession

The first game I’m going to introduce is Nexomon: Excellent. PCs, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch have been released on several platforms. Although the combat method is similar to the Pokémon series, it attracted attention with a low price of 20,000 won and a reincarnation that resurrects Nexomon in the afterlife.

In addition, it provides a multi-turn play, but it is also a positive element that the game is not easy in the second half because it is impossible to solve the battle by level up. The mobile-style UI and design, which had been dislike in the previous work, Nexomon, which was released on mobile and PCs, was also improved in line with PCs, and Korean is also officially supported.

2. Coromone

The next game I’m going to introduce is ‘Coromone’, which tames an adventure by taming wild animals called Corom1. With the launch, it was attracting attention by entering the world’s best sales rankings. The factors that complicate growth and combat, such as population and effort, are summarized, and we have fun with more than 120 Coromone, department stores, and ice caves, such as department stores, and glacier caves.

In addition, the user can adjust the difficulty directly and introduces the Randers Mazer, which is randomly reflected in a specific figure, and there is a factor that only digs after the story. However, there is a disagreement that the monsters that appear are really close to monsters rather than cute, and the completion of Korean localization is a pity, such as translation that seems to have been turned into a translator.

3. World of Final Fantasy

In addition to adding variations to turn-based monster taming, there are also games with monster taming elements to popular game IP. ‘World of Final Fantasy’ is such a game. The twin brothers and sisters, Ren and Ran, draw a journey of finding a lost memory by using a monster in the final fantasy series called Miraju. In the process, you can see the monsters and characters in the Final Fantasy series in a cute figure.

In addition to the monsters, you can also join a variety of heroes and colleagues in the existing series. Fans such as Light Warriors and Garlands, Cecil Harvey, Cloud, Tipa, Shantoto, and Yashuto, who have opened the series, have a name. If only the thin gags that protrude during the story can be overcome, it is a good game for final fantasy fans who enjoy taming games.

4. Monster Harvest


Monster Harvest is a mix of farm simulation similar to Stadu Valley in a turn-based monster taming represented by Pokémon. If the existing monster taming game was the mainstream of capturing wild monsters, the Monster Harvest was to foster a variety of mutations crops by adding slime to mutate in the seeds.

There are three different seasons, like a game with a system where plants and cultivation are the main systems, and you can also meet the unusual mutation depending on the environment. It is also acclaimed to exquisitely match the balance between battles and farm simulations. It’s a bit unfortunate that there’s a short play time and slow bug modifications.

5. Temem

Lastly, the game to be introduced is the MMORPG Title Tem item. You can enjoy Daejeon, cooperation and living contents by taking adventures in the floating route with various environments. Although multiple users are MMORPGs on the field, they are well optimized for playing on laptops.

The big framework of the battle is a turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based turn-based, but unlike Pokemon with PP for each skill, it is necessary to manage the ‘energy gauge’, which is a single resource, and use various skills, and if the energy gauge is done, it consumes health to use the skills. Infinite strategy play is required. There are still unfortunate things such as lack of combat speed, but I am looking forward to seeing that it will be more reinforced after the official launch in September.


Rostocks Kolke over synthetic pas: is a great kacktor

We obtained the 2nd objective relatively quickly, so I was able to get upset about it and also the first was forgotten.

Markus Kolke

This is a good Kacktor, claimed Kolke regarding his funding goat. At the age of 31, the goalkeeper is experienced sufficient to know what to anticipate: I’m eagerly anticipating the headings and all the information that come. He himself will certainly be irritated for 2 hrs or 2 days, after that the matter is checked off.

I simply didn’t see him, claimed Kolke after the game at Skies concerning the curious situation in the 3rd minute at the guest appearance in Darmstadt, which will possibly not be missing out on in any kind of sports review at the end of the year. The FCH caretaker presented the ball in his very own charge location in all spirit rest, after that let the view roam over the field to examine allusions. Throughout Darmstadt Philipp Tietz slipped in from the half-left side, Kolke mixed the ball away and it into the goal for the Lilia lead.

Kolke: If the 0: 1 does not drop, who understands what occurs here?

I just really did not see him, claimed Kolke after the game at Skies about the curious situation in the 3rd min at the guest appearance in Darmstadt, which will possibly not be missing out on in any sports review at the end of the year. During Darmstadt Philipp Tietz slipped in from the half-left side, Kolke mixed the ball away and it into the objective for the Lilia lead.

As well as understood after the game as well as the 4: 0, what should be. I went to him after the game and said: ‘Many thanks for the assist’, claimed Tietz with a wink.

Throughout the game, he had the ability to swallow the problem over his odd error quickly. It works fairly promptly in the game, he claimed. You have to transform this off, or else you will play 80 mins of disaster. Kolke is mindful that he has had a wonderful influence on the game due to his slapstick insert: If the 0: 1 does not fall so early, who knows what happens below?

Kolke is aware that he has had a great impact on the video game due to his comedy insert: If the 0: 1 does not fall so early, that recognizes what occurs here?

Yes, I was a bit perplex myself, Darmstadt’s recipient Phillip Tietz additionally confessed to Sport1: I believed that the goalkeeper only looks over as soon as. I started briefly and also see: ‘Ah, that looks the whole thing Time there, Tietz explained the scene. After that I place on a bit as well as luckily was compensated.


Words with 5 letters that begin with BU – help of the Wordle game

Prepare for the best possible start in Wordle when you make your conjectures. In this guide, we will review all the * 5-letter words that begin with BU * to give you a good idea of where to start and help you in the search to keep your streak.

All words with 5 letters that begin with BU

  • boats
  • Buze
  • better
  • Bubas
  • Buba
  • Bubbling
  • Bubbling
  • Bubus
  • Buchu
  • Bucko
  • Dollars
  • Bucku
  • Buddhas

  • dude
  • budget
  • Budis
  • Buddhs
  • Buffalo
  • strong
  • Bufi
  • jester
  • Fans
  • buffy
  • Buffs
  • well-built
  • Buggies
  • Bugle
  • Buhls
  • Buhrs
  • Buiks
  • build up
  • built
  • bush
  • Bukes
  • light bulbs
  • in bulk
  • Voluminous
  • Lacks
  • Voluminous
  • bull
  • Bulls
  • bully
  • Diana
  • Bumbo
  • Bumfs
  • blow
  • hits
  • With potholes
  • buns
  • rebound
  • bunch
  • Bunco
  • package
  • package
  • bunches
  • package
  • Budú
  • package
  • Caps
  • Bungy
  • Bunia
  • Bunje
  • little bunny
  • Bunko
  • Bunnies
  • little bunny
  • Touches
  • little bunny
  • Bunya
  • Boyas
  • cheerful
  • Buran
  • Buras
  • Suburbs
  • outbreaks
  • Burette
  • Burfi
  • Burgo
  • Burgos
  • Chisel
  • Burka
  • Burke
  • Burks
  • knots
  • strong

* Burns
* Burned
* office
* Eructos
* Burka
* donkey
* Bubas
* bury
* bag
* bag
* Gust
* high black skin hat
* Arrested
* Nozzles
* Tipid
* Buses
* occupied
* Bussu
* Arrested
* Bustos
* Busty
* Marimacho
* buto
* it stops
* Butler
* butoh
* Mound
* White shooting field
* snack
* extreme
* Butyl
* Exuberant
* buyer
* buzz

Having prepared with our help, it is time to assume the game itself. In addition, learn to measure your conjectures using color indicators. The green will represent a letter in the right place, the yellow a correct letter in the wrong place and the gray means that it must omit that letter completely.

Keep plugging you; Eventually, you will get the correct answer in six attempts or less. If you prefer to skip the inconvenience, here are the response to today’s enigma.

There you have it, a complete list of ******* * 5 letter words that begin with BU *** ******* *** to help you in Wordle . To get more tips and tricks on the always popular game owned by the New York Times, be sure to look for begin or consult the links below.

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Rise of kingdoms

Three Kingdoms 2022, 500,000 applicants for advance reservations

Reality Cubed Game announced on the 4th that the number of pre-booking applicants for the mobile strategy simulation game ‘Three Kingdoms 2022’ has recently surpassed 500,000.

Reality cubes will expand the size of reward items to the next level. Even if you apply for advance reservations, 300 golden and hero selection boxes are paid, and in commemoration of achieving 500,000 preliminary reservation applicants, 300 golden, 10 golden weapons, 10 golden hourglasses A total of 50,000 won worth of rewards will be given.

In addition, various events are being held at the official game community café, and the company plans to present in-kind compensation such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, 50,000 won fuel voucher, and 10,000 won cultural gift certificate through a lottery for participating users.

This game features its own territorial war, the Golden Battle. Golden Castle can produce ‘Golden’, a symbol of huge wealth, and positionally, Korea-China, where the main hub of the Win Dynasty and ‘Jangan’, which was abundant, and the history of the Three Kingdoms history. A total of nine major strategic hubs, including Luoyang, will be produced as golden.

In addition, it is not a simple combat power competition, but a combination of famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms, a faithful implementation of the internal system that should be enriched in the jurisdiction of the user’s jurisdiction, and a diplomatic field that must work with users of adjacent countries. It is a game designed to win by solving it.

Meanwhile, more information related to the Three Kingdoms 2022 pre-booking, SNS sharing, various information related to goldenity, and TVC advertisement starring by actor Joo Sang-wook can be found through the official Cafe of the Three Kingdoms 2022.


[Masterpiece Indie Return] Non -language charm Kaze no Tabi Bit (JOURNEY) (2012)

In this article, we pick up the Indy games released in the past! I will take up a play repo format, entitled Return to Masterpiece Indie. If you haven’t played it, why don’t you take this opportunity, and if you’re not, why not try replay?

This time, the adventure game Windno Tabi Vito released in Japan for PS3 in March 2012. The original title is Journey . This is the name of the work in Steam, which was ported later. As a writer, I call it the Japanese title Kaze no Tabi Bit, but I also like JOURNEY. This time, I re-played on Steam, but in this article, it is called Kaze no Tabi Vito because it is looking back.

Kaze no Tabi Vito is an action adventure set in a vast desert. Everything is drunk in the sandy sea, a wandering travel bit story, but this work is based on intuitive operation. It is a work that infers a story with a non-language feeling. The charm of this work is that you can enjoy it somehow. It is a work that makes the comfort of traveling freely in the desert world.

◆ Kaze no Tabi Bit Release Year Playback [March 2012 Tips]

● Games released in 2012

Pocket Monster White/Black 2, Persona 4 The Golden, and World Tree Labyrinth IV Traditional Giant have been released.

● Topics in March 2012

Movie director James Cameron challenges Mariana Trench Challenger Sea flies on a single-seater submarine. We reached 10,898 meters, the world’s deepest part. His masterpieces are Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009). Avatar: Way of Water will be released in December 2022.

Kaze no Tabi Bit was released on March 15, 2012 (released on March 13, 2012 in the United States), more than 10 years ago. Developed by Thatgamecompany and Sie Santa Monica Studio, it is a work following Flow (2006) and Flowery (2009) of Thatgamecompany.

As of 2022, the compatible model is PS3/PS4/PC/iOS. In addition, it is possible to play on PS5, and it was released on Steam in 2020. By the way, this work was distributed with the original version in Download exclusive, but it was a little unusual form in the generation at that time.

This work was highly evaluated and won many awards. The soundtrack of Kaze no Tabi Bit is also nominated for the Grammy Award and the Best Score SoundTrack for Visual Media category.

◆ Cloth is a friend! The non-language world spun by Kaze no Tabi Bit is fun and beautiful…

By the way, from here, it will be Kaze no Tabi Vito play report. The starting point is the desert as far as you can see… If you like the desert, it is a visual that you are satisfied with. I am impressed by the artistic depiction that is still beautiful after 10 years.

The tutorial ends with only the minimum explanation. Since it is a work with the theme of non-language, it is easy to operate. However, there is almost no explanation of the game system other than the tutorial in this work. I will judge that I can start moving in this way.

However, it is the great thing about this work that it does not make you feel unkind. I intuitively understand that everything is freedom, so the fun you notice is better……. I am replay, so to be precise, I remembered it, not I noticed.

Roughly speaking of the system of this work, fly with a cloth dancing in the desert. You will get the energy to dance in the sky from the cloth, so you will inevitably walk with the clothing swimming. The travel bit is also fun as if it had become a pulse cloth dancing in the sandy sea.

It is also impressive that energy is stored in the stall of travel bit. It’s nice to get items and extend the stall (energy remaining). This item is scattered everywhere, so you can enjoy searching and collection elements.

After that, please play with a good feeling in the flow of the place. …… I made a playful story, but the biggest feature of this work is the game that is kneaded. Where to go and what to do… The next purpose is intuitively easy to understand, so you can move with your own flow. The construction of a flow line, which shows the next destination, is very excellent. The feeling of understanding somehow is irresistible.

In this work, a civilization sinking in the desert and its descendants (thought to be) protagonists will be developed. In a world without a language, the former glory that floats blurred is revealed. However, the story itself is not attractive in this work. With the story as a backbone, I am in the world itself is beautiful and approaching as a valuable experience.

In addition, this work also includes online elements. In fact, it is a system that is actually on immediately after the start, and you can meet another travel bit somewhere during the game play. However, it is a very yuru connection, and the only way to interact is to sound the sound effect. You are free to break up in an appropriate place or to act together.

I re-played the Steam version released in 2020. Even though it was relatively recently, it was originally a game 10 years ago, so I thought I wouldn’t meet any1. In this article, I was going to deliver the joy of traveling alone, but I encountered other players early. Indeed, the joy of meeting people in the middle of the desert…

With this unknown travel bit, I decided to work together for a while. However, at the right time, he went to the other side of the dunes. It’s a goodbye. This is the real pleasure of this sadness and the degree of freedom of each person. If so, is it an online element as an evolution of solo play?

Since the communication method is minimal, there is no word, but the exchange is born. I also remembered a similar feeling in Death Stranding. It seems that there are various forms of cozy online environment in various forms, but this work and Desst have a mechanism that allows you to feel the warmth of people while connecting.

As expected, I can’t affirm that I can still meet other players!, But even if you play now, you should be more than enough to meet people.

There are various attractions of this work, such as the exhilaration of the operation and the beauty of the masterpiece desert even now, but it will be a word of moving game experience. Of course, there are a lot of things to write, such as stories worth considering and the fun of flight, but after all, it is not possible to states… or even a game writer is impressive. 。

In 2022, I looked back again and forcibly complained, but it was difficult for this work only. It is a game that is not inferior to the graphics and is superb. If you break somewhere, the whole work will collapse.

Well, it’s a bit of a troublesome story, but letters have advanced humanity. In addition to the language, the text was born, a book was born, and civilization developed. The civilization that did not reach books is an important factor enough to make progress. But language and letters also have disadvantages. The point is that human activities become extremely complicated and complicated. Binding is born that leads to mental stress.

In Kaze no Tabi Vito, only monotonous and pure non-language communication is located. If there is a language, a contract will be born, and responsibility will be born, but this work is an intentionally eliminating game. You will be able to experience free play without language in the wind. The game is online, and the charm of Kaze no Tabi Bit is in its purity. Of course, these non-language games were seen before the same work, but in terms of high perfection, it is a masterpiece that is at the top.

There are many games that can be your own memories. This work is definitely one of them. If you haven’t played Kaze no Tabi Bit yet, why not travel this world? And if you are fascinated by playing at that time, why not taste the desert world there again?

Product name: Windney Travel Vit (Journey)

  • Compatible models: PC/PS3/PS4/iOS
    Steam Journey (1,520 yen including tax)
    PS4 version Kaze no Tabi Bit (1,320 yen including tax)
    iOS version Kaze no Tabi Bit JOURNEY (610 yen including tax)

  • Play model in the article: PC (Steam)

  • Genre: Action adventure