At the heart of the dispute, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World maintains the hope around S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

The Xbox Games Showcase Extended ended this night on an austere note, at the demand of GSC Game World. At the end of the broadcast, the Ukrainian workshop wished to account for the fact of the conflict which complies with the Russian invasion in Ukraine, and also the day-to-day live that the advancement group is undergoing the service S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl because February 24. The hope of a return to normal animates them more than ever if their lives have actually altered.


The Summer Video game Feast took an additional tone this night when, after one as well as a half time significant on the majority of the titles already went across during the Xbox Display, Sarah Bond as well as Microsoft introduced a video clip depicting the day-to-day live of the growth groups in Ukraine. Like other studios in the country, GSC Game World saw its presence turned upside down by the introduction of Russian soldiers on the border last February. This paper provides the means in which part of the teams, a minimum of that which has been able to testify, attempts to get over the current dilemma while continuing to add to the project.

In spite of the circumstance and the stagnation of the fighting which required GSC Game World to disrupt the growth, the positive outlook remains in order. At the very least that is, as we analyze on 2023 which comes to conclude the initial series broadcast in stride, to advise you that behind the game, there is a united team that wishes to see it hatch.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Heart of Chornobyl-Bande-Annon Go Into The Zone



One of the most effective Xbox

You may currently understand one of them from the Xbox, because the title is currently represented in the Game Pass: Tunic. The journey is strongly reminiscent of the old 2D-Zelda video games, however can additionally rack up with your very own concepts as well as concepts.

| When does Tunic stand for PS4 and PS5? ** On September 27, 2022

What makes Tunic so great?

Many effective indie games begin where the huge studios have quit. They take classic principles, continue, turn them on the head as well as do crazy points with them. This also puts on Tunic, which with his source of inspiration does not hold behind the mountain and also places the wonderful Fuchs lead character in a clothing that he seems to have actually taken directly from Link when he briefly took a bath in Lake Hylia.

Below is the announcement trailer from the State of Play:

Zelda fulfills Elden Ring: The essentials of Tunic may be based upon old Zelda titles, but the Dark Souls generation is not disregarded either. On the one hand, the battles are far more demanding than, for instance, in Zelda: A Link to the Past, on the other hand, some game technicians are barely clarified, just like in a from software application game. Rather, you have to discover notes and believe regarding exactly how to use them on the game globe and its dangers.

These are the highlights of the State of Play:

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Tunic is a full success

At initial glimpse, Tunic might appear like a typical indie title, but stands apart via a few factors. On Metacritic, the game is a remarkable 86 factors, so most movie critics can persuade. Above all, the wonderful look, the innovative challenge, the amazing fight system, the many keys concealed in the game world and also the normal period of 15 to 20 hours are commended.

Will you play tunic on the Playstation? Or do you currently have the game with on the Xbox?

You might currently understand one of them from the Xbox, since the title is presently represented in the Game Pass: Tunic. The experience is strongly reminiscent of the old 2D-Zelda games, but can also rack up with your own suggestions as well as ideas. On the one hand, the fights are much more demanding than, for instance, in Zelda: A Link to the Past, on the various other hand, some game auto mechanics are rarely clarified, just like in a from software program game. Or do you already have the game via on the Xbox?

New World

Tunic in the test: Because of cute! This indie

Tunic is not a lack of models: There are milestones such as The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, but also indie hits such as Hyper Light Drifter, Fez or the underestimated lift have left their marks. Almost six years of development time stuck in Tunic, most of which was worn and implemented by the Indie developer Andrew Shouldice. The result of his long troubles: a clever kleeder for explorers looking for a challenge. Crunchy battles and tricky puzzles also make experienced players on the (patience) test, bloody beginners make way a bow around the game.

If you get involved, you will be rewarded with a motivating adventure, which ultimately unfolds its own identity and then clearly stands out from other “Indie-Zeldas”. Despite some frustration moments, we could hardly place Tunic from the hand and even after playing, we still lure us back a few unresolved puzzles. An unrestricted recommendation will not give Tunic but still not. In the test, we clarify what you need to know before buying.

Table of contents

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1.1. Small highlight for explorers

1.2. Even is the fox!

1.3. Cryptic information

1.4. First intimidating, then motivating

1.5. Puzzles about puzzles

1.6. Weaknesses in detail

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Small highlight for explorers

Already the opening scene could come from Link’s Awakening: your character – a small fox in green robe – awakens without equipment, hints or destination on a beach. But even before you ask what you have to do at all, the idiosyncratic graphic style stands out: Tunic relies on a polygonary, deliberately chunky look, which with gentle shades, smartly used blur effects and sophisticated lighting a beautiful diorama atmosphere Expressed. The clou on it: The entire gameplay is presented from an isometric top view, so you can not move the camera free, but only tilt with a shoulder button. This means that some parts of the environment can not see simply because they are covered by the level geometry – and exactly in these corners, the designers preferably hid their secret paths and treasures. Tunic to master the name is also really jeden angle stoic, no matter how many times you might pass it by. You will be surprised how many abbreviations and treasure boxes will stumble themselves after many hours!
Small fox with great claim: Do not be fooled by the cute look! Source: Finji

Himself is the fox!

Another reason why one discovered much late (or maybe not): Tunic lets you have a long time in the dark about how it works and what it’s all about. The fantasy world is uninhabited at first glance, you find only a few signs, but most texts are held in illegible symbols that will not help you. Rarely, readable words also immerse, which pretend at least a rough direction: you have to ring magical bells, collect the key, open a gate and defeat any old disaster – and how to do everything you should find out yourself. Tunic likes to strengthen many, but the holey story is definitely not of it.
Challenging: In the fighting, you often have to avoid lightning fast or blocking attacks. Source: Finji At first you are still unarmed, but after a few minutes you will get a stick and shortly thereafter a sword, with which you can reduce your opponent, but also grasses and bushes. So you set the next way, discovered a cave, which now leads you into a small forest. Soon you will receive a sign where you keep enemies from the body and ware of bullets. And above all, you learn to deal with your scarce endurance indicator: Only those who block at the right moment or drops an evasive role, in the long term, has a chance of all the monsters, sword fighters, giant spiders, undead, machines and occultists who attack you aggressively. (At the latest here, it is also clear that Tunic is best playing with the Gamepad, the keyboard control is hard to use.) The opponents are dogs, but share sharply and take the pursuit. Always keep open in the eyes after treasure boxes, in it discovers enormously important items, with which you can increase your fighting power, stamina and defense permanently. How exactly works, however, does not just tell you the game, because classic tutorials will not be found in Tunic far and wide.

Cryptic information

The instructions you have to put together first, then you will keep useful cards and tens of cryptical clues. Source: Finji instead, you always collect pages from a game guide on the go, which can be assembled your piece for piece and studying at any time in the pause menu. The digital booklet is beautifully designed in the style old Nintendo classic and covers a whole lot from the control over useful cards to concrete puzzle tips. Basically sympathetic: here and there you can even find notes that look like she would have scribbled someone with the pen directly into the magazine. The longer you play, the more pages you find, the more time you spend with the valuable instructions – although it basically already represents a mystery. Because even here there are a lot of texts in cryptic symbol language, many notes and functions do not even open up at second glance. A panacea is the instructions so not, alone because you often confront with features before you found the right side. So you have to find out first, what it has.

For example, you will discover one of 15 coins sooner or later. What you should do with it? Try out! From time to time it also refers to special cards that miss you passive properties. But what qualities are exactly? For some cards we still do not know it – and we played the thing!

Image gallery (Enlarge view for sources)

Even the Zelda-typical bombs that we received early in the game have surprised us: Tunic does not give us any time that you can not only brush up opponents, but can also free secret passages. There are no cracked walls, no indications of brittle places, nothing you would expect in such a game. You just have to try it. Likewise obliquely: The more bombs we buy and use, the more we get away from the game as soon as we rest at a storage point. The bomb stock is getting bigger in this way. A justification? Does not deliver the game.

The magical hourglass, one of the most useful items throughout the game, is even completely optional: Anyone who does not thoroughly search the world thoroughly and keeps thinking about the perspective with the shoulder button, perhaps piercing tracks over – it is at the latest at the club hard endboss at the latest Extremely practical.

Only intimidating, then motivating

Developer Shouldice obviously enjoys explaining as little as possible. You have to get involved, otherwise Tunic can quickly become a frustrating experience. But if you have become accustomed to such a peculiarity, you can also sink wonderfully in the game, which is especially true for exploring: Your adventure leads you through a central, clever upworld, over which you reach different zones and dungeons, below Forests and semi-sunbed temples, a mine, sewerage, a kind of underground factory or a cemetery, which we can enter only in ghost design. Although the nested leveldesign can initially be intimidating, the world is actually surprisingly compact. If you then discovered a few secret passes and speed points, you will find yourself effortlessly. That makes the backtracking bearable.

The scope is still fine for the price of 28 euros: At least ten hours you should plan to schedule until you reach the endboss (nobody has said anything yet). Anyone who wants to discover many secrets on the way and knack puzzles is loosely busy twice as long. We have not seen everything after 25 hours.

But some parts of the world can only be completely explored if your specific equipment collected, including a magical gripping hook, a wand or gas mask. Before someone now “Metroidvania!” Calls, we have to disappoint you: Overall, you find very few items, sometimes the stuff is even completely optional. For example, in the middle of the game one finds, for example, a kind of shotgun, which we have done as good as never. This also applies to the boss fights, which expect you at the end of the larger dungeons: here you need practically never a special tool, but especially on lightning fast reflexes, a big bomb stock and your scarce healing drinks. Some bosses can be fooled without stress, others, however, have it properly in themselves and should also make experienced players on the test.
The unusual graphic style cares together with the relaxed music for a distinctive atmosphere. Source: Finji In particular in the last third, two boss battles have really annoyed us, we have felt the final fight almost already as unfair. After more than twenty starts, we still packed it, but only with mass luggage in the luggage, for which we had faved the necessary money extra. So you should not underestimate the degree of difficulty: where Dark Souls fans may only tired with the eyelash, could “normal players”, which expect a cozy Indie-Zelda in the style of Blossom Tales, often reach their frustration border.

Puzzles about puzzles

In addition to the fighting, the puzzles also provide reliable for head scratches: In the later game, we will learn a kind of magic system, which is completely operated over the control cross or the arrow keys (in the game as a “holy cross” described). Top, bottom, right, right, left, top, bottom, left – such keyboard shortcuts are hidden everywhere in the game world, on walls, in tiles on the ground, even a few flowers or the wings of a windmill can contain a code. Partly you will not remember after many hours that you are already carefully booted at such a secret. Some tasks are immediately done, for others you have to think about the corner. All the more motivators then the moment when you come to the solution!

The spells open secret doors, let treasure chests appear or make the way to hidden chambers. A special search magic leads us to end also to hidden fairies that we need to complete the important guidance. This is actually fun and ensures that we want to search the world thoroughly after secrets. (Small tip: Keep your note and pen ready!) However, the magic system also annoys in the long run, especially if our entries are not recognized correctly. Why, unfortunately one can only advise. There is also no way to save already known spells or combinations so you can handle it quickly. That would have gone more elegant.
Despite Fixer Perspective: Even in the non-visible parts of the game world, Zig Secrets are hidden. Source: Finji

Weaknesses in detail

Also questionable: If you open the inventory, the game will not stop, opponents can attack you unhindered. This is especially annoying because you can only occupy three action buttons with weapons, equipment or consumables. Since a slot is practically always occupied with the sword, only two seats remain. Until you fished the urgently needed manaboosters or the ice bomb out of the backpack, a boss may have long since moved to the pell. A comfortable quick access bar or at least an optional slow-motion effect would have intercepted frustration here. In the options menu, however, only a few loveless cheats can be found, with which you can switch off the endurance consumption, for example. However, a second, “normal” level of difficulty would have been much better.

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Technically, Tunic ran in our PC trial version mostly round and very fluid, but we have discovered a few bugs in the level geometry here. For example, we slipped in the mining area promptly through the soil and plunged in death when we looked after a hill. With a special upgrade, which one receives just before the end, your fox can also be lightning fast through the game world Dashens – this is extremely practical, but it can happen here and there sometimes that you land through walls clip or landed in a place where you should not go. That’s not the world, but feels a bit unclean.

My opinion

From field contactor
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The cute façade is feigned: Tunic is not aimed at beginners!

Tunic did not make it easy for me: the at best indestructive information, the tricky fighting and the many moments in which I really considered what the game actually wants from me, initially intimidated me. But after a while, the spark is still over jumped and I could barely put it out of hand: Tunic carries his cryptic concept a bit too proud for my taste, but whoever gets involved, is also with an atmospheric, Demanding and amazingly motivating adventure rewarded, which you gradually decrypt yourself. Above all, discoverers and puzzle friends who want to turn every stone in a game world come to their money’s worth. But who expects a solid story and quickly throws the towel in tricky bosses, should better make a big bow around the game. My tip for those who are more looking for a classic Zelda experience: rather attacks Blossom Tales or Ocean’s Heart. But if you want a game that does not precede you for a change, then Tunic is the right indie adventure for you.



Pro Contra

Handsome graphic style
Clever built game world
To discover a lot of secrets
Demand the degree of difficulty
Cool guide-in-game concept
Pleasant music malay

Exaggerated heavy final fight
Some items remain completely unclear to the end
Little equipment to collect
Code input sometimes inaccurate and laboriously
Story completely irrelevant and fragment


Tunic is available for Xbox Series S / X, Xbox One and PC, the price is 28 euros. Contrary to earlier messages, TUNIC is also already included in the Xbox Game Pass. For the test, however, only the PC version was present, the console version was not quite final, according to developers. We will complement the Xbox rating soon. TUNIC’s PC version is available via Steam, Epic Games, Gog and Humble Store. Voice output does not exist, but the (readable) texts are optional in German.

From Felix Schütz
16.03.2022 at 20:07