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Xbox Game Pass: paid Microsoft for Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy $ 10 million?

With Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a blockbuster landed on March 10 on the offer of the Xbox Game Pass.
The action adventure came well with critic and fans alike.
blockbuster landed rated the game about 8.9 / 10.
But what did Microsoft laid on the table to bring Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to the Xbox Game Pass?
According to an analyst, Publisher Square Enix should have received between 5 and 10 million dollars.
David Gibson of MST Financial, who has accompanied the Japanese company for over 15 years as an analyst, said the estimate is based on talks with Square Enix and others.
Microsoft also keeps shutting down to the Deals for the Xbox Game Pass as his partners.

Microsoft Has Paid Millions To Have Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy On Xbox Game Pass

Should the estimate apply, it could provide information about other deals and what Microsoft is ready to pay for the inclusion in the Game Pass.


The range of games of 2021 succeeds so far

After 6 months with only a handful of new generation titles, many frustrated players begin to shout: “Show us games!”. We hear you and feel exactly the same thing. So join us as we look forward to what E3 could bring and explore why Xbox must impress us with content.

Why is E3 so important for XBOX? Without a doubt, Game Pass is the best video game service. Not only is the title library is large with new games added regularly, but the way the service has also adopted the upward compatibility is commendable, which makes more players flock to Microsoft. With a powerful system that offers unprecedented loading times and a quick recovery, fans are desperate for a game that really shows the power of the X-series. Join the gang as they discuss the latest news in the games Video and explore the means that Xbox could win the E3!

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Game of the Year 2021 (So Far) – GI Show
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Tunic has New Game Plus? Answered

TUNIC is an excellent hybrid of the game aesthetics of the old school and modern challenges. There is a charming little chanterelle in a familiar green tunic goes to an unforgettable adventure.

For those who do not want the adventure to end after the titles, Tunic has New Game Plus mode. To unlock it, players need to be defeated in the battle with the boss “Heir”. After two, more and more complex phases will follow the cat-scene and titers. From here, players can enter the game again to find the missing page of manual, or start a new Plus game.

New Game Plus allows players to transfer most of the items from their first passing, with the exception of color keys and the grave of the hero. This is due to the fact that these specific items are associated with the plot and are an integral part of the development of the game.

TUNIC is currently available on a PC via Steam and on Xbox through direct purchase or Xbox Game Pass. For those who are looking for the taste of an old school or something that is simply not a game with live service, Tunic is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

Tunic -Full Game Walkthrough (Gameplay) Golden Path Ending

To learn more about Tunic, read the section “How to open Sealed Gray Doors in Tunic” in Pro Game Guides. .


Xbox Game Studios: More Players for Cod and Wow wishes Spencer in 5 years

XBox Chef Phil Spencer gave more insights into the future of gaming temples in an interview with Stephen Totilio, which will be transferred to the Portfolio of Microsoft’s portfolio of Activision Blizzard.

The conversation clearly indicates that Phil Spencer are very important to the game numbers and its goal is to increase these figures in the future. He wishes to achieve more players and called Franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush. From these brands he hopes for more players in five years than before.

“I love Forza [Horizon] 5 and Halo Statistics… I love how many people played psychonauts 2 compared to psychonauts 1. So if I look at the teams when Todd and I talk about Starfield, then it’s about it: how can we make sure that this is the most played Todd Howard game of all time? “

“Can we really make these games so that they reach more players than they have ever seen before? And I say that because I believe in the social impact of interactive entertainment. […] I want more people to play WOW in five years than today. I want that in five years more people Call of Duty play that in five years more people Candy Crush play because we made it accessible to more people. “

But can one achieve this goal when games remain exclusively in the Xbox ecosystem, say, the Xbox Game Pass? An exact answer then Spencer could not give. He seems to hope that this is possible with the Game Pass.

In any case, Spencer has to struggle with some skeptics who believe that the price after all the acquisitions will eventually be raised and you need to make exclusive deals as a number one exclusive deals.

AMAZING! Activision & Blizzard Exclusive to Xbox! 14 NEW Xbox Game Studios | CEO Bobby Kotick Leaves

“I feel that I can not prove this negative. [People ask] when will the price for the Game Pass be raised?, They buy all these studios. That’s inevitable. ‘And that, although we have not increased the price for four years. But it’s like:, you know it will come. ‘”

“‘If you are number one, you will start making all these exclusive deals, how, you know, Xbox has [this] past.'” And everything I can do is making decisions who are in front of us and try to clear our goals clearly. “

Finally, this time the question remains open, as it is ordered about the exclusivity of some of the biggest gaming markets. In order to increase the number of players and bring to new best values, either more subscribers need for the Game Pass or less exclusive games.

Dragon ball Z:Dokkan Battle

Xbox Store: Aery: Dreamscape and Games with Extra Discount


In the 2nd calendar week 2022, the Xbox new games have come to the store. We show you which games are now available for download in the Store KW 02/2022. As always, we give you a brief overview of all new arrivals. Xbox New publications KW 02/2022 Battle Brothers — ~~ 27.99 ~~ € — €22,39 — 1.75 GB Battle Brothers — Complete Edition — ~~ 58.99 ~~ € — €47.19 — 1.8 GB Chubby pixel mega bundle — ~~ 26.99 ~~ € — €21,59 — 4.59 GB Operation Zeta — €9,99 — 850.59 MB Aery: Dreamscape — €9,99 — 4.11 GB ANSI: The Second Turn HD — ~~ 7.99 ~~ € — €6.39 – 488.67 MB — Optimized for Xbox Series X / S — Smart Delivery The Analysis (Game Preview) — ~~ 29.99 ~~ € — €23.99 – 15.57 GB — Includes Xbox Game Pass — Optimized for Xbox Series X / S — Smart Delivery