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Genshin Impact Mika Set: All You Need To Know Before The Leaks Arrive

Mikey is the upcoming four-star user of the Genshin Impact shaft with an exciting turn in his set, since leaks claim that he could also own a crossbow, which led to a very dynamic set of movements.

Although nothing was reported about his official gaming process, the insiders dug up information from the beta version files, which is supposedly related to his set.
Keep in mind that this information was not confirmed by Hoovers and based exclusively on leaks, so treat them with distrust.
In addition, since the text below was directly translated by the leak source, the wording can lead to inaccuracies compared to the official set of Mike.

Mika-skills, constellations and much more in Genshin Impact

Mikey skip

Auto-Auto-Auto: The Spear Livonia is a point passage

  • Ordinary attack: applies up to five consecutive strikes with a crossbow and spear.
  • Charged attack: spent a certain amount of endurance in order to jump forward, causing damage to the opponents along the way.
  • Submissive attack: jumps from the air to hit the ground below, causing damage to the opponents on the way and causing damage in the region when hit.

Elementary skill: a vortex of star frost

  • Mikey uses his crossbow to attack, endowing the closest active characters of your group of the soul of the soul, which increases their attack speed.
    Will act differently if you press or hold.
  • Press: shoots an ice arrow that can pierce the opponents, applying a crown to the enemies with whom he is in contact.
  • Keep: goes into aiming mode, aims at the enemy and launches a flash of an ice star into it, applying a cryo-abyss.
    When the outbreak of the ice star falls on the target, it rises before exploding, launching fragments of an ice star in a maximum of three other opponents, applying a crowned.

Explosion of Elements: Song of Heavenly Pen

  • He receives the ability to spur his comrades on the command of reading the prayers of the Knight’s Order, restoring the HP to all the closest members of the group.
    This healing is based on the maximum HP Mike and will give him a state of eagle feathers.
  • Eagle plumage: when the usual attacks of active characters on which the Olin feather operates affect the enemy, Mikey helps him restore health depending on his maximum health.
    The characters affected by this condition can restore HP thus only once in a short period of time.

Mikey Passive

  • Passive No. 1 (demarcation): displays the location of nearby resources unique to Ronstadt on a mini-card.
  • Passive No. 2 (rapid suppression of fire): In the following circumstances, the state of wind of the soul caused by the vortex of the star vortex gives the characters the effect of the detector and as follows increases their physical damage by 10 percent.
  • If the Flow Frost arrow affects more than one enemy, each additional hit on the enemy generates one stall of the detector.
  • When a fragment of an ice star falls into the enemy, it creates one stall of detectors.
    Each fragment of an ice star can activate the effect once.
  • In a state of wind of the soul, there can be no more than three stacks of detectors, and if a whirlwind of star frost is used again during this time, the previously existing state of wind of the soul and all its stacks of detectors will be cleared.
  • Passive No. 3 (geomorphological mapping): when an active character, at the same time, under the influence of the eagle feathers of the song of the heavenly pen and the wind of the soul of a star whirlwind, strikes a critical blow with his attacks, the wind of the soul gives him one stall of the detector from rapid suppression.
    At a time, Soul wind in this way can be obtained by one fiber Detector.
    In addition, the maximum number of glasses that can only be obtained using Soul wind is increased by one.
  • It is required to unlock Rapid-Fire Suppression first.

constellations Mikey

  • C1 (factor of unforeseen circumstances): the state of the wind of the soul whirlwind of star frost can reduce the interval of healing between the copies caused by the state of the eagle feather of the song Heavenly Feather.
    This percentage of reduction is equal to an increase in the speed of the attack provided by Soul ind.
  • C2 (input of the accompanying person): When the ice arrow of the star vortex first falls into the enemy or its outbreak of the ice star affects the opponents, one stall of the detector from the passive talent suppression of fast fire will be generated.
    You must first unlock the passive talent Fast suppression of fire.
  • C3 (intelligence veteran): Increases the level of songs of the heavenly pen by three.
    The maximum level of improvement is 15.
  • C4 (dedication to sunny frost): When Mikey’s own state Song of the Heavenly Pen heals the members of the group, this restores Mike three energies.
    This form of energy restoration can occur five times during the state of the eagle feathers created by one use of the song of the heavenly pen.
  • C5 (signal arrow): Increases the level of star frosty vortex by three.
    The maximum level of improvement is 15.


  • C6 (Comrade Councilor): The maximum number of stacks of the detector, which can get the wind of the soul of a star whirlwind, is increased by one.
    First you need to unlock the passive talent Fast suppression of fire.
    In addition, active characters on which Soul ind will apply 60% more than physical critical damage.
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How to get the achievement of salt for my enemies and water for me in Genshin Impact

Salt for my enemies and water for me is the achievement of Genshin Impact Challenger: Series V, which can be obtained by receiving at least three healing balls released from drops of water during the battle with Hydro Hypostasis. To get it, you must first access the Hydro Hypostasis cave near the Suggests basin on Watatsumi Island.


How to get three healing balls in the battle with Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Start with the battle with Hydro Hypostasis. He will give rise to two drops of water, which are creatures similar to slugs. You must pay attention to the blue drop of water, produces healing spheres every few seconds.

Do not kill the blue drop of water. Instead, stand next to him and wait until he releases healing balls. These healing spheres will move to the hydraulic water and treat the boss. Your goal is to intercept this by absorbing the healing spheres yourself.

The approach is a healing ball to absorb it. Wait a few seconds until another healing area appears, then absorb it again. Do the same three times to get the achievement of Challenger: Series V called Salt for my enemies and water for me. Do not forget to kill a drop of water after an achievement so that it does not treat the boss.

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Tunic has New Game Plus? Answered

TUNIC is an excellent hybrid of the game aesthetics of the old school and modern challenges. There is a charming little chanterelle in a familiar green tunic goes to an unforgettable adventure.

For those who do not want the adventure to end after the titles, Tunic has New Game Plus mode. To unlock it, players need to be defeated in the battle with the boss “Heir”. After two, more and more complex phases will follow the cat-scene and titers. From here, players can enter the game again to find the missing page of manual, or start a new Plus game.

New Game Plus allows players to transfer most of the items from their first passing, with the exception of color keys and the grave of the hero. This is due to the fact that these specific items are associated with the plot and are an integral part of the development of the game.

TUNIC is currently available on a PC via Steam and on Xbox through direct purchase or Xbox Game Pass. For those who are looking for the taste of an old school or something that is simply not a game with live service, Tunic is a wonderful breath of fresh air.

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