Why are the galaxy guardians in Knowhere in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy? Explained

A theme of constant debate among MCU fans is why heroes are not available to help during the crises that arise in each new film. After all, they are very aware of the existence of others and the problems they have to deal with, since they have faced the main threats presented through the vindicator films. The most recent special tries to address this, although he raises another question in the process: why are the galaxy guardians in Nowhere in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy?

Fortunately, we have an answer for you.

Why were the guardians in Nowhere in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy? Answered

The short answer is that the Guardians of the Galaxy were in Nowhere in the Christmas Special of the Galaxy Guardians because it was where they needed them the most.

After Avengers’ events: Endgame, the collector’s old house was very damaged and without anyone who watched her due to her death at the hands of Thanos. This meant that the many secrets and oddities that they still kept would remain without supervision, while the mining operations that provided the galaxy in general would cease and cause a reaction in negative effects chain.

As such, Peter and the rest of the Guardians settled there at some point after Endgame’s events and began to help supervise their daily activities and repairs. In return, it now serves as the basis of operations, which allows them to rest when they are not on another planet or on the way to it to provide their heroic services.

It is definitely an important point of comics that movies and other MCU media quickly overlook, with a nebula making only a brief mention of what they are doing there at the beginning of the vacation special. This is also the reason why Peter can be seen signing documents and supervising people’s actions at the beginning of the special, although the film never specifies exactly what he is doing or with what purpose is doing it.


As for whether this will be explained in more detail in Guardians of Galaxy 3, it is not clear. It is very possible that they leave Nowhere for when the next movie takes place, or it could become as integral for movies as it is for comics. We will not really know with certainty until the third film is released at some point in the coming years.

With luck, this was clarified why the Guardians of the Galaxy are in Nowhere in the Vacation Special of Guardians of the Galaxy. To get more information about the special, we have other explanatory guides that cover topics such as where Zamora is, who is Cosmos and whether there is a final loan scene.

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