Fortnite Sefortniteon 2: Zoe Clfortniteh Start Pack Available

Start pack of sefortniteon 2 of fortnite chapter 3 is available in the store from 03/29/2022, and brings with it the new Skin Zoe Clfortniteh . Just below we tell you how to get the start package of fortnite , and we show you all its content:

What does the Fortnite Start Pack include sefortniteon 2?

The Fortnite Central Computer Break Start Pack of Fortnite Sefortniteon 2 Chapter 3 , and includes all the following for a price of € 3.99 :

  • Skin Zoe Clfortniteh
  • Accessory Backpacking Sergeant Shiba
  • Beep and Boop Collection Tool

Fortnite Mainframe Break Pack Chapter 3 Season 2 Starter Pack Skin Gameplay And Showcase!!!
* Sticker wrapping
* 600 turkeys

Once acquired, all these cosmetic objects will be ours forever , and we can equip them fortnite long fortnite we want from the box office.

We remind you, yes, that all these objects (except for turkeys, which are the Virtual Currency of Fortnite) are cosmetic. That is to say: are adornments to modify our appearance , and do not influence the balance of the game.

What are Fortnite start packages?

With every new Fortnite Battle Royale sefortniteon, a new startup package formed by a Skin and its accessories arrives, plus 600 turkeys ; All this at a price of € 3.99. The Fortnite Central Computer Rupture Pack is the startup package of sefortniteon 2 of Chapter 3.

This is a limited time offer whose content changes after sefortniteons. That is, once the next start package arrives, it will be impossible to get Zoe Clfortniteh and his accessories because they will never return to the store.

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