Warner Bros. is already considering Ezra Miller with her role as The Flash

One of the actors of Hollywood that has most drowned in controversies today is Ezra Miller, who for now is at a crossroads due to the arrests that were awarded. That makes some fans out the doubt of what will happen with his role The Flash, an important and infallible piece for the universe of dc comics.

The situation leads to many media to find out that Warner Bros. He is already looking for a substitute to represent such an iconic hero, being Dylan O’Brien one of the most popular names in the world of acting. A Dylan is known for participating in the television series _teen Wolf For mtv. Although he highlighted much more in love and monsters for netflix.

Ezra Miller FIRED and REPLACED as The Flash?

Similarly, fans also have their applicants for the role of The Flash, there is Grant Gustin, who at the time gave life to Arrowverse for the chain of _CW. Some think it could be impossible for him to arrive at the DC universe, but with examples as seen in spider-man: no way home** Everything is possible in terms of actors.

For now this is a mystery, but it is evident that Warner Bros._ It will not be left with the crossed arms, especially if you have already planned to roll an upcoming film in which the character takes relevance. It may seem hard, but the decision to replace someone from Hollywood is only a distance call, or also through a casting.

In news related to dc. It was confirmed that Alfonso Herrera, Mexican who participated in rebel, will play Batman in an official franchise project. You can read all the information in the following link.


Lol: the polemic of Faker in his last game that has pissed the Korean fans

T1 Faker Leblanc vs Diana [ MID ] Patch 11.18 Ranked Korea ✅
Faker and his team have signed a spectacular start that makes them the great references of the competition of League of Legends . The undefeated march equipment and has barely granted opportunities to their rivals so far from LCK. However, T1 fans have found on the last day a reason to be poured. Everything because of a technical failure that was not cared for in the way that many would have considered correct .

Faker’s controversy and an accident flash

During the beginning of the second map, Faker suffered a technical problem that affected the audio system of him and asked the referees to carry out a pause. However, the head of the game decided that it was a minor problem and he should continue. An option that he reconsidered after the insistence of the player who, accidentally, pulsed the flash key when he tried to write the pause command on the chat . A cluster of unfortunate circumstances that created a much greater problem.

After the pause and the solution of the technical problems, the option of rewinding the departure was placed on the table at a point before the use of the flash by the player. A possibility offered by a tool known as Chronobreak who resisted accepting the DWG KIA team, whom the referees had explained the situation. However, the series of disadicas catastrophics had not finished: No rival player had seen Faker use the flash , so now they had an information not obtained in a legitimate way.

Following all the mess, the arbitrators were forced to make the decision to retreat the game. Not only had the situation been reached by the refusal of him to carry out the pause at first, also for having revealed the information to the enemies. A situation that, despite having a final that allowed the correct celebration of the heading , was criticized by Korean fans when considered a pipeline that is not up to the League of Legends competition. Some opinions that were not positive with the trainer of Dwg Kia that he intended to take advantage of the situation.