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Where to find Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game with an open world in which there is something to do and what to collect. Many resources that you collect are used in culinary recipes. Cooking allows you to restore health, satiety or endurance. You can find some ingredients, such as lake perch, strawberries and much more, just exploring. This may make you think about where to find ingredients such as Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy.


All Prime Cuts locations in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, read the interactive card Tower of Fantasy. You can find Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy in the following places.

Northern Esperia

South Esperia

How to get Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Prime Cuts can be found by killing animals such as honey , and collecting the meat that they drop. Many animals will fight, so be prepared to defend yourself if you want to get their meat. Victory over as many of these mobs as possible is the best way to farm Prime Cuts.

What to do with Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Prime Cuts is ingredient used in culinary recipes. Although you will get the best results by preparing it, you can eat this ingredient raw. The use of Prime Cuts in raw form will give 4 units. satiety. This should not be used until you used it in the recipe and have prepared food.

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