How to get bones in Cult of The Lamb

When you are only you and your followers against the world, everything counts, and that is the same case for your resources. Only when accumulating the right things can expect to advance more with its cause, and for any candidate for leader who wants to have a healthy supply of resources to take advantage, knowing where to obtain them is essential. This is all you need to know about how to get bones in Cult of the Lamb.

Get bones in Cult of The Lamb

To add more bones to your collection of resources in Cult of the Lamb, you mustgo to the Crusades *. This will face you with several enemies that will get in your way.

Draft them and then destroy your skeletons to get bones. . If you have not destroyed their skeletons before defeating all enemies, they will decompose automatically and the bones will be added to your collection at the end.

What are the bones used?

Once you have a healthy bone supply, you can use them for more useful purposes. These bones can be used to perform rituals that will increase the faith of your followers, which will allow your cult to flourish even more and resist the challenge of non-believers. You can even marry your cultists using bones as an example.

With the understanding of *, how to get bones in Cult of the Lamb *, enemies become a vital vein of resources. To get more tips and tricks for the game, be sure to consult our other guides on how to return from a crusade, how to get wood or how to increase the loyalty of your followers. For everything else, look for Boss Fight.

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Pok mon Go defeat Cliff Best Condition in October 2021

To defeat Inpokémon Go the Rocket Boss Cliff, you should use the corresponding counterpart. We from Meinmmo have considered us which Monster Cliff has in his team and how you can defeat them best.

Who is Cliff? Together with Arlo and Sierra, Cliff belongs to the Team Go Rocket Bosses in Pokémon Go. With the help of a complete Rocket radar you have the opportunity against him. Below we show which monster Cliff will put in combat and which counterparts are best suited against this Pokémon. In addition, we tell you how your Cliff can find and what rewards await you.

Rocket Boss Cliff – current teams
The best counterpart to defeat Cliff
How to find your cliff
Worth a fight against Cliff?

Rocket Boss Cliff – current teams

Which Pokémon uses Cliff? So that your cliff can defeat quickly, you should first deal with the monsters he will use in combat. As with every Rockt fight, he will use three Pokémon. He can choose from a total of 7 different monsters we have listed below:

The best counterpart to defeat Cliff

After your cliff has found, you can start fighting. But you should first think about what monsters are effective against the teams of Cliff. We have summarized the best counterattack against Cliff with the help of PokeBattler s overview (Via

Samurzel defeat – the best counterattack against the 1st Pokémon

As with Arlo and Sierra, Cliff will only be able to resort to a Pokémon in the first round. In his case, it is the plant Pokémon Samurzel. This has a special weakness against the attacks of the types of flight, fire, poison, ice and beetle.

Alternatively, you can use the following mega developments:

Mega-Glurak Y with glow and Lohekanonade
Mega-Glurak X with glow and Lohekanonade
Mega dog moon with fire tooth and return
Mega-dubeoss with wind shock and wind cut

Quappo, Kingler and Hariyama defeat – the best counterattack against the 2nd Pokémon

As a second Pokémon Cliff will set Quappo, Kingler or Hariyama. Which monster meet you, however, coincidence and can not be influenced.

So you defeat Quappo: Quappo is a further development of Quapsel. It belongs to the types of water and fight. Thus, it is weak against plant, flight, electrical, psycho- and fairy attacks.

As mega developments are suitable for Quappo:

Mega-Lahmus with confusion and psychokinese
Mega-Bisaflor with Razor Blade and Flora Statue
Mega-Glurak Y with wing lift and dragon claw

Defeating 2021 Rocket leader Sierra, Cliff and Arlo

How to defeat Kingler: The water-Pokémon Kingler is the further development of Krabby. Due to its type, it is particularly sensitive to attacks of types of electro and plant.

In addition, you can also use the following mega developments:

Mega-Bisaflor with Razor Blade and Flora Statue
Mega-ampharos with voltwechen and thunderbolt
Mega-Garados with bite and wet sweep

So you defeat Hariyama: The second Pokémon is Hariyama in question. The monster of the type fight is the further development of Makuhita. In the fight best on flight, psycho- and fairy attacks, because it is weak.

For the MEGA developments you can set the following counterparts:

Mega-Lahmus with confusion and return
Mega-Glurak Y with wing lift and dragon claw
Mega Gengar with dragon claw and darkfist

Chelterrar, Tohaido and Despotar defeat – the best counterattack against the 3rd Pokémon

Even third place can choose Cliff again between three different monsters: Chelterrar, Tohaido and Despotar. The selection is again randomly.

So you defeat Chelterrar: The plants and soil Pokémon Chelterrar is the last development of Chelast and comes from the 4th generation. It is particularly weak against the attacks of the type of ice, but also flying, fire and beetle attacks make it to him.

In addition, the use of the following Mega-Pokémon is suitable:

Mega-RexBlisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Mega-Glurak Y with glow and dragon claw
Mega-Glurak X with glow and dragon claw

So you defeat tohaido: The further development of Karnivanah is one of the water and inappropriate Pokémon. It is therefore weak against the attacks of the type plant, fight, electro, beetle and fairy.

As mega developments, the following monsters are suitable for Tohaido:

Mega-Bisaflor with Razor Blade and Flora Statue
Mega-RexBlisar with razor blade and return
Mega Garadoss with Dragon rod and wet gloom

So you defeat Despotar: Atpotar is the last further development of Lavitar. It belongs to the types of rocks and inappropriately. In combat, you should therefore focus mainly on fight attacks. But it is weak against plant, water, soil, beetle and fairy attacks.

The following mega developments are also suitable for despotar:

Mega-BisaFlor with ranking and flora statue
Mega-Garados with cascade and wet sweep

How to find your cliff

To compete against Cliff, you must first look for him. So that you succeed, you need a complete Rocket Radar. This consists of the 6 mysterious parts that you receive from the Rocket Rübel. Do you have all the parts together, then you have the opportunity to activate it.

As soon as it is activated, you can see the Rocket Radar on your right edge of the game. You can recognize it at the red R in the middle. If you click on the icon, then an ambient card appears. Pokéstops where there are currently Rocket bosses are marked there with a red r.

Alternatively, you can also wait for a balloon. There, the Rocket bosses chip the Rocket Radar on the same as the Rüpel up to 4 times a day. They also come in a black balloon.

Can you find cliff targeted? No, Cliff can not be searched specifically. Through the Rocket Radar you can only see where a boss is located. Which is, you do not see them. Did you discover Cliff at a stop, then you have the whole day to defeat him there.

The balloons also contain a random Rocket Boss. So too, you can not affect an encounter.

Is a fight against Cliff?

Why should you fight against Cliff? First and foremost, you have to fight against Cliff if you want to compete against the big Rocket Boss Giovanni. To find him, you need a special black super Rocket radar. This will be obtained by solving appropriate specialized research, which will be unlocked in the game at regular intervals.

To solve this task, you have to fight against Cliff, Sierra and Arlo and gets the Super Rocket Radar to the reward. But even without this special task, it is worth fighting against Cliff. You will receive interesting rewards if your Cliff defeats.

To compete against Cliff, Sierra and Arlo, you only need a complete Rocket Radar, which you can assemble from the 6 mysterious parts of the Rüpel. Giovanni, however, can not be found.

More about Pokémon Go:

Sierra defeat – best counterattack in October 2021
The best attackers by type
Defeat Arlo – Best counterattack against Arlo in October 2021

These are the rewards after a fight against Cliff

Which Crypto-Pokémon has Cliff? Crypto-Samurzel is currently waiting for you, unless you won the fight against Cliff. With a little luck, you even encounter a dazzling copy.

Further rewards: Cliff also brings you further rewards. As with other Rocket struggles, of course, you will receive different items after the fight won. In addition, a 12 km egg awaits you.

These are special eggs that can only be obtained about the Rocket Bosses, ie Cliff, Sierra, Arlo and Giovanni. In it, interesting and rare Pokémon stuck, which is why hunting is worthwhile. You should already pay attention to a free egg place in your storage before the fight. Which monsters are available at the moment in the 12 km eggs, we have summarized for you here.

What are your favorite counterattack against Cliff? And which monsters would you wish in his next team? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and reports on your experiences.