Destiny 2

Location of the executioner Destiny 2 today (March 16, 2022)

The Queen-witch Destiny 2 brought with him a frighteningly beautiful destination of Savatun in the throne world. A lot of secrets and mysteries are hidden on the map, and most of them are associated with triumphs. Several triumphs require you to defeat the executioners of Savatun, but they move every day. Here you can find the executioner on March 16, 2022.

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Where to find the executioner Queens-Bailey

The first step towards the search for the executioner – to find a large purple flower with a deep sphere in the middle . You can find it in Fluorescent channel today, and you can use the map above to help you define it. As soon as you find a sphere of deep vision, activate it and find the nearby of the dead contempt the enemy interact with. You will find the location of this enemy Scorn on the images above.

As soon as you interact with Dead Scorn, you will see the mark of green ether leading you to the corridor in Bailei Queen. In this corridor you find an artifact with which you can interact. Interaction with him will give you Buff “on the trail” and will allow you to continue moving along the green path of the ether.

In the end, this trail will lead you to the executioner. They will soon appear after your arrival and try to defeat you. Remove them and their corpse gives the chest, which you can get . The chest will reward the players Consumables Kvalikor . Returning his Finch, he will give you Memory Almemik Quest . This quest requires you to kill eight executioners and got Finch Kvalikar from their chests.

It is here that you can find the executioner in Destiny 2 of March 16, 2022. For robbery 25 such chests you will receive Predator from predators Triumph And the murder of the executioner in each of three possible locations will bring you the ascended triumph of the head hunter .

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