Judge Judges in Exos Heroes-David Jones appeared


Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) launched a new Fate Core (character ability and appearance change costume) ‘Ethan Judge-David Johnson’ and dedicated equipment to the mobile RPG ‘Exos Heroes’.

‘Heresy Judge-David Johnson’ is a dedicated fate core of four-star hero David Johnson. Equipped with the pate core, a passive skill that reduces the accuracy of the enemy who has hit itself with a change in appearance, while increasing the fatal resistance of allies who avoided the attack. ‘Heresy Judge-David Johnson’ can be obtained more easily through the probability event event by the 21st.

Tauros, a dedicated equipment, immediately increases the damage of David Johnson, and the appearance of the weapon can be changed and the combat power can be increased.

At the same time, the probability-up event of the artifact Live Mulge of Live Neighbors will be held until the 28th. The artifact is only for supportive heroes, which has a chance to initialize the turn of allies.

Meanwhile, there is an event to commemorate the new season’s Alpha and Omega updates. By 28th, all users who have access to ‘Exos Heroes’ will receive a Fate-core choice for gold, black, blue, and oranges, and can be hired for 220 free high-end recruitment for the same period.

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