Escape from tarkov

The best equipment in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical military simulator that includes several unique and complex gaming functions, such as equipment setting. Since money and resources are extremely important in this game, the creation of equipment that will help you survive and safely mines resources is crucial. Here are our equipment recommendations that players can use in Escape from Tarkov.

The best escape from Tarkov

the best general download

Weapon: CP-25 7.62 × 51 Marxman Rifle *
* SR-25 20-inch trunk
* Set of muzzle brake QDC 7.62 × 51
* Vortex razor rifle sight
* The top cover of Geissele with a ring
* Backup MPR45
* Reflex inclined sight PK-06
* Tsevye Tactical Zenith RK-2

* Advanced receiver buffer tube

* Rubber back of the carbine moe
* Pistol handle AR-15 Gral-S
* Dbal-sail laser
* SP-25 receiver
* Low-profile gas block CMMG
* Charger handle Kac
* Tsevye R11 RSASS
* Reika m-lok 2.5 inches
Helmet: ALTYN assault helmet with Altyn’s protective mask
Armor: assault armor 6B13 m (Killa’s Armor)
Backpack: backpack 6Sh118 raid with a first-aid kit Field thin LBT-2670
Headset: singer Comte 2

The best economical equipment for low-level players

Weapon: AKM 7.62 × 39 Assault rifle
* Taktita Tula adapter muzzle
* Muzzle brake-compensator Zenit DTK-1
* Tapco saw-style pistol handle
* Store for 30 rounds
* PS line 1 round
* Reflex sight Axion kobra
* Tactical blue laser
* Polymer reserve
* The back of the GP-25
* Bastion dustproof receiver
* Corrugated charging handle
* Gas block 6p1 SB1-2
* Tsevye RS47
* Short front handle Tangodown
Helmet: 6847 End-BSh
Armor: 6b3TM-01M
Backpack: daily set LBT-8005a
Headset: gsh-01 *

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