Sonic Frontier, Korea original CM unveiled with KEP1ER

Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saith Go) unveiled the Korean original CM starring ‘Sonic Frontier’ and KEP1ER, which are scheduled to be released on November 8, 2022.

In this CM, the KEP1ER members and Sonic will show their vaginal instincts through the portal of the ‘Frontiers’ logo pattern. With the concept of [Different Running Instinct], KEP1ER and Sonic are beyond time and space, and they run across open zones and cyberspace.


‘Sonic Frontier’ is an action adventure with a new state of state that freely travels through the vast island with Sonic’s unique ultrasonic action. The stage of the main story is an unknown island star pol system where ancient civilization is asleep. Sonic’s new adventure begins on this island, where ruins and reluctant enemies are full of ridges.

This work is a next-generation stage clear action game that extends the world map itself to one element of play and evolves into a playable world map. You can enjoy all defense high speed gameplay that is not bound by the concept of course by gimmick installed on each map.

The elements prepared as a playable world map include battles, mystery, side quests, and all brain spaces. These elements can be enjoyed freely in their own order, depending on the play style.

‘Sonic Frontier’ will be released on November 8th through PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, CSX | S, and Steam.