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[Reporter Handbook] Exemplary Success of Dunpa Mobile

At the time of the first published in the past, the gaze to look at ‘Dunpa Mobile’ was not as much as possible. I thought it was only an attempt to resurrect the popular IP with Nexon to the trend mobile. Nexon seems to have known these concerns. ‘Dunpa Mobile’ across four years has been transformed. In the memory of memories that stimulates emotion, it is a mobile game with a different charm that is different from the PC original.

Nevertheless, Nobody did not think that ‘Dunpa Mobile’ was as a success. The fact that all of the abandonment of IP and the prior testing is recognized, but it was because everyone was recognized, but so far it was different from the game that came to the top of the best. But on March 24, ‘Dunpa Mobile’ was achieved the first place in Google and Apple’s two market sales in about a week after its launch.

Located in the top of the existing mobile game sales, the automatic battle was a structure in which the automatic battle was a P2W represented by a probabilistic item in the case of BM. In order to stimulate the competitive psychology of a small number of whales, the so-called nuclear and gamers called the gamers, the psychology is required.

But ‘Dunpa Mobile’ was different. BM is also reasonably designed for Mobile Battle, which is hard to succeed in mobile. There is no probability item, but to get stronger, it is necessary to be stronger in hundreds of universities, but compared to other mobile games that had to be relying on a luck. Even if it is a few thousands of won, it will not be a problem at all, but it does not have a problem at all, and it will be done in a rare avatar. Bulletin = combat power = You can say that you are different from the existing mobile game that was ranked.

It is not only BM. Manual combat is also the same. Among the cases implemented the original PC game on mobile, they can not save the sensibility of the original work properly, and the criticized game is not 1. There was a game that could not live the emotion of the manipulation called the so-called ‘hand taste’. The remainder of the original IP is too focused on the remainder of the power of the most important source of the original thing that has been caused such emotions. At that point, ‘Dunpa Mobile’ is an exactly what users are able to identify what the user wants. The original hand taste, and combo play was implemented.

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Of course, it is not unconditionally eating a manual battle. In fact, if you say that you are a manual battle in a mobile game, there are many users who want to appeal to fatigue. This disadvantage of this disadvantage of Mobile’s born platform ‘Dunpa Mobile’ was resolved through PC version and fatigue system.

The result is the first two market sales ranking. The performance of this ‘Dunpa Mobile’ is a good idea of a few cases. As mentioned earlier, recently, games recorded the first place in mobile game sales, were scolded as automatic combat and P2W-based probabilistic items as if of course. Sometimes I did not have a manual battle in my gun, a reasonable, rational, a cache horse, and BM was not a case where BM was a huge game, but it was not perfect. And eventually, these results are repeated, and the formula that the Mobile Game has to put a P2W-based BM in the automatic battle to reach the first place.

In the mobile game market, the success of ‘Dunpa Mobile’ is giving a great ringing. I remember the exemplary answer that the secret of passing the prestigious school is a stress and review of the question. If the game is fun, sales are naturally followed, and of course, the facts are shown.

‘Dunpa Mobile’ is a game that announces not the end of the end. This year, Nexon will launch a lot of new work. It is not small for mobile games. As the automatic battle is not a P2W based BM, it is possible to achieve the first place in sales, so that more games will focus on the fundamental fun of the game, not more games. Then, it will naturally followed by Sales.