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In MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online, the hardcore league will soon start

For the Dungeons & Dragons Online MMORPG-veteran, they are preparing to launch another server with the final death regime, since very soon the sixth season of the hardcore league will begin. On the server, players will be able to create a character with only one life.

During the Hardcore League, certain goals are set before the heroes, and progress is based on two factors, each of which has its own gradation. One rating is represented by the number of tasks performed by the players, and the second takes into account the complexity of the conditions in which the heroes fall.

The 100 best heroes of both ratings will be immortalized in the Hero Hall. When achieving the goal, talk with the NPC Hardcore League to get a reward. It will be unlocked for the entire account.

The start of the league is scheduled for July 27. Read all the details on the game website.