RPG Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song released on December 1st

Square Enix will deliver the latest information on Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster released on December 1, 2022, #Minsagarimaster Mary Karina Live Broadcast, saga series official YouTube. Published on the channel.

The program features MC’s penguins Noble, producer Hirobumi Mira, and director Marathi Reno. Mr. Akira Away, a series general director, also has comments on the video. In addition to introducing gameplay, the staff will answer 50 questions to developers, convey the charm and characteristics of the game.

In Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster, five new playable characters, new bosses, new events, and other elements such as double-speed function that make it easier to play games have been released. In this distribution, some new information has changed additional classes and systems.

In this work, you can select whether to introduce additional elements for remastered at the start of the game, like works such as Saga Frontier Remaster. In addition, NEGATE+, which can be played by clearing once, allows you to select a progress setting that can change the time progress in 5 levels.

In addition, we introduce UI changes in battle and new items smoke ball bag. By equipping a smoke ball bag, you can use a smoke ball that allows you to retreat without risk before the battle starts. Smoke balls can be used up to 10 times, and you can recover the number in town facilities such as inns.

In the latter half of the program, new information about new playable characters and new events drawn from the pre-reported Flora perspective. For some characters such as Sheryl, Marine, and Drama, the contents are quite depressed.

In addition, it is clear that new classes and items that could not be acquired in the original work, new classes, apprenticeship knights, Suzuki, prophets, treasure hunters, and sea gods will be added. It is. It seems that the new class Borowski has the characteristics that cannot be chased by children in South Still.


In addition, the battle scene with the new boss is released within the distribution. Please be careful when watching because there are many spoilers that are partially stepped on the contents of the original, such as some events and characters.

Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster is scheduled to be released on December 1 for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android (Steam version is December 2).