Eintracht-Starter Knauf: So far, it has run optimally

About a month ago, the use times of the Dortmund Winterleihendung Ansgar Knauf in his new club made for amazement. Two joker inserts in three Bundesliga pairs – Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glasner initially had little use for the fast outer railway player.

Perfect TRANSFER For EINTRACHT? LIVERPOOL To Win PL? - Fifa 22 Career Mode #4

Four and a half weeks later, Knauf says in the context of a DFB media customer about his workplace change on January 20, 2022: “So far, it has run optimally, just as we all introduced us. I’m getting better in the team, I’m fine in the team, in the game flow and hopes that it goes on the same way. It’s great guys, it’s just fun with the whole troupe and the team of drummerum. This is still the beautiful stadium with great fans with every home game – that’s just cool. “

In the first round Knauf was even more in the third league at BVB than in the first division team. Now he is a typical example of the often quoted fast loyalty in professional football. In the past six mandatory matches, KnaufF is always in the Eintracht-Startelf, achieved his premier hit at Hertha BSC at the 4: 1 away win and elevated the right-wing house of Hesse. There, the trained offensive force usually acts as a rail player in front of a triple chain, so must do defensive task.

Knauf: “We look forward to a beautiful quarterfinal against Barcelona”

“That’s good for me, so I’ll be more variable,” explains Knauf and summarizes overlooking seven points from four league rates and the progress in the Europa League Octagonal Final against Betis Seville, where he stood on the square complete 210 minutes : “Overall, we have made a very good development with the team, have shown very good games in recent weeks, withdrawing our style of play and accordingly delivered results. All are extremely happy about the progress in the Europa League. We look forward to a look forward to Beautiful quarterfinals against Barcelona. “

It takes two weeks to measure the Eintracht professionals with the Barca stars. First, Knauf has to prove to other colleagues. For the German U-21 selection, in which the still for the U 20 to play in October in October and November has already been used once as a Joker, important EM qualifying games against Latvia (Friday, 18.15 in Aachen) and in Israel (March 29 in Petah Tikva).

Point losses should be the team of coach Antonio di Salvo, which leads to the same with Israel (15 counter) the group before Poland (13), but will be impaired by violent personnel problems.

U 21: Knauf hot starting style candidate on the right offense side

“This is annoying and a pity, for those who can not be there. For that other players have come directly. The mood is good and it is not really no topic for us because we are concentrating on the games,” says Knauf, says The now itself is a hot starting diagram on the right offensive side. Because of his recently good performances and abdominal problems of the Freiburg’s Kevin, which was previously set in the U 21, which initially did not travel to the DFB team and at most, hopes for a possibility of use in Israel.

Knauf seems ready to take responsibility and, despite the adversity, does not remove from the high demand within the DFB selection: “We want to win and are all firmly convinced if we stay with us and prepare well that we are well preparing for us successfully will.”

Soon after, the European epocal nights are against Barcelona, ​​who wants to make harmonics to magical from their point of view. But even then Knauf has contractually until summer 2023 time to leave its mark in the main metropolis.


FC Schalke 04: Kevin Kurányi looks at Derby

For no other club, Kevin Kurányi was in his active career as often on the football field as for the FC Schalke 04. In a total of 209 competitive games, the ex-goalkeeper carried the royal blue jersey. In retrospect on his career, the cult kicker falls many special moments.

Chapuisat scores a brace! | FC Schalke 04 - BVB 1:3 | Season 96/97 | BVB-Throwback

“It may sound a bit cheesy. But first and foremost, I remember the encounters with people on Schalke. Inclub, but also with the fans,” said Kurányi, who celebrates his 40th birthday this Wednesday, opposite The “WAZ”.

Especially like the former national player but the Derby victories against Borussia Dortmund thinks. “I still remember my second Bundesliga game for Schalke. We won 2: 1 in Dortmund and I made both goals,” Kurányi looked at past success against BVB.

Kuranyi sees Schalke on a good way

Meanwhile, the Kevin Kurányiing competition for FC Schalke 04 is called Darmstadt, Heidenheim or Paderborn. “The change after the descent was huge,” said Kurányi about the situation of his ex-club.

Nevertheless, the former attacker believes that the scarf in the 2nd Bundesliga are on a good way. “I find that the Schalke people responsible and Dimitrios Grammozis have mastered very well,” said Kurányi, who press “all thumbs” for the ascent race. Currently the Gelsenkirchener manages in the fifth place in the table.

Kurányi himself is now only extremely rarely on Schalke. “I am now a businesscasper,” Joked the EM participants of 2004 and 2008. With his family, Kurányi lives in Stuttgart, occupational as a consultant and is also involved in a real estate company. The ex-Schalke spends his birthday “very relaxed”.


Studiant Storys to BVB vs. Rangers FC

Amazing parallels on paper, a goalkeeper in the foreign penalty area and two names, which shaped the encounter between Borussia Dortmund and the Rangers from Glasgow more than 20 years ago. In short: the upcoming Europa League lot of BVB keeps some incredible stories ready.

On Thursday (from 18:45 clock at RTL + and in the Borussia Dortmund live ticker), the BVB against the Rangers wants to lay the foundation for the move to the second round of the Europa League. Exactly this undertaking, the black and yellow sought more than 22 years ago – and of course, the opponents also said Rangers FC.

Review, December 1999: Two weeks after the 0: 2 In Ibrox, Borussia Dortmund has to deliver Dortmund in the second leg of the third European League Round. And it goes well, Victor Ikpeba nods to lead after half an hour.

The Nigerian striker is alienated until then (and also afterwards) in the BVB Dress. Against the Rangers he shoots one of his only four goals for the black yellow. Much of his most important.

Nevertheless, the BVB runs the time of it. It is only 1: 0, Dortmund would have left. Keeper Jens Lehmann moves forward and for the first time, but not last in the focus.

Gio Reyna on defeat to Gio van Bronckhorst's Rangers

BVB-Keeper Lehmann: first template, then Matchwinner

The goalkeeper wants to punch a header to the gate, but rather passes the ball. Nevertheless, the ball flippers from his pillar to Fredi Bobic, which dusts easily as a trained center tower. 2: 0, extension! Later penetration shooting.

Lehmann holds three Glasgow’s penalties in a row, the BVB bays for hits of Bobic, Alfred Nijhuis and Sergej Barbarz the eighth final ticket. The actually amazing constellation can be found on a Scottish side.

More about: Historical listening to the BVB thriller against Glasgow

Two of the three misses are Claudio Reyna and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. One father, the other namesake of today’s BVB star Giovanni Reyna. Not enough: Van Bronckhorst stands on Thursday evening as Glasgow coach on the side line.

“I am very, very well friend with the Reyna family, I know Gio since the day he was born,” said the Dutch in advance of the game: “This will be a special moment when we face each other.”

Achieving a crisis of BVB attacker (Reinier, for example) a goal, the circle is likely to close in full.


Haaland decision seams? Bvb

Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland should now be agreed in writing at Real Madrid in the word. This will report Spanish media on Friday.

The departure from Erling Haaland near Borussia Dortmund seems to take concrete forms. As the Spanish newspaper Sport reports, Real Madrid has achieved a “preferred agreement” with the 21-year-old striker.

As the _ picture_ reported, it came to a meeting in Monaco between Rafaela Pimenta, which represents the currently diseased Mino Raiola and Haaland-Father Alf-Inge with the representatives of Real Madrid. There the agreement should have been made.

According to information from Sport Real is the right to act as the first club in the crucial negotiations with Haaland. This would also block offers from other clubs.

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Erling Haaland does it again! Borussia Dortmund star shines in win | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Haaland could leave Borussia Dortmund in the summer against a fixed transfer fee of around 75 million euros. Other European top clubs also show interest in the Norwegian international, which is under contract until 2024 in Dortmund.


Coschinate about Magdeburg

Because the 1st FC Kaiserslautern had played back on Tuesday (Corona outbreak at 1860 Munich), the 1st FC Saarbrücken could conquer second place by a 2-0 victory against Borussia Dortmund II. “We were concentrated. But what is much more important that the team has managed to do everything in all game phases together. We did not let ourselves be part, that’s the key to such a game-strong team,” said head coach Uwe Koschinat after the game.

The FCS brand has reached and is now the first pursuer to lead to leaders Magdeburg, with which the Saarlanders will deliver a real top game on Saturday evening (17.55, live! At Kaiserslautern). “We will not go there too many worries,” announces Koschinat. “It’s a great location determination.” The respect for the opponent is great (“I believe that Magdeburg this season has a unique selling point: they had no crisis at all”), but the 50-year-old reminiscent of the first leg in which the Elfädter specifically in the second passage has little land saw and still played a 1-0 lead (finance 2: 1 for Saarbrücken).

Germany: Tense scenes between police and COVID sceptics in Magdeburg

However, the game does not just get the game from a sporty view. The first leg, finally, caused a few years away for conversation for conversation and even moved into a sports judgment after several actors of the FCM Saarbrücken accused Defender Dennis Erdmann, to have insulted in the field racist. The case caused a longer confrontation and a weeklong lock (later exposed to probation) for Erdmann, who initially absorbed the allegations, then “possible misunderstandings” allowed to play in the US.

“Too extraordinary capable”: Koschinats Special Lob for Grimaldi

Nevertheless, the FCS is now about defending the good table position. Before probably atmospheric backdrops (up to 13,000 spectators), Koschinat counts above all on striker Adriano Grimaldi, who met in the first leg and posted his eleventh goal of the season against BVB II. “He has a scary good look,” enthuses Koschinat from his parent. “Adriano has worked uncannily. It is always underestimated that he is a very, very serious worker who has such a run now, in which his body plays along. Then he is in this league too exceptional. “

Preview: 1. FC Magdeburg – 1. FC Saarbrücken


BVB news and rumors undecided half hearted hesitant Hamann attacks BVB

League of Legends (brief: lol or straightforward League) is a video game established by Trouble Games, which was published on October 27, 2009, for Windows and also macOS. It looked like free-to-play Mob. The video game was played monthly from about 100 million players in 2016.

After leaving in the Champions League, SKY -expert Did Haman not only attacks the team of Borussia Dortmund, but also the BVB bosses. Meanwhile, the share price sacks the earnings depth. News and rumors to Borussia Dortmund can be found here.

All BVB news and breeds from the previous day can be found here.

BVB, News: Haman divides vigorously — and fear Haaland finish in summer

After the bramble from in the Champions League pattered — rightly — violent criticism on the BVB. Now Sky -expert Did Haman has been worded and goes to the court with the responsible persons. If you win the first two games and then go out for five games, that’s not worthy of a Dortmund team, Haman wrote in his column at the pay-TV transmitter.

And on: The inconsistency of BVB leadership is a reflection of which, as the team now occurs: undecided, half-hearted, hesitantly. Haman also attacked the bosses and that that by an angle train the authority of coach Marco Rose had undermined from the first day. The fact that Edwin Eric has stayed on me as if one had said, ‘Well, we retain that, if anything happens.’ And that’s exactly how they play football.

In the tug of a remaining of Erlang Haaland over the next summer, Haman sees no great opportunities. Haaland to keep in the coming summer, I almost consider it excluded. The best players want to play in the Co-found of the Champions League. It becomes scary difficult to keep him and I would take care of Bellingham and Adam rather than too much Time to waste with Haaland.

BVB notes: Defensive Trio Catastrophic — Zeus completely pale

BVB, News: Borussia Dortmund’s stock price Snacks after Cl-Off

The BVB share dropped on Thursday morning after the Champions League at Sporting in Petra trading at the interim annual depth of 4.27 euros. At the beginning of the season, the paper was still nearly nine euros per share. After all, the stock could relax in the course of the Thursday a little and closed with 4.36 euros.

Nevertheless, the fundamental trend of recent years continues. And with the gloomy prospects in the pandemic and with the expected shortcuts from ticketing and sponsorship, the shareholders should not be particularly pleased in the near future.

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BVB: The upcoming games

Date | Competition | Opponent | location

27 . November, 15.30 Bundesliga | VFL Wolfsburg | guest
4 . December, 6.30 pm | Bundesliga | FC Bayern | home
7 . December, 9pm | Champions League | Besides Istanbul | home
11 . December, 3:30 pm | Bundesliga | VFL Bochum | guest


BVB Youngster Knauf announces then we are not beating

The VfB Stuttgart will always remain a special counterparty for BVB-Youngster Ansgar Klaus. It was the Swabia, against which the wing player of Borussia Dortmund scored the first Bundesliga goal of his career in the previous season. On Saturday it comes to the next duel with the CFB, and Klaus hopes again on operating times in black-yellow dress.

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So far, the offensive player who is currently being used in the 3rd league in the second team of BVB and gathers game practice, three times as a substitute for the Dortmund in this season ran.

In the holiday magazine of BVB, the 19-year-old realized that he continues to work hard to be more than just a Joker for Chef Trainer Marco Rose: I want to play more and get more playing time. I will try to continue to work and be full of every day.

Klaus wants to win the BVB every game

Against the VfB Stuttgart it is about the BVB on Saturday afternoon to drive the next victory to continue to defend the second place in the table.

The fact that the opponent from the Lane last year was sensational with 5: 1 in Dortmund, according to Klaus no topic is to be more for his team: No matter how the opponent is currently called: we want to play on top and stay on top, and for it, we have to win every game and bring our best performance in the place.

The German U21 international who is still waiting for his first start-up use in the Bundesliga, the upcoming tasks in the domestic signal IDEA PARK against VfB Stuttgart (November 20), FC Bayern Munich (4 December) and SPV GG Reuther Fürth (December 15) with great self-confidence.

For Klaus, it is clear: If we bring our performance in the place, we give everything and play as a team, especially here at home with the fans in the back, then we are not to beat!