Announced survival horror game Alone in the Dark. Remake version of the same name in the 90s, visiting an evil house again

Publisher THQ NORDIC broadcasts the program DIGITAL SHOWCASE 2022 on August 13 to deliver the latest information on the company. Among them, the umbrella has announced the Surone in the Dark, a survival horror game handled by Pieces Interactive. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S, and the release time is undecided. Inside the game supports Japanese display.

This work is a remake version of the Surone in the Dark’s Surone in the Dark, which was released in 1992. The scenario will be in charge of the cult horror writer, Mikael Hedberg, who worked on SOMA and Amnesia. The stage is the Deleseto mansion in a mental house, located in the southern United States of the United States in the 1920s. In this mansion, the story begins with the hero Emily Heartwood’s uncle, one of the main characters of this work.


In this work, the player will choose between Emily, who was born in the wealthy Heartwood family, or the protagonist, Edward Karnbee, who is familiar with supernatural phenomena. There is some evil existence in the stage where the stage is, and Emily will investigate with Edward. In it, she meets strange residents, enters a nightmare-like area, and encounters a strange monster. In addition, this mansion is a place where reality, mystery, and mad intersection intersect. The player will test who or what to believe.

The original version depicts a crazy story based on Cthulhu mythology. An artist living in the Delcetto mansion commits suicide hanging down, and her niece, Emily, is suspicious of her death. And at the same time, Edward, who received a request from a curio dealer, also visits this mansion. On the other hand, in this work, it is set in the same mansion, and the same hero appears, revealing the dark secret hidden in the mansion, and a completely new story is developed. And the players can enjoy the thrill of desperate survival, with few weapons.

Alone in the Dark is being developed for PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The release time is undecided.